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  1. Hi, after a short break I've decided that I'd like to rejoin the server, but I'm struggling to find the mod download/link. If anyone could show me, I'd greatly appreciate that.
  2. Born in rural Ireland, closeby Galway, Connor was born and raised a typical farmer. Taught how to feed and milk cows, care for livestock and farmland. It was when the big men came, did his life throw itself upside down. His father, before Connor's birth, had many issues socially, mostly involving the IRA, despite being a full blooded Irishman. His father had been revealed to be supplying firearms and assistance to those fighting for the British whilst in Ireland, this had many consequences later in his life. One night, the men came. With big metal weapons and firearms. They killed Connor's parents, beheading them before placing their heads on the porch of their rural farmhouse. When it came to Connor, the men were somewhat more mercy full. They beat him until he was unconscious, before taking him away. Connor woke up repeatedly on the trip to Chernarus, first by land travel towards a nearby dock, then onto a cargo vessel, almost as if he were being smuggled. He finally woke up one morning, relatively stable, able to see and speak. However, luck was not on his side. Evidentally, a storm had struck, the vessel he was in had struck something, and had crashed by the coast of a nation struck by tragedy - Chernarus. Connor left the vessel, after scavenging effortlessly for any equipment left in the crates and nearby towns, before heading off in search to find some sort of answer to where he was, and what on earth had happened.
  3. wondering if anybody else has noticed this change. obviously i'm not that bothered about it, but i'm wondering whether or not anybody else has noticed, and their opinions on the matter.
  4. anyone else noticing that dayzrp is becoming more pvp revolved? I mean, I personally don't object, but people spawning in or around a specific location, gun spawns are very high, loot spawns for military grade too, food and all. again, not objection, but, if you would like, i'd like to hear your thoughts in this thread.
  5. Vaetherium

    The Tortugan State - Message to the people.

    For a last time, he held the PTT down. "Didn't ye lot fock'n listen? Ain't tellin' you my location, because all you lot'll do is winge about me, fockin' kill me. Grow up, yer fock'n adults now. If you want your country back, yous better fock'n get it back. In a way that is actually going to fock'n work, enni? " Chan e an duthaich a th 'ann a-nis. " His last quotation was in an odd language, which lots of odd, throat movements. He released the PTT for the last time, the radio falling silent..
  6. Vaetherium

    The Tortugan State - Message to the people.

    Having listened to this, he held down the PTT again "La dee focke' doo, you really think you lot'r fockin' scary? Even tempted by your little wits I wouldn't come near you fock'eads. Let me just think of all the other people I've met along my ways similar to you lot, groups too. Hm. Shame they're not a-fockin'-round anymore." Again, his tone was relaxed, he was obviously enjoying himself. "It's time to fockin' stop, this country ain't yours no more, sods. Watch out, friendly advice." "I fockin' know, that all yous'll do is whip out yer fockin' guns 'n knives, and start fockin' me up. I know who you lot're on about. 'Settle this like men!' All you fockin' mean is gattin me wid one of your fockin klashni- klashno- FOCKIN' GUNS!" His tone grew louder. "How about you lot man up, and accept what's all about now? Have a fun time in a land full of foreigners." He released the PTT, laughing, mockingly, almost like a madman.
  7. Vaetherium

    The Tortugan State - Message to the people.

    After hearing the transmission from the ' Patriot, ' the Irishman decided to take action. He held down the PTT. "You know what I fockin' hate? Fockers like yous. ' Ah, get outa me country because we was here first 'n shoite, ' well it's a bit fockin' late now, ennit cont?" His tone was obviously agitated, almost mocking. "It's not your fockin' country anymore. All yous fockin do is complain, 'GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY FOREIGN PIG, OUT NOW!' Well, perhaps you fockers, should find us a way to leave if you want? Y'know, maybe a bit of transport, boats workin' 'n' shoite. All you fockers'll get is a whallop in d' arse and a fock'n round in yer skull when you silly fockin' cult collapses into a pile o FOCKIN' POLP!" He released the PTT, laughing mockingly as he did so.
  8. Since his early years of life, Aalef had been in love with medieval life. He adored the ideology of survival, hunting, small villages, and no influence of modernism, you had to rely on what you could harvest, for those of lower ranks, nothing was just given to you. Aalef went into the reenacting industry at the age of 10, alongside his parents who also adored the medieval world, lasting long, training in sword fighting, tactics, medieval life. When Aalef was 10, his father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, within a year he was dead. His mother, distraught at this loss, fell into insanity, also being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He had no one to take care of him, aside from long lost family, recently discovered in Chernarus. Aalef, decided, due to property price and ugly city life, to get in contact with his long lost family, who agreed to take him in. At the age of 17, the civil war in Chernarus began. He took shelter in his Chernarussian family's home, in the countryside, hearing distant fighting, watching death and destruction on the television constantly. Fearing this, and not wanting to go out into the cities, his family decided to farm for products. Using their preowned animals, and growing crops. Even after the civil war ended, they resumed this, rarely visiting larger cities or stores. They were completely unaware of the infection at the beginning, only realising it's strength once a hoard was seen passing their farm. They thought it was some sort of protest, but why would a protest go on down a small hiking trail in the middle of the countryside? It only took toll a few weeks into the widespread infection, after the family was slaughtered as Aalef was hunting, out in the nearby woods. He returned to find his Chernarussian family dead, covered in blood, alongside a dead humanoid, rotting, ugly. Weeks after this, after walking for miles, sewing his attire, crafting new clothing and kit, Aalef stumbled across a castle, south of Severograd. The nearby signs listed it as "Devil's Castle". Entering the gates, seeing the dilapidated ruins of what must of once been a beautiful home astounded Aalef. He decided to make the castle his home, returning their to camp at nights, or over hard times. He carries a bow and a spear, anything that helps him hunt and survive.
  9. Vaetherium

    The Tortugan State.

  10. He held down the PTT, and began to speak "Fockin' 'ell, I hope yer still alive - if you lot, who're back, if you lot want us out quick enough, efficient enough," He ruffled himself, his voice toning down, into a more ominous tone in itself. "Maybe you'd best get us a way to leave, for your benefit, transport. You want us out, ye better fockin' get us a way to leave." He released the PTT, worried for the man he had heard.
  11. Vaetherium

    *You suddenly hear a voice via the radio (89.5)*

    He nodded, holding down the PTT again. "I have some su- I-- se .." Static overdrew the radio, as the man fell silent.
  12. Vaetherium

    Jackfish's Media Thread

    will do
  13. Vaetherium

    Jackfish's Media Thread

    what happened to the camp south of novy lol
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