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  1. Vaetherium

    ye olde man faces cow

    Ohh, it's sheet metal crafted into homemade body armour
  2. Vaetherium

    ye olde man faces cow

    Military sweater I believe
  3. Vaetherium

    " Lost "

    Finally found a fucking Winchester! Going down south was a great idea, literally expected nothing and came out with the one weapon I've always wanted! Just like Uncle Akozjy's!
  4. Born in Russia to a single mother, Dominik always had a rough life. At the age of 3, Dominik and his mother moved to the UK, to get out of the shithole they lived in at the time. They lived in a somewhat less shittier flat complex in London for a while, 13 years to be specific. In that time, Dominik learned many things about the way people acted, saw the good and the bad, and was generally calm in nature, rarely stressing or caring. A couple months after Dominik's 16th birthday, his mother and himself were evicted from their flat, and had to fly cheap to Poland, in order to live with Dominik's uncle, and his mother's brother, Akozjy. They lived together, cooped up in a small apartment in Topolin, living too close for comfort. Having little to no privacy, Dominik spent most of his time outside, wandering around Topolin, doing drugs, taking pictures, doing anything he could to entertain himself. He spoke no Polish, making it extremely difficult for him to communicate, and make friends. Lucky for him, however, a large portion of Livonia's native population would soon plummet drastically. When the outbreak occurred, it was manic for Dominik. His uncle tried to protect his mother from looters while the three tired to flee Topolin, but this ultimately resulted in Dominik watching the death of the only two people he knew in the country he was present in. As he attempted to flee, he was attacked by a rabid individual, clawing and slashing. Dominik held the man off, before receiving a large scratch across his face, from the man's long nails, and then threw his face into Dominik's arm, tearing a chunk of flesh. Dominik fought back, sweeping the man's legs, dropping him to the floor, and running as fast as he could. The blood loss was too much, Dominik wandered out of Topolin, down the country road, his vision blurry, breathing irregular, covered in blood. As he wandered aimlessly down the road, he heard the distant sound of a car engine approaching from Topolin, however before he could turn around to see it, he collapsed at the side of the road.
  5. Vaetherium


  6. Vaetherium


    run before 503 get ya
  7. Born in SE London, Daniel was raised in a rough area. Living in council flats, with no father, only a mother, and involving himself in crime. As his age progressed, he got up to no good. Joining a gang, "Zone 2," and taking a handful of lives in stabbings and attacks. Before long, repercussions occurred, and his mother suffered a fate no single mother should, at the hands of opposing gang members. This broke Daniel, the one thing he had in life, now gone. He fled London, wanting to live somewhere where we was not necessarily known, somewhere where he could put his skills to use. Daniel travelled to Livonia, knowing little Polish, but deciding to save the money his mother left him, as well as drug money he'd scrounged up over the years, and bought a small cottage isolated in the north western forest. After spending a handful of years in Poland, with little interaction with others who lived nearby, Daniel made a number of friends, and was able to obtain a firearm under the name of one of his new friends. He used it for target practice, shooting deer that roamed nearby his home, trees, squirrels, anything really. Merciless. When Livonia fell to infection and anarchy, Daniel remained at his isolated home. Only visiting the nearby town of Bielawa on occasion in order to access food, water, and general supplies. He never really met anyone, saw a few people, mostly getting robbed, killed, or mauled by the infected. He never dare set foot anywhere towards Topolin in the early days of infection, it would be a death trap, both people and infected. As time went on, Daniel roamed further and further, encountering a surprising amount of friendly people, but also hostile. One day, however, Dan was walking down a long, open road, and encountered a car. It was containing 3 people, who made a request. They asked him to kill someone, in exchange for his own life. Dan did not turn down the offer, and was taken to town, just south of Tarnow. A lone man lived there, and was accused of fucking over the three who made the request. Without hesitation, despite the pleas from the man, Dan put him down with little to no remorse. There was nothing anymore, no reason to feel mercy, to feel remorse. He was getting his own life in exchange for this easy job, maybe he could do this permanently? Until he dies, of course. Kill, harm or scare people into submission in exchange for payment of any sort. Dan could live this way. Dan liked living this way.
  8. Vaetherium

    half brothers-in-arms

    half czech, full czech, half brothers. all you gotta know.
  9. I was born in Záhoří, in the Czech Republic. Pa was British, Ma was Czech. Don't know a huge amount about her, other than she wasn't the most loyal of women. Had another kid with another Czech bloke, half brother I guess. Anyway, pa didn't know she had a fella, so got the fuck outta there quick. Moved me to England about a year after I was born, haven't seen or heard of Ma since. Heard about the half brother though, but I don't know much about him. Maybe he's in Poland too? Maybe he isn't. After moving to England, we lived some old council estate, had no fucking money, surrounded by crime, got robbed countless fuckin' times. All I ever wanted to do was get away, somewhere free, open, somewhere I can live without rules. Y'know, somewhere devoid of real society. Somewhere with threat, but beauty. I wrote stories, about huge cities covered in greenery, desolate, the only noise being the mating call of a nearby Elk, a place I'd love to be. Pa 'n me loved to move around Europe during summer holidays, even on cheap ass flights, it was still worth it with him. Germany, Hungary, France and eventually Poland. Poland was our last stop to be honest. Don't remember when, just went for the sights, for the greenery. Ended up getting a whole lot more. It's what I wanted though, relatively devoid of society, watch your back, trust few, flow with yourself. A whole new landscape worth exploring. New people worth meeting. New relationships worth forming. Fuck, I hope this all works out.
  10. Marcus puffs on his cigarette, when he hears his radio go off He holds down the PTT "Sure ting, once me mate gets back with the car I'll be round. Shouldn't be too long." Marcus releases the PTT
  11. have fun driving a zil at 50 kmh and everyone onboard dying due to a small crash
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