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  1. Born in Limerick in 1970, Marcus grew up in a relatively poor family, their family wasted by gamblers. Their family fell all the way back to the 1300s, where they came over to Ireland as Normans. His family was relatively famous prior to his birth, but due to some ill doings, they were eventually hated severely by the Irish community, and decided to move to America. He moved to Boston in 1980, gaining his nickname "Shamus McFuckyourself," due to his somewhat abrupt attitude. Marcus remained in Boston until 2000, where he moved to Chernarus. He had learned extensive medical training in Boston, and decided to become a paramedic in Chernarus, seeking a new job opportunity. By the time the civil war occurred, Marcus decided to help those in trouble and in need of his assistance. After the civil war, however, Marcus became a general practice doctor, dealing with minor injuries in small hospital surgeries and units scattered around Chernarus, moving constantly. By the time shit hit the fan, Marcus was dealing with those infected, until they grew too many in number. He decided to leave the Government work, running off, as the numbers of infected grew and grew. He decided to remain within smaller cities, atop rooftops or in hospitals, attempting to discover the cure for the infection. He met with an odd woman, one who wore an odd Plague Doctor's mask, who claimed she was a "carrier". He believed she would be very helpful in his extensive research into discovering the official cure. To this day, the Irishman wanders Chernarus, seeking those in need of medical attention, occasionally settling down, finding homesteads and friends, with a struggle
  2. Vaetherium

    *You suddenly hear a voice via the radio (89.5)*

    She held down the PTT, a relatively deep voice was heard through the radio "Doctors good, can not have too many doctor now. I come to any if hurt, like others, yes?" It was difficult to tell if the voice was male or female, but the audio leaned towards the female spectrum "I come find." She released the PTT.
  3. In her younger years, Marie was often referred to as "Asperger," or "Asperges," due to her autistic like nature, of being hyperactive, not listening to her peers or elders, and doing what she wants, usually to her avail. Unlike her two deceased brothers, Marie opted to stay in Chernarus, surviving through the civil war and heavy strife. Marie helped the wounded, those damaged mentally or physically by depression and the civil war itself, turning Chernarus into a shit hole. She stayed with her uncle until his death a year after the civil war came to an end, thereon she opted to search for a job. She fell onto the idea of selling herself for pleasure. She got a relatively decent pay, but was renown within Kamensk, before moving down to Chernarus, where she was able to apply for a better, more civilised job, of selling carrots in the market place, amongst other vegetables. Once shit hit the fan, Marie decided to live in the wild for a few months, to escape the trouble of economic depression, social troubles, missing the official start of the literal apocalypse. She came out of the forests and fields, only to find cars ruined and abandoned, buildings on the verge of collapse, and people. Mounds and mounds of dead people. But there were others, not just overly attractive survivors, but others.. things. They scared her, she was chased, repeatedly, she attempted to flee nearby towns and villages, escaping only just. She again, went to live in isolation for a few months, coming out almost insane, her brain no longer functional. She was driven mad by nature itself.
  4. Redshirt 'The Second' held down the PTT, his Chernarussian accent yelling into the radio "Both my male and female tovarisch, if you require a safe location to do a bit of trading on your way to Severograd, or through the northern parts of the beautiful Chernarussian outdoors, why not pass by Svergino?" The man's tone was filled with content, oddly so "Now, my fellow survivors, we have just set up and so far do not have a lot of supplies, however we do have food and a bit of ammunition, you are welcome to ask, and trade, for whatever you require, stop on by when you want!" The man was heard chuckling, as he released the PTT
  5. No, it's based of literal irony itself. Highwaymen rob on the road, we trade and befriend on the road.
  6. AndriYirovitch, brother of Anton Yirovitch, was born in Severograd in 1988. His parents would constantly move around both mainland Russia and Chernarussia, moving and settling down in St Petersburg until his brother, Anton, had reached the age of 20, who left him and his parents, alongside his older sister, to Chernarussia, to assist in efforts prior to the civil war. A few months passed, after his brother left, did he then discover what had happened, the outbreak of the infection in Chernarus, his brother still there, somewhere, wherever. Weeks passed, his parents beginning to forget of their now lost son, however Vadislav did not. He argued with them, yelling "I WANT TO GO, I DON'T CARE IF IT'S A FUCKHOLE, MOTHER, I WANT TO FIND HIM!" Only, to his parents dismay, he left anyway, sneaking past the boarder, with armed forces and other groups, eventually splitting, and venturing out into the harsh wasteland of Chernarus. Vadislav searched far and wide, looking for his brother. Through Severograd, hearing of a man named "Redshirt," through Novodmitrosvk, hearing of a man named "Redshirt," he searched everywhere, hearing of this man, until, one day, he finally found him. Just on the outskirts of Svetlojarsk, he found a small mound, a mound with a man beside it. A grave was a rarity in these times, Andri had discovered, and he questioned so, asking the man "Who does this mound belong to?" The man replied with "A man, Redshirt, Chernarussian, knew few people, not very popular, got into some shit with others, killed himself." The name "Redshirt," lit up in Andri's mind, and asked, "Redshirt.. ahuh.. what was his real name, tovarisch?" "Anton Yirovitch, mate." The stranger replied, nodding his head, his hands in his pockets. At this, Andri shuddered, silent, staring down at the grave. It was his brother, dead, beneath him. His loving brother, dead, by his own hand. He was not weak, he did it because he had to, Andri thought to himself. "Anton was never weak.." he stammered, clenching his fists. He turned to the stranger, nodded, and left. After a day of searching, Andri found a redshirt, just, sitting on the ground, it was red, maybe not identical, but red. Andri equipped the shirt, making sure it suited him, and smiled. "Andri Yirovtich.. Andri.. Redshirt.. Yirovitch."
  7. A man held down the PTT, crying and sobbing, then laughing maniacally "Privyet, my tovarisch, it is me! Anton, no need in hiding myself anymore, ANTON YIROVITCH!" The Chernarussian bellowed into the radio, static buzzing over, then fading. He spoke, like a whisper, but laughing. "Liam.. Paradox.. I know you are alive, my friends.. I know you are.. but.. I can't be. They know me. They all do, and because of such, I must go." The clicking of a magnum's chamber was sound, a gun audible. Anton held the gun to his head, breathing heavily, sobbing then laughing "FUCK THIS SHIT, FUCK'S SAKE, IT'S ALL OVER, IT'S ALL FUCKING OVER!" He pulled the trigger, a loud bang sounding over the radio, the sound of a THUD as his body fell, then the radio fell silent, the PTT released.
  8. Vaetherium

    Open Message - My roof! My skittles! Severograd!

    The Chernarussian held down the PTT " I not know a Quinn, but Severograd has had a few upsies.. be careful I suggest." The Chernarussian fell silent, releasing the PTT.
  9. The Chernarussian held the PTT down again, this time, he was audibly running, breathing heavily, with gunshots sounding in the distance "The fuck are you- never fucking mind, and yes, it was those, what you call, sperm wh-" A gunshot rang, the crack of the round passing over loud, cutting him off. "PLAT'YA! ASSHOLES! Fucking.. what it.. Severograd, tovarisch, meet in Severograd whenever, da?" He released the PTT, and continued to run.
  10. The man held the PTT down, breathing heavily, faint voices and distant footsteps were heard nearby A chernarussian accent sounded, flimsy, sounding like an old man, with a croaky voice "This is funny, hah?" The Chernarussian was almost silent, whispering to the best of his ability. "Uh.. what n- Alice! Alice, can hear me tovarisch?" The footsteps gradually grew louder, and yelling ensued "I hear them, they're upstairs, I in basement tovarisch, silent, hiding." The Chernarussian grew silent, the footsteps fading, the voices too. "Listen, there are people in Svetlojarsk, bad people, run after me, I hide, ah?" The voice was more or less hurried now, but less of a whisper "I make a dart for it, I find you Alice, we speak." The man released the PTT, and resumed an attempt to escape from the city.
  11. Anton held the PTT down "Severograd, if want meet, my tovarisch'" Anton released the PTT
  12. Anton again held the PTT down again, replying to the questions on the child "Again, I am sorry. At the time I was frustrated at the loss of my car, it had most of my trade stored in it, and left me without half of my supplies, I had not intended to harm the girl." Anton sighed again, distressed, voices sounding in the background "Fucking alcohol and all that, ah? I threw my vodka away, been drinking soda the past few days. That episode fucked me up bad, apologies again, I had not meant to offend the girl, or any of you. I wouldn't harm a child, I've seen it happen, and I wouldn't want to see it again, even if I haven't been drinking." Anton released the PTT, walking off to a crowd of people.