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  1. RedRP

    Private Storage that can be broken into.

    Like I said in Discord, a 50/50 chance would be cool, if you succeed the sledgehammer doesn't break and you can access the storage. If you fail the sledgehammer will get ruined. This way it doesn't mean everything get's raided instantly. Because let's be honest, 10 minutes to break something down that probably has a shit ton of loot in it isn't much time compared to having to check every military base on the map in order to find a gun.
  2. RedRP


    Another shit early access game, this shit needs to stop lol
  3. Welcome to the community!
  4. RedRP

    Hi again

    Welcome back man!
  5. You gave me the idea boss
  6. Hey, welcome to the community dude!
  7. Bem vindo to the community man, hope you have a great time!
  8. Welcome to the community!
  9. Hey, welcome to the community! Good luck with your whitelist and I hope you have a great time here.
  10. RedRP

    Make Cars a Little Harder to Obtain

    If anything there should be more cars, it makes no sense how the world is full of crashed or burned out cars. Even if a car sits still for a year of two a lot of the times it only needs a new battery in order to start.
  11. RedRP

    Hi, new here

    Hey man, welcome to the community and good luck with the whitelist!
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