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  1. Born and raised in Chernarus in 1989, i wished since 10th grade to join CDF. When the Civil War started, i took the opportunity and join the war. I was assigned to a recon unit, which monitored Chedaki HVT and supply routes. After countless fights, we've finally won. After the war i joined the rebuilding effort. When the oubreak first appeared, i was stationed at Balota airfield. On 12th, when the forces were moved from Balota airfield, i was moved to Vybor airfield, where the infected was rushed by the infected. In a couple of days, the defense fell and the forces we're in complete disarray. My unit was scattered all around Vybor and Lopatino, in a desperate retreat and regroup. During this time, i stumbled across a CDF convoy in it's way to Elektrozavodsk where we had to wait for the NATO troops stationed on the Utes Island. For a couple of days, my unit helped the civilians leave the country in Miroslavl. After all the fights and all the bombing campaigns, we we're unsuccessful to contain the outbreak. All was lost and i tried to find my way to Kamyshovo. My goal remains the same as before : regroup with what is left from CDF and survive long enough to be evacuated or until the cure is found.
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