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  1. Please add this, the deoderant can that holds down my W key is running out. +1
  2. I feel like its a very double edged sword. Maybe base building doesn't need to return. Maybe More Doors needs to be heavily tweaked. Maybe the rules for prefab approval need to be looked at and revised. Maybe we all just need to get along. For real though, Hub are a intergral part of RP. Having fences re-added without proper regulatuon will make the game rust like. However, if done correctly, will improve RP Hubs greatly.
  3. After reading some replies on this thread, I've come to the conclusion that the rule should stay the same as it is. However that being said I do believe as a solo player that base defence agaisnt a group becomes almost impossible as soon as you give up your location with a iniation.
  4. Danny was born on July 17th 1997 in the small town of Wagga Wagga, Australia. Danny was born in a middle class family who had two other children. They were all well loved. Their parents raised them with all the comforts a child could need and they lacked nothing. He enjoyed working out, comic books and videgames and had a large mix of hobbies and intrests. His two brothers picked on Danny as brothers do, but they also protected him when others tried to hurt him. Bullying at school made Danny take up boxing and gym, though the bullying eventually dropped off as his classmates matured. School was just a average kind of experince for Danny, not really falling behind but not being top of the class either. As his school years went on, Dan wanted more and more of life's experience rather then sitting in the classroom all day. While he went away to school, his brothers also left to serve in the ADF and so forth leaving behind him and their parents. Danny finished up at school happily and chose not to go to university straight away as he was considered a "jack of all trades" and while he was skilled in most things he had a passion for, he didn't really excell in anything in particular. He worked general sales and retail jobs for a year or two but that grew dull quite quickly. He began to want to travel the world and see different cultures and experience and see what the big world had to offer him. He hoped it would really shock him into knowing what he wanted to do with his life. He said goodbye to his country and his parents and friends and set foot on a massive trip round the world. Danny is average height at 23, standing at 5,9 seeming taller due to his expensive sneakers. He’s lean but well-muscled, the kind of build expected from someone who spent a lot of his spare time running whether it be from the last person he pissed off (more than likely cops) or working out quite hard. He was gifted with and angular face, jawline and cheekbones sharp enough to get him the right amount of swipes on Tinder, that is almost never seen without the decoration of cuts and bruises from boxing or somebody he has annoyed with his sharp wit. His blue eyes are the softest thing about him, framed by long eyelashes, always holding a glint in them that was unnerving. He keeps his hair looking good constantly as any self absorbed kid in his 20's, only further accenting the sharpness of his features. Danny is confident and confrontational. He makes no effort to filter his words and values honesty above protecting other people’s feelings. He is also fiercely loyal to the few he considers friends, but hardly any friendlier for it. He can come off as cold and overly sarcastic, with a short temper. He tends to be motivated by spite, and will do things simply because someone said he couldn't. Seemingly always angry and ready to fight. His bluntness and fight-first attitude seems to draw people toward him, which he has always found to be odd. Beneath this very convincing front he puts up, Danny is capable of being a compassionate and good person. He built these wall around himself as a defense mechanism. If someone were to break down his walls, they would find a sweet, thoughtful and extremely passionate individual. Danny was estatic to be travelling on his own, it gave him a sense of freedom like no other. He began in South East Asia, feeding elephants and learning how to shoot small firearms, a oppurtunity never given in Australia due to strict gun laws. He knew he wanted a change of scenery. After 3 months in Thailand and a month in Indonesia, he saw posts on Facebook about a country in Europe called Chernarus, and a quick google search revealed that it had been recovering from a civil war, and thus flights and tourist activitys were dirt cheap. Knowing this would be a place he would like to see with his own eyes, Danny booked plane tickets and arrived in Elektrozavodsk in December 2019. Danny enjoyed the relaxing countryside of Cheranus, visiting ex-military sites and going fishing along the docks in the small towns along the coast. In January 2020 the familiar Caedesviridae infection, also locally known as Frenzied Flu, experienced a rapid resurgence. Putting a strain on healthcare and hospitals countrywide. Many elderly, immunocompromised and youth fell victim to the devastating mortality rate of the infection. Danny couldn't believe how quickly his holiday had gone south. He desperately tried to book a flight out of his country. Frezied calls to his family and mother left him getting nowhere. The Australian goverment was powerless to do anything to get him home. With the lockdown then being enforced, Danny was confined to the hostel he was staying at. There began rumours of the flu getting worse, causing people to get irrationally violent. Danny didn't like the idea of violence but knew he would do whatever he had to to protect himself. When the hell really broke loose, Danny was in the hostel in Elektrozavodsk, and the screams of the citizens made him raid the kitchen of the hostel and hole up in the attic of the hostel. Danny listened the entire night to police sirens, blood-curdling screams and gunshots. It's now been 134 days since the screams and shooting had stopped, with food running out over 13 hours ago, and hygiene becoming a real issue, Danny opens the hatch of the attic. He goes downstairs to a absolute bloodbath in the hostel. He kicks a body, praying it doesn't move. He finds a flashlight and radio behind the counter and opens the door of the hostel. He will get through this. Technology and Radios Fishing Sales and Trading Small Arm's Gym and Cardio
  5. Winston Reglan is a 26-year-old junior salesperson who enjoys the thrill of salesmenship and the trading of goods. He is smart and mentally stable, but can also be very sneaky and a bit greedy, he uses his charisma and quick wit to get what he wants and would sell his soul is it was worth anything. He knows how to be cunning and get people to do what he wants. Overly friendly due to his secret nature of needing other people to do the heavy lifting. He has a post-graduate degree in philosophy, politics and economics. He has general life skills but also a slight phobia of the dark. Physically, Winston is in pretty good shape. He is average-height with light skin, brown hair and blue eyes. He grew up in an upper class neighbourhood, in Sydney's Southern Beaches. After his mother died when he was young, he was raised by his father, a banker and finance broker, who instilled him with the view on the world that no matter what, you ALWAYS must get ahead of the other guy. Finishing school and wanting more from life, he moved to Kodak, Alaska, and got a job in sales in Phil Pervis's Vaccume and Cleaning Emporioum, selling used vaccumes for way worth more then they were. He never had a issue with ripping people off, as long as it meant more money in the bank for him later. He did this for a few years and developed a good friendship with Phil, due to him thinking he might get a raise. He accompanied Phil on a buisness trip to Chernarus, uniterested in the country or anything, but Phil offered him a nice bonus to come. WHen everything went to hell he got split from Phil and left on his own. The outbreak was terrifying for Winston, but at times he began to see a small window of oppurtunity for trading of goods. He now knows that no matter the cost, he will ALWAYS get ahead of the other guys, even if he has to leave people to die.
  6. Keen to see how this plays out!
  7. Hey! my name is Dren, in the process of getting the name change because I was originally 13 years old when I first joined the server back in 2013! Back when I used to find a fishing boat, make the haul up the coast to the settlement and tell sailor stories. Long time player but never had a big presence and I gave up on DayZ when it became the shit show that was SA. Been quite active recently but looking for some Australians to join up with so I can start a active trading group! I'm Aussie myself and need people to play the game with or I get bored. Already got the building supplies and Topolin train surivior station would be a great trading hub (especially since its located at the west and the opposite of soup) Any people who fit into my time zone and wanna start something cool, let me know, love how far the server has come since I've been apart of it and can't wait to have some great RP with you all!
  8. Dren

    DayZRP 20.3.1

    Where abouts these POI located?
  9. Yo, basically the plan was to rob youm and steal your blood as we were cannibals. Your RP in game was great, however me shooting you was completely justified, you were mouthy and angry and hostile towards the characters the entire time, walking right up to me and saying "what are you gonna do shoot me" in very hostile tone. FearRP was basically not there in your part. If somebody takes you hostage and you say things like "what are you gonna do, shoot me" your gonna get shot. I'll admit I didn't know the initation was gonna be bean bags to the chest though. I planned to get you to stick your hands up and then tie you up. I tried to put a burlap sack onto his head but it unfortunately glitched into his inventory. Didn't know about the bean bags to the head at the end either. Honestly I thought the RP was great considering how creepy me and him were towards you, you gave great rp on your part and I thought it was real cool.
  10. Need my standalone GUID reset, thanks. /Caesar GUID reset, place the correct GUID in the whitelist tab.
  11. I got accepted as soon as I wrote my application. Waited like 2 minutes. #SWAG
  12. Now now boys, lets not turn this into a argument thread.. But bye Zip, have fun wherever you go dude!
  13. Depends on how much of a dedicated rp'er you are hahaha,
  14. Helped me out abit, so meh nothing wrong with it.
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