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  1. Severograd bar opening soon! [Radio Call]

    *Alexa was relaxin when she heard the voices in the radio. Then she gets close and listen to it quietly and presses the buttom.* *Before speaking she smiles* -"You better do so Eddie, you owe me 2 things. Don't forget it!" *Alexa laughs alone in her room* *Alexa releases the PTT button and stands up to put the radio on the bedside table. Then she turns off the radio and prepares to go out.*
  2. MR. CAPTAIN CAPTAIN CAPTAIN OF ALL THE CAPTAINS FROM AMERICA. It was really funny. I feel sad cause I couldn't stay more... I hate to be sick. Thanks to every single player that was in Severograd last night. The pub was crowded as hell. I enjoyed it. And no, my torches are not going to burn the pub.
  3. Chernarus' surroundings

    Cool pictures of Chernarus.
  4. Leave the idea of hunting bears!!! You cannot find them. They find you!!
  5. Today I must mention those great people I met yesterday randomly. You guys, you were freaking great @Monatulo playing Helena and Daniel played by @Mr.Sunshine11 you did my day. I really loved it. I couldn't stop laughing. Just in case you want to see it from my perspective. Sorry about the radio and the laugh. Thanks to my group one more time. You are awesome. Specially @Eddie Sorella @Kouketsu @Dallas @bloodcrusader @Mattsxo @GreenySmiley. Nice to see you again @Lady In Blue and her friend. It was funny your reaction when you saw Black. Sorry I don't know who are you in the webside.
  6. Thx for a great day and great rp to all the people at Pulkovo, specially Oskar. I don't know more than your first name. Thx @Eddie Sorella you are the best partner ever, but I won't pee in a cooking pot. @TiviylScratch thx for the help despite our problems. @Fil Vandren for helping tiv and calming all when they were arguing. @AlanBrian what I would do without you, mr. Shadow. @Clumsy You strange leprechaun woman!! Thx for being there all the time. @Eli Tate It was funny rp. Don't worry about the situation we had later. ^^ Special mention to: @Blackburn my Santa leprechaun you carried me all the way. Thx for taking care. I closed my eyes time to time and my imagination took over. @Misuteri_Hakurei It was really funny all the travel we did together. I could understand a bit better your emotions and your life, through that fantasy world. Sadly Alexa can't remember it. Thanks I loved your rp.
  7. Chernarus Drift- Eddie vs Alexa

    All the vehicles he drives finish the same way.
  8. S1 - BadRP - 28/01/2018 ~7:30pm

    I can tell you are going to Pulkovo where there is a Pub and people go to drink, have fun, get drunk, etc. If you get surprise by seeing some people, that know each other, singing or having fun you should consider it twice before going there. Disasters are there but it doesn't mean we have to be serious all the time. I was the first one starting dancing and encoraging them so I will take all the resposability from this. But I will give you more details, my character is 19 years old. She is looking for the fun time to time. If you don't want to have more than serious RP you should not go to a place where people may have fun. I am sorry if your experience there wasn't good, but I don't consider that bad RP. Sorry but I am not going to be serious all the time.
  9. I hit you so hard that you forgot my name. I forgive you don't worry. @DrMax you said thx to Brian and what about me? I hurt him and I brought you closer the knife!! Thx to everyone that was yesterday at the Pub in Pulkovo. Thank you all fro the RP. I met so many people that I can't mention all of you. Thx for the group meeting of San Valentino. I think we are going in the correct way. Cya all in game
  10. Anyone wants to ride with me? 😂

    You and Jaxon should stay away from vehicles !!
  11. San Valentino Media Thread

    Don't tell anyone what happened there!!
    • Jean
    • Eddie

    This photo was taken before traveling yesterday.

    I won't tell how it finished.

    Farewell @Bubbles !! You will be always in our hearts!!

    1. Eddie


      Lol, @Jean last night was so much fun. Thanks again! 

    2. Jean


      It was relly good. I was laughing so much. Every comment was related to Garbo, the truck or the other thousand vehicles that we left behind. It was impossible to do not laugh about it.

      Btw, Garbo is still missing.

  12. Thanks to every single person I met in my way last two days. But I don't know who are you in the website so I couldn't mention you. The traders and the people in there like Mason Thompson, Rex Wheeler, the chicken master @XxGrAipYyxX and of course all the yellow armbands' group. Specially Tully (@Steck), Tully Junior (@Jonas Gj) , Amy ( @Oisin) and Anton (@Grimnir) Thomas Krueger. I thought you were going down from the car to kick my ass. The docs' group: Thanks again for the RP. @Malet @Harvey and Co. Thanks to came to help us. But I have always in mind my family and group. You made my day. @AlanBrian @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] @FieJaxon @Blackburn @TiviylScratch and @DrMax. @bloodcrusader @pijkaCZ(dead but in our hearts) https://clips.twitch.tv/CrazyBlazingLasagnaHeyGirl See you in game!
  13. Wow yesterday it was incredible. I enjoyed all the RP with every single person I met. At the trader and all around the towns. Borbon, Rick, the farmers, Thomas, Krüger, Santas, Bor, Sara, the doc, etc. Thank you all, you did my day yesterday. My family.. aghh you are the best @[email protected]@[email protected] Alexa cannot live with you but neither without you. @Sophie it was nice to play again with you @[email protected] [email protected]@APTerminator It's funny, we always find you in our ways. I enjoyed the rp, thx !! I must mention the good and casual rp with @Bubbles But last night the gold was meeting @[email protected], Cage, Amy and company... It was good, short and really fun rp with you all. To every single rp player: Have a Happy New Year and enjoy tonight wherever you are!!!