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  1. Orion Izzo is a woodland survivor. He grew up in the forests of Alaska, US. From which he learned how to hunt, shoot, and survive on his own. He is patient, and willing to wait for his prey for hours on end. He came to Chernarus on a hunting trip with his closest friends on July 7th. Having a great couple of days hunting the nearby dear north of Sinistok, they were bringing in a lot of game. Until the outbreak turned loose, this is where Orion found his survival skills to come in very handy. His friends however, were not so lucky. They would find themselves to be quickly swarmed, and separated by zombies. Orion is now alone, fending for himself. In search of new companions, and ultimately trying to survive through this outbreak. His best tool of survival, is his rifle. He can use this in defense against bandits, and ultimately to help save people for good. If he sees a group of sketchy like characters, he will approach them with caution, forcing them to put their guns away, if they do not comply they will not be very lucky.
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