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  1. @OxeN It's always a pleasure to meet you in game. This time you made easy my choice to escape. @Imation11 it's always a pleasure to see that someone enjoys as you are, the storyline you are building. @DaRsnn for that short but reflexing time at Vybor. And of course thanks to all the Green Dragons, you are awesome. Who said relationships are easy?
  2. Jean

    The Green Dragons

    Good goals Eagle, not needed more but ok.
  3. Sorry it had to happend that way. and your reactions were so pure... Thanks for the RP @Imation11
  4. @Mouse, sorry mate, I thought I answered to this post, but I already knew it was a Savior thanks to you. You said "leave the Saviors out of this"
  5. Thank you. Thanks for the RP @SexyPutin and hope we are meeting again @IntenseGeek
  6. Where is the button of Dislike when you need it...
  7. Samantha entered a house to spend the night. She went to a green house. One of the rooms up stairs was full of windows. She looked throw the window thinking about all she passed since she was in this land. She thought about how hard was leaving in such a noisy world and then her mind stopped in a sound, the sound of the piano keys pressed by his hands... Samantha put her hands at a desk close to the window. She realized it was on a paper where she placed her hand. There were some other papers and books at the ground and paintbrushes... she picked up one brush and she looked around for the paints that she expected to find close to that desk. When she found all the things she needed she did some place to start painting. After two hours she smiled looking at the paper.
  8. It's not a picture but maybe it's easy to see it @ZombyBeard If I would be able to play the piano as you I would play something more like or the Nuvole Bianche.
  9. Yesterday night was really unusual but interesting @Xehara @ToeZ and Bobby (maybe @Hellbreed). My invisible guardian @YungBrandonRP and you freaking hostile men, pals (you know who you are). Can you stop looting me? xD You make my surviving a freaking nightmare. Nice traveling with you @IntenseGeek and @Rea best travelers ever. I was so scared when I found your deadbody @IntenseGeek and pretend to leave you there unconcious with those two men with red armband... it was hard. And @Rea you made my character to get new good experiences. Trying to fly low around the Saviors to bring him to the doctor. "Arthur Edgar" (no idea who is in the forum) awesome hostile RP man. The pre-trial. Hide between so many known faces. Trying to escape from that Bathroom even we knew we couldn't, funny thing. Pretty good RP guys I must mention again Bobby (third person speaker), @GrizZzDaGawd and @Mouse. Special mention to @WaterAzuroth and @ZombyBeard for the great RP. It was really intense and moving. My character only wanted to escape from there, and you found the way to keep her there until you found out everything. Thanks for helping them @Eagle xD @ZombyBeardThe picture of us both in opposite sides of the piano room, close to a different door and with our armbands. it was really good. Thanks for the RP man. Ending all of this with the casual meeting with @pandusja and your friend (I couldn't find him in forum).
  10. I told you @dawsonpark, it was a happy day
  11. Randomly meeting with @Scarlett @Mia It was short but fun. It felt like we were meant to know each other @Mia. @Scarlett I can't wait to meet you again. The relation between us is funny. @yuthee, @Roman @ScarletRose and @Oiram it was a nice night. I hope to meet you again. But please let's find another topic to speak about xD And @YungBrandonRP thanks santa, you are the best present. Thanks for the RP, I know it's not easy to be you.
  12. It was my san Valentine's present for you @Jackfish xD It was awesome rp. It's always funny to play with you @DaRsnn the pillow party ended for tonight. @Scarlett I hope we didn't scared you that much.
  13. No much to say. We were interacting for some minutes with this man. Brandon was asking about the armband and the group of @Sparklez. Then Brandon clearly wanted to iniciate on him. Well, @YungBrandonRP (Brandon) did it and I only saw @Sparklez running away. I don't know if he was freezing or not. I couldn't see it as you can see in the clip. I think it was a terrible coincidence that he was freezing in that moment. It didn't look like that.
  14. Jean

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Pretty sad, it was interesting to RP with you guys. I hope to see more groups like yours. Good luck for all of you.
  15. Here my streaming video. I got closer because I didn't know about the situation. I tried to get closer to speak. But if he was pointing me with the gun I was stopping. Someone shot me from far.
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