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  1. Marcus puffs on his cigarette, when he hears his radio go off He holds down the PTT "Sure ting, once me mate gets back with the car I'll be round. Shouldn't be too long." Marcus releases the PTT
  2. have fun driving a zil at 50 kmh and everyone onboard dying due to a small crash
  3. how rare are they?
  4. isnt it the one you can store a gun on
  5. Vaetherium

    issa electricity

    gawd dam isa electric
  6. Vaetherium

    issa wood

    gawd dam issa black wood
  7. Vaetherium

    issa radio

    gawd damn issa radio
  8. Nice one, we're still on the look out for a barrel for ya
  9. loved it mate, i couldn't stop laughing, both of you guys are brilliant, what happened to the farm in the end?
  10. My POV: While running back to the castle place after my game crashing, I saw a bunch of cars driving away from the base, asking who I was. I didn't see much other than cars driving away, and an open base. I'm the voice on discord at the end
  11. Vaetherium

    The Irish Trader

    " The name's Marcus. Marcus Arthur. " "I know alot o' people, 503, Praetorians, even that Samaritan lot, and a few others ontop." "Venture around town by town, looting places, often with my friends Garett and Andria, but Andria-" "What a lad, he got into a bit of trouble down by Zelenogorsk way, but it's the price you pay for being in Chernarus.. Poor lad.." We get what we need, meet people, trade, survive. Everything we need to do really. Just, 'Normal people', 'round these parts, I s'pose, eh?" Marcus chuckled, almost a forced one, before his face turning to be that of a gloomy, sorrow man.
  12. sorry to hear that man
  13. He held the PTT down "Hello there! I heard from several people about your station being back up and running! I'm not no mechanic or anythin' I'm afraid, but I do trade, and would love to pop by and see what you've got goin' nowaday!" The irishman chuckled, before releasing the PTT.
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