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  1. RedRP

    DayZRP 19.6.3

    Good change, hope this stops people from hoarding way too much many guns they don't need anyways. So they finally will spawn again.
  2. RedRP

    The Tainted (IC Recruitment)

    Cool group, wish you all good luck!
  3. Red's POV: I woke up inside a tent in the Mechanics base, when I went outside I noticed the Muslims and the Mechanic's shop people took some people hostage which we apparantly know. Ravenous was around in the area aswell and still had rights on the Muslims due to being in a dynamic with the people being taken hostage. He proceeds to spray some of them down from the roof, after he does so I initiate on the Muslims by shouting: 'All people with green armbands put your hands up or die'. They don't comply so I take some shots at them, the situation then goes on for a while. Eventually we locate one of the Muslims holed up in Double Green so Ravenous runs in, the Muslim inside then opens fire on Ravenous and me and him fire at the Muslim, killing him. I then run back outside and get some shots taken at me. I went inside a building and locked the door, healing myself. My character bugged however leaving me unable to unlock the door with a lockpick, so I try to relog but get stuck in a long cue. After I get back in the situation is basically over, I meet up with Onion and we talk to the people at the Mechanics shop but they won't let us in. Onion then goes around the corner and pulls out his rifle, resulting in him getting shot by a Muslim who just happened to lurk around the area. I was told to leave by them since I didn't have my gun out. So I left the area after. End POV.
  4. Redouane was born in Rotterdam to two Moroccan immigrant parents, his father worked in the mines near Rotterdam in the early 70's. Redouane was brought up as a muslim but didn't really listen to his parents after he reached his teenager years. He started dealing drugs for the local MOB, doing this for a couple of years before being arrested in 2016. He was sentenced to two years in Prison, after he got out the local MOB contacted him and told him that they had a job for him. He had to drive a car to Chernarus and find people to buy a shipment of AK's, he would be paid €5,000 for doing so. In desperate need of cash after getting out of Jail he decided to do it and brought his friend along. They ended up in Chernarus a couple of days before the outbreak happened, eventually being stuck in the country after the border was put on lock down. They have been roaming around Chernarus since.
  5. RedRP

    Jaysh Allah (Open Recruitment)

    Congratulations Brothers! -snip-
  6. RedRP

    The Community and Obession of Bases (Rework Suggestion)

    If the time is brought back down no one will bother building bases anymore, people tried over and over a couple of months ago when base building was first added and all it resulted in was people getting all their walls destroyed every day just for the sake of destroying everything.
  7. RedRP

    The New Guy

    Welcome to the community!
  8. RedRP

    I'm here!

    Hello fellow Red, welcome to the community!
  9. RedRP

    Death Match

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLx0pDRqg14
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