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  1. I am going to kill @Cuteboi39 I promise! xD Thanks for the RP
  2. *wakes up again reaches the PTT button* "hello is someone there? I am Samantha I am in a building North West Airfield. I need help, I am thirsty, please!" *releases the PTT* *Stands up and shouts in the silence* "hello can someone help me!" *after that exhausted leans against the wall*
  3. *wakes up with the radio buzzes* *sounds of shots in the distance mixed with the zombies' noises around the building* *looks at the radio but she doesn't move closing her eyes at the end*
  4. *Picks barely the radio from her backpack and presses the PTT leaning her back against the wall os the ATC. "Hi, my name is Samantha. I am..." *looks around* "...in a building of the Airfield... looks like a tower. I am pretty thirsty. I need help" if someone can hear me...plea...." *her voice didn't sound anymore*
  5. You cannot always have the authentic chernorussian blood.
  6. Those are the files that Samantha took from Elektro Hospital and gave to Jack Lemons. "December, 1997. 15 women came into the hospital. Tanya Ivanov, Olya Kuznetsov, Lena Popov, Sveta Sokolov, Ira Lébedev, Katia Kozlov, Anya Nóvikov, Masha Petrov, Natasha Vasíliev, Nastia Záitsev, Marina Pávlov,Alisa Vólkov, Nina Solovióv, Klara Vinográdov and Maria Vorobiov. Alisa Vólkov, Nina Solovióv, Klara Vinográdov died after joining the hospital that day. Nastia Záitsev, Katia Kozlov and Anya Nóvikov had a traffic accident. Ira Lebedec and Tanya Ivanov died before reaching the hospital. Natasha Vasiliev and Olya Kuznetsov recibed Epidural anesthesia. Natasha Vasiliev, Tanya Ivanov, Olya Kuznetsov were supplied with Oxytocin. Marina Páblov, Maria Vorobiov, Nastia Zaitsev, Natasha Vasiliev, Lena Popov, Sveta Sokolov, Nina Solovióv, Katia Kozlov, Masha Petrov came to the hospital with a familiar. Olya Kuznetsov and Alisa Vólkov usually consumed fluoxetine. Klara Vinogradov, Lena Popov and Anya Novikov had prescribed Dihydrocodeine. Masha Petrov refused to be operated of a heart disease. Anya Nóvikov and Maria Vorobiov died the week after they left the hospital. Masha Petrov and Sveta Sokolov spent 2 weeks at the hospital."
  7. Jean

    hunting scope

    Hunting Scope, yes I found it. Thanks 2019!
  8. Jean

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    @Terra I was thinking on you and your group when I saw this.
  9. *Sally takes the radio in her hand and presses the PTT with a softly voice* "Hi... Sorry about that... We.. We thought it would be a better idea to do not do that. Lately..." *Stops thinking and continues* "...Lately it was getting really dangerous for us both... We decided that it would be the best for all..." *Looks through the window* "But... you can.. always come and visit us...whenever..." *looks at Jim* "we would be glad to see you all again.... we ...we do miss you" *stops pressing the PTT staring at the sea* Her thoughts bring the memories of her friends and keeps her staring at the sea
  10. Sometimes it comes how it comes, the important thing is the way @Zorull I hope meet you again in game. Even I know it's going to be totally different. I wanted to say bye to every single character that was in the way of Sally, but you are so many I would have to mention half server. Thx for The House and friends for helping me and Jim. Thanks for the hostile RP: Cerna Liska, A New Moon, District, Saviors, Anarchy... etc. David Mack, Jack, Wolf, Brandon, press people, Harrison, Jack Lemon, Rober, Doc Holidays, the mexicans.... in general all of you. Specially my patients. It wasn't easy to let others to make some story changes. Sally story ends here. Good Luck!
  11. Samantha was a little girl when her parents gave her in adoption. She grew up in United States and she decided to work as an artist. Her best paints were oil paintings. She also dedicated her time to take care of her last granma Alice. Before dying her granma gave her a box with some of the stuff from Samantha's childhood, her granma told her where she could find more information about the adoption. Volgograd. When her granma died she took the money her granma gave her and she moved to find out more about her past and her biological parents. She flew to Istanbul and she went from Istanbul to Chernarus on a boat. When the boat was getting to the coast. She only could see chaos. Some people were jumping to the see, others were pushing each other. It was too alte. The boat was really close to the coast. A group of men swam to the boat and took it throwing her out of the boat. Samantha swam towards the coast. When she reached the coast she was exhausted so she laid for a while. When she stood up an human being jumped over her and tried to bite her she tried to ran away but it grabbed her hair. She pushed it a bit and she managed to run from it. She ran towards North.
  12. @Jackfish You know you will pay for it You eat it you pay it! xD