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  1. A junior technician by trade in the settlement of Geelong, he presents himself as a goofy, beer-loving guy with an unsophisticated and sometimes naive world view. Personality-wise, Daniel is open, friendly, inclusive and extremely optimistic. In common with most young men, he is a risk taker and believes himself to be invincible. He is also easily distracted, often breaking into rants about things that have nothing to do with the current situation: far-fetched stories about his friend Keith and indulging in a flight of fantasy about marrying a girl and taking her off on a cross-count
  2. Big ups to this group. Over the multiple characters I’ve had over this lore, the bar had always been a constant part of my paths of RP and interacting with the group continually bridged my storyline’s to a new place. You guys should be stoked on the effect you guys have had on the server. hope to see something similar in the new map. o7
  3. didnt even open the link anything but fuckin gates +1
  4. I voted no, as I play from Aus on 300 ping and never once notice a huge problem.
  5. If this isn’t removed after the large majority of the community has voiced massive disdain towards it I’ll be commuting seppuku
  7. I just think of bugs as sudden brain aneurysms or strokes, killing your character suddenly and unexpectedly with no real reason behind it.
  8. I made a suggestion post about boats and was told boats were broken and that’s why they were removed and now it’s because they simply weren’t used enough and took away server performance? GIMME MY FUCKIN BOAT SO I CAN RP AS A GRIZZLED FISHERMAN JUST WAITING ON HIS NEXT BIG CATCH
  9. Dren


    Whatever slight tension is happening over a can of beans I’m not aware of no, it’s not like you have them actually fighting every day. However there’s no real conflict at the moment, we have basically only one majorly hostile group. Thus this might give people reason to RP desperation over supplies.
  10. Dren


    Think this would make a really good addidtion and PERHAPS make all the groups at the moment maybe start getting reasons to slowly turn on each other rather then holding hands on the daisy chain. big ol +1
  11. Very odd post mate. Seems your in a very low minority here. Hope too see your RP game sometime in the future. Hopefully the annoyance doesn't transfer over to your charcter when you find those passphrases. Maybe jump in helpdesk or just general in Discord and see if somebody can point you in the right direction.
  12. *Winston presses down his PTT, whole heartadly laughing* "If you fuckin morons didn't see the big group of angry locals turning on every foreigner that doesn't bow down to them, you fellas been living in a dreamland." "Anyone wanna make a bet on who wins? I'm taking good odds here people!" "I feel for the Familia, good people who are known to help locals Chernarussians and everyone alike, yet the people who supposedly fight for their country would rather strongarm people for kicks rather then see the good the people do." *Winston proceeds to accidentally drop his radio*
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