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  1. Michael Neiles

    Born in England, he was raised with a strong military presence. Both parents having been in the military, he himself was expected to enlist one day, and that is what he did. Once the outbreak broke out, "Mike" was dispatched, alongside US and Russian forces to control the last surviving locations in Russia, not yet flattened by either military, or undead presence. His unit was overwhelmed by a large horde of undead, therefore allowing him the opportunity to escape. He was working in a small town, alongside an American unit, alongside his own, smaller, British unit. They ultimately worked together, somewhat in harmony, until the horde came. Mike was one of the few survivors, and was set out to look for friends, or anyone friendly enough to become a friend.
  2. Hey, I've been wondering, do I have to put on the correct accent for my character? I live in Britain, however my current character lived in the US, and served in the US military. I've been using my normal " jolly-'ol " english accent for him for a while now, just want to know if that's actually alright?
  3. Joshua Douglas

    Alive, rough and steI was born in America, I can't even remember when. I enlisted myself into the military, and was placed into the marines. My friends said that I'm "humble, witty, loyal, and perhaps a little too bewildered. But this is all just a facade, a mechanism to deal with my position." They always used this to piss me off, as I wasn't much of an intellectual myself. I hardly understood a word they said. But I loved them, as close as family. I was born in a middle class family in a normal capital. I lived comfortably until I was about 19 years old, but at that point things changed. I did volunteering work and was becoming more cultured. With amazing, new friends, I was venturing out in a weird world. But with my curiosity and talents, there's nothing to stop me from fulfilling all dreams. I could quickly become a force to be reckoned with. When that hell hole all went to shit, I was sent out. I was forced to go out, and protect that.. Elektro place from those fucking infected assholes. They killed so many of us, made them us, got news that home was down to shit. I couldn't process all of this. My squad was sent out on a patrol, killed a few of those, walking dead things. Lost one of our own, as well. After what felt like a fucking eternity, we returned to our main base of operations. Nothing. Everyone was dead, the place was swarmed with those.. those fuckers! I couldn't handle this! I unclipped a grenade from my kit, pulled out the pin, and threw it at the fucking lot of them. Killed a few, attracted a fuck tonne more. We had to go. Had no idea of where any of the other squads were, or other positions. We were alone, no command, nothing. Several weeks later, we had nothing. We went out in a humvee, and had to ditch it three days after we left. Took up camp in a farmhouse after that, got overrun. So did a fucking school, police station and fucking airfield. We met a group of.. living people. They weren't nice. They had a fuck tonne more guns, and fighters than we did. Weren't that fucking friendly either.. took us as prisoners, fed us well, though. But treated us like fucking dogs. I had enough. I had two others left in my squad, so we thought "Fuck it." We, somehow, escaped. I don't remember. I think the private had some sort of knife, or something. Because he slit the fucking guard's throat with something. Like in those old comics, or cartoons, he took the keys, and unlocked the door of the "Cell," which was more like a fucking zoo enclosure. We found the armory, for some reason, had no one guarding it. It was also unlocked, fucking surprised. There were several automatic rifles in there, several .308s, 5.56s, and shit like that. Also a big fucking load of grenades, and gas cans, and I mean a fucking BIG load. We took what we could, clothing, armor, weapons, and hardly any grenades. We then heard several gunshots outside, and yelling. The private stepped outside of the armory, and looked for a window. He said he found a balcony, and saw the courtyard of this fucking base. It was under "siege," by a horde of those, zombie things, and that the survivor's forces were strongly diminished. We knew this was our chance. I grabbed a lighter off of that guard that the Private killed, and set ourselves up near the closest exit. The Private cut open one of the gas cans, and poured the gas all over the ground. All of us, then realised, we wouldn't have time to run, if we set it off there. One of us had to stay. The Private fucking did. He was.. I don't fucking know.. 20? Both me and the Corporal didn't want him to, but he persuaded us. We fucking knew what had to be done. The Corporal and I said our last goodbyes, and ran. As fast as we possibly could. Through a back entrance that we were led through. We still heard the gunshots and yelling, but the growls grew louder. We reached the rear entrance, and barged out. Unlocked, confusingly. Without hesitation, we ran, as fast as we could, we saw a building in the distance, and set course for it. Then, out of nowhere, the Corporal fell, as I heard a zip, and then, a gunshot. I turned back, to look at him, and then up at the base, there must of been some sort of sniper up there, that took him down. He told me to go, knowing that he meant it, I did. I didn't look back, but I heard another 'Zip', and a shot, and then a groan. He was dead. I started to wonder if someone had found the Private, and he was not going to set the gasoline off, but I was wrong. As soon as I thought this, the ground fucking jumped up. I turned back, and all I saw, was a fucking fireball, several explosions occuring, even after the main one. There must of been a stock of artillery shells, or something. I doubt these people were just, lowly "Bandits.." The force was unbelieveable, it knocked me off my feet, as if it was a fucking nuclear explosion. I hit the ground with such force, I think I must of been sent unconcious. I woke up. Dazed, tired, feeling like shit, wearing nothing but a few clothing items. No armor, no guns, nothing. My best guess, is that I was looted while I was out. I couldn't of been out for long though, as I hadn't starved or anything.. obviously. I stood up, and looked at the smoking base. "No," I thought to myself. "No, it hasn't been long." Realising, that there was no reason to head back, I turned in the opposite direction. I looked at the building I saw, and saw no hope. I then, saw a road on the far left of the hill, with the building. And I walked towards that. I walked towards a road, and I'm still walking..ady, yet strong and harsh.