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  1. Viridian, Black Roses... What is the next, Anarchy? nice to see you again. Good luck!
  2. @Bot Elmo sad that you must go, but I know you will be back, and probably you will meet other members of the famous Nivek Family. Who knows, they are like a plague xD Good luck for the future Dead Batteries.
  3. I was inside the camp in a hut when they come to the camp asking to put our hands up. I told the guy @Bsigo outside to get inside the hut. He did and then he locked us inside. We waited for a couple of minutes quiet. Listening to the shots, the people complaining, etc. Finally they got close to the hut and they shot through. They got me unconcious and when I woke up I tried to bandage myself. They shot again finally killing me. The video evidence from the minute it started. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/427468040?t=02h58m40s
  4. Jean

    Attention Ladies!

    *Kaetlyn listens to the message while she is trainning* *Grabs the radio from the table, and presses the PTT while she dries with the other arm the sweat from her head with the sleeve of her t-shirt* "Hey, I don't really know much about those things.. but It would be great to have some fun together" *stops fro a couple of seconds* "...actually I think it is a great opportunity to know you better.." *drops the radio and she backs to train*
  5. Jean

    Death Match

    Zero hahaha Grachi poor Mia... I would want to see @Jackfishvs @Cuteboi39 Good old times.
  6. @NozzyRP The reason to come back was the person we found injured. But somehow he got lost in space and time.
  7. Jean

    1 v 3

    I heard you died...sadface
  8. I promise you @Majoo I won't die in a couple of days it was funny @AndreyQ you are going to loose any day. Thanks for the RP GenZ Cya around
  9. But it's something that he/she is going to risk because not everyone is forgiving.
  10. I would want to know what other characters people from this community have played. And I am not able to see it in an easy way. As soon as they are dead all about them is complicated to find. Maybe searching but is not the easiest. I don't know if someone would be concerned about it, but at least it would be great if we would have the option. Thanks again, @MR Pussywhipped
  11. Thanks, I am going to follow your advice!
  12. I feel that suggestions are made but I don't see answers to find out if they have been considered or not. Can we get some feedback?
  13. Why OOC hate ban cannot be removed just by forgiveness from the person that was suffering it?
  14. Kaetlyn's Victor last memories
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