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  2. Born in Westminster in the 1980s to an upperclass family, George and his family spent alot of time travelling, having gathered their wealth from previous family inheritance. From Morocco to Russia, California to Australia, they travelled as much as they could. A number of months before his 40th birthday, George decided to travel to Chernarus, primarily for the sights to be seen, the green grass, beautiful trees, birds, and the lovely locals. Staying in a tall hotel in Chernogorsk, George prepared to wait his tour guide. They were to venture up north, around Vybor, to take a peaceful, calming hiking trail with a number of other tourists and hikers. This walk did not come, however, as overnight, riots began. Nobody seemed to tell him what to do, or what was happening, therefore he just remained in his hotel room, oblivious to what was happening outside. He only heard the carnage go on overnight, somewhat through the day, and gradually, screams. He dared not peer down from his window to spot what was going on, and therefore remained in his hotel room, waiting, fearful. One night, a number of soldiers entered the building, clearing out as many of the hotel rooms as they could. George was collected, and transferred to what he heard as a "Karanteen zonar". He presumed, using his extremely well developed, upper class brain, that this meant something along the lines of "Quarantine Zone". Could it be? Had the third wave actually happened? He had presumed it was safe. There was little need for Quarantine Zones in the first two waves, why now? George found out. It was a stomach-churning sight. Body bags strewn across the street outside the hotel, evident blood in the gutters. The streets were littered with rubbish. Bottles, bricks, anything. It was an absolute "Dump!" . George was escorted far from Chernogorsk. He did not count how many minutes he was in the truck. There were too many. He just sat, and waited. Until they arrived. He was ported into a screening tent, passing a concrete block with the number "4" painted across it. He was not allowed to leave. He remained, until they were overrun. It seemed rioters were attacking the zone? What was there motive? Why? The soldiers evidently fought back, yet to no avail. They did little damage to the oncoming "rioters", they just kept coming and coming. Eventually, the camp was completely overrun. The number of soldiers minimal, civilians too. People began to break away, fleeing for what they could. They didn't know who was who, just ran, and hoped they ran the right direction. George ran towards the gate. He ran inbetween people, in and out, as fast as he could, until he shot through the screening tent, out into the town. This was a stupid fucking decision, however, as he had ran right into the horde of rioters. He then ran to the right, off and off, sprinting as fast as his little legs could carry him.
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    honestly cant remember, near nadezhino maybe?
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    tfw when all the other photos u took are corrupt
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    daddy longhands

    indeed you are conrad longhands
  6. Vaetherium

    daddy longhands

    had some fun rock paper scissor matches with daddy longhands, alex and fish man
  7. sorry, can I make a request to close it? seeing the responses made me think otherwise
  8. Born in the small Chernarussian farming village of Bogatyrka, Tomas helped his family working in fields, or selling produce at larger, nearby markets. He had learned to use a rifle at a young age, and often spent days out in the nearby woodland hunting, as to feed his family and friends fresh game. At the time of the outbreak, Tomas's small village didn't know much, other than the knowledge of riots occurring in larger settlements. After a while, the infection was brought to Bogatyrka. Tomas watched as his family were torn apart, his friends, and his neighbours too. He grabbed any essential supplies he could carry, his grandfather's Mosin-Nagant, a box of ammunition, food, a backpack, and a radio his father had used to communicate with farther farming settlements. Tomas ran into the woods, as fast as he could. He was chased by what appeared to be people, but they were not. He knew this, they were no longer his friends and neighbours. As he got to the nearby treeline, he rapidly opened the box of 7.62x54 rounds, loaded two, and took aim. The figures chasing him had slowed to a walk. He raised the Mosin-Nagant, took aim, and shot. As he let the shot off, he fled, as fast as he could, and never looked back.
  9. not necessarily a channel, i just made a suggestion, anything would do, but it would make it alot easier to change your character model and would be useful. yeah it can be a bit weird, only used it a couple times on my part tbh
  10. pretty much just suggesting a channel on the discord server that lists the character models. if you use DayZSA launcher, go to settings / additional parameters, and then lay in (for example) this: -character=SurvivorM_Elias some examples of the character models: not sure if it's been done yet, just a suggestion, would make character model selection alot easier
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