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  1. Yes we need this mod in server
  2. Make that this song will play when you die I fink that all the old dayzmod players will love to see this song back in the game
  3. I added anther reference pic that show how it will look when groups wil use this map https://imgur.com/a/Ggyy35d
  4. I can see many ways i can use this item for RP so +1 from me ?
  5. I added anther reference pic https://imgur.com/a/AXYWxHW
  6. Yeah but it can be used for any group ? That will be epic ?
  7. I added to the post a pic that show how to craft it ?
  8. Thank you i hope the devs of the server will fink like you ?
  9. My idea is very simple but i fink it can add a lot for some roleplay situations imagine your in your camp with your group and you want to make a plan to do something like a raid or to save someone or whatever if you have this map on the wall it makes making plans in game much more fun and also make the base look much more cool Reference that i have made for this concept https://imgur.com/a/LUWspvn https://imgur.com/a/AXYWxHW https://imgur.com/a/Ggyy35d This is how you craft it
  10. After watching the new gameplay video and reding some of the things the dev have wrote i get a lot more hope for this project i fink it's going to be much more good then identity ?
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