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  1. After watching the new gameplay video and reding some of the things the dev have wrote i get a lot more hope for this project i fink it's going to be much more good then identity
  2. Link to the situation: Discord help dask Any supporting evidence or notes: Discord help dask Feedback: Allright so it was not the first time that i get help from @Saunders and i must say that his the most patient person i have ever come across in this community.
  3. It will be cool to have a lab that tall a story on how the virus was created
  4. It will be cool if we can build something like this so we can store water or fuel
  5. It will also be grate for players who want to make shops or trade post
  6. How can you even say no to caves in DayZ?
  7. I added a poll to the post so if you want this to be added you can vote yes
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