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  1. Jean

    Sorella Pizza

    First new.. I hope you are doing the best pizzas in the world. Alexa would doubt that xD
  2. Jean

    Sorella Pizza

  3. Jean

    The holy crashed car

    The best is the face of "Jebus" over the gate. He looks disappointed guys...
  4. Jean

    The holy crashed car

    with the keys?
  5. Jean

    The holy crashed car

    Yes, someone tried to steal it. You should take care, there are bad-boys everywhere.
  6. Jean

    The holy crashed car

    Looks like the class of excuse a child would use xD But I guess you were trying to get a car that wasn't yours.. ^^
  7. Jean

    The holy crashed car

    how could you!!!!
  8. It was a pleasure to play in game and spend time in ts with @OskuRP, @kimmylou, @Whitename , @Heathen, @Mrsunny, @Hardwired and you @LouieRP specially you. Without you we couldn't make it possible @LouieRP Thanks for the good laughs. Thank you When I get the video uploaded I will send you a copy. I will make a discount just for you. :]
  9. Thx man, but it would be nothing if you wouldn't help me with it you are wonderful
  10. Jean

    Give your DayZ character a theme song

    For Alexa now that is not with us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TalgHWd550w
  11. Sally Cooper was working in a private clinic in UK. Four months before the critical situation started in Chernarus her boss had an idea. He asked her to go to Chernarus to negociate surgency tools. There was a blackmarket of surgency tools. She moved there 1 month before all the critical situation. She decided to take it easy and negociate after some days of resting. She had a hard negociation that took longer than expected. She finally got the tools a bit cheaper than she wanted. She was preparing to move back to UK but it was too late. She got involved there when the military forces found out that she was a doctor. She got forced to help the people injured, wounded, etc. That was exhausting her and making her a bit depressed and stressed. Later she decided that was time for her to run away from there. She couldn't hold it anymore..
  12. Jean

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Then I will have to kill him... he fooled me!!!
  13. Jean

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I am going to say something that everyone already knows, but It's not going to be the same without you. Who is going to organize the chickens as you do? Hopefully you are back soon. https://clips.twitch.tv/FlirtyShortBubbleteaShadyLulu
  14. Jean

    Severo Pub

    I excuse you