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  1. Asli Boran was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She had a degree in painting department in fine arts faculty of a well known university. She grew up in a loving family with drama free life. Her upbringing was perfect except her father being a cancer patient. Her parents were rich, so it caused her to be a little bit shallow when it comes to life skills and she never learned hard side of life. Her father, before he lost his battle against the cancer, bought a bike to travel around the world in his numbered days as his last wish. Unfortunately, he died before he could succeed it. She's an introvert person. Ever since she was a little kid, she didn't like socialising. She felt really uncomfortable in crowded places. She didn't have many friends because of that. Only things she enjoyed doing was reading books, playing video games and drawing. To this day, she's having a hard time talking to strangers. She's not really a talkative person. Although she's very kind and loving towards to people she knows, when it comes to strangers she can be very sneaky and bitchy. She's a little bit impatient because of her rich upbringing. She's used to get what she wants immediately. If things won't go in her way, she gets cranky. After losing her father to cancer, with grief, she decided to travel around the world with her father's bike to feel more closer after to him and to get some inspiration for her art. Since she was living in Turkey, she started off travelling around different parts of Turkey. She planned on living off her bike, camping in nature and equipped with her scrapbook ready to draw. Once she was done with Turkey, she went to Georgia as her mother was originally from there. She spent a week in Georgia, visiting her mum's old town, taking in the scenery, drawing and enjoying her life. In Georgia, she met a local called Gabrieli who recommended her to visit Chernarus due to its beautiful countryside. Trusting a stranger for the first time, she decided to visit Charnarus. After arriving to Charnarus, she went to live in the woods just north of Kabanino for a few days to be alone and focus on her drawing. Couple of days later, she was low on water, food and fuel for her bike, she decided to check her map and found that the closest town with supplies and fuel was Vybor. When arriving at the town, she noticed that something was off. There wasn't many people around and the people who were around was walking funny and acting weird. She pulled in to the petrol station and began to fill up her bike. As she went to pay, the shop owner was panicking and packing up his belongings. Asli questioned the man, asking if everything's okay. The man told Asli about a virus turning people mad and that he was planning on getting out of the country somehow. Confused what to do, Asli had no option other than trying to get out of the country too. A year later, Asli couldn't make it out of the country. The only choice was now to survive.
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