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  1. born in Moscow, Anton lived in a financially unstable household. financial issues at home became phycological issues as Anton was victim to beatings and unfair punishments. At a very young age Anton would be taken with his father hunting and taught how to move silently. his father, the only working person in the household, left when he was five years old. because of the lack of income, Anton by the age of seven would go hunting for food for him and his mother to survive. During his time out hunting on his own for the coming years, he learned and mastered camouflage, moving without being seen. in his early teenage years, a national celebration was held in Moscow. he became fascinated with the organization of the military. Anton for the next coming years dreamt of joining the Russian forces and help protect and fight for his country, family, and pride. he would train on his own in hopes to impress other officers and soldiers for when he enlisted. at the age of 18, he enlisted in the Russian military and worked his way through the ranks. it was notices how exceptional his skills were and he was recommended for the Special forces, The VDV. after training with other candidates, he and five others were accepted out of 20 men. the training was tough but Anton pushed through. he swore never to disappoint any officers and never slipped up or broke any rules. his first official mission as a member of the VDV would lead him to Chernarus. He was joined by Yuri Reznov, Vladimir Makarov, and two other soldiers as part of their squad. They were dropped off to maintain control over the revolution however they were forced to retreat into the woods. His squad headed to northern Chernarus to gather food and survive, but soon after food supplies ran dry, along with their ammunition. Once scouting near the Tisy military base, they encountered wolves. Without any ammunition they were forced to part ways in order to survive. Anton's driving force was the government he served. he made a vow joining the special forces, and he was not going to disobey any time soon...
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  4. named john, Born as a twin in 1997, in Toronto Canada. his family moved to chernarus when he was very young. John and his family lived in a house close to Kabanino. john would be the super sarcastic member of the family . When John was twelve, near the beginning of the civil war, his house was damaged by explosives. This damage would cause his house to collapse and his parents to be crushed by the rubble. John and his brother watched their parents die right in front of the. Although injured from the collapse, John and his brother Jack ran for the closest treeline and hid for two days waiting for the fighting to stall. after two days of hiding the two children found themselves hitch hiking to get to the nearest city, where somebody would take care of them. It never worked. they had to fend for themselves on the street for years. during this time john had learned to play guitar to help him gain funds. he would carry this guitar with him everywhere he went. After a few years of begging on the streets, the two brothers slowly grew apart from each other eventually splitting apart. Johns brother jack had managed to save enough money to get a plane out of the country back to Canada, leaving his brother in Chernarus. In Canada his brother jack would enlist in the Canadian armed forces. John on the other hand, was left to beg on the streets before picking up a low paying job at a convenient store in Electro, where he would work until... John heard many rumors from passing customer the CDF was removing people from their homes up north and people were disappearing supposedly being held in a military compound, he was worried about what the CDF was doing to people and wanted to know why they did this. he heard soon after the base was destroyed by the Russians to hide some conspiracy. he woke up a few days later to find a large military presence in Electro and dozens of people running through the streets. he arrived at the docks to find boats loading civilians were sailing off shore and he found himself and a few others to be left behind. he went back to the shop to gather supplies and ran into an alleyway. a couple days later he found the streets to almost completely empty except for bodies lying on the ground he walked out onto the street to find people and he did, just not the people he was looking for. he found a group of bloodied and dismembered people. he called out to them for help, and they broke into a sprint, howling and groaning towards him. he ran as fast as he could without looking back, out of the city and into the forest to lose them only to end up getting lost. he found his way back home a while later and picked up his rifle which he would always carry with him. he took up hunting and helping people for the future of the outbreak... He vowed to try and make things better although he doesn't know how...
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