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  1. She was studying architecture at the university of Sochi with her best friend April. Both were studying 3rd year of architecture. She was at home when the s**t started and she knew she had to find April. Left her house without telling her parents and went back to Sochi. She found April at the University and both decided to move to "Elektrozavodsk". The port was crowded , the panic filled the streets and people were desperated. All the possible exits from the area were closed. All the people were crazy about it. They jumped fences, they broke doors... People started pushing others trying to escape. Evacuation wasn't possible and slowly, Kat and April moved to leave that port, and that is when they lost each other. Kat couldn't see April in the crowd. She tried hard to find April but there wasn't a track to follow the steps of her friend. So she went back and alone in April's room she cried. Time ran and her tears stopped dropping. She knew she had to keep moving to survive. Kat picked her backpack and grabbed some food and clothes and she left that place in the rare safety of the darkness. She went north and the searching of her friend starts here. While she was looking for April and learning how to survive in that world, she showed a big interest in books. She loved reading and she loved the idea of finding the way to make things work as before. She realized that books were the key to restore the order, the civilization. And mostly She found in the books a reason to keep fighting, to be keep going on, to find April.
  2. Thank you @Eddie . Alexa was something else, I agree. And how the story developed so easily between us. It had to be. I remember running to you every time in different times, in strange places, situations... Also deal with my family and the final decision. So many memories, and all so good. I miss also the good old times. I think I won't be able to make a character like Alexa anymore... I think is the character that her death meant something to everyone, it was a shock. Thanks to Anarchy too, it was so great to spent time with them. Boris you were meant to die. I don't know if the scott's brothers would want say something about this time. PD: @Jackfish I can't forget the time with David Mack when you were a doctor, and Sally Cooper saw how he murdered you. That was good too. I enjoyed as Samantha, Sally, Alexa, Kat (crazy book lady). I think the people of this server made my stories such a great experience. Thank you all.
  3. Kenneth you never heard that word from me. xD I have never said that. I called myself big boy. to stop you insulting or "I am just talking to the men, shut up woman..." etc kind of comments like that. You can check your videos. And of course you were rude to me from the begining, so what did you expect. If you don't know where is my character from then don't freaking mention it. Just say "I didn't get it" or "can you repeat it please?" that would be great.
  4. My POV is more or less the same. So I will make a resume or explain the situation that I think it's needed to make clear. We were at appartments organizing a bit, because we had to wait for someone that was coming to meet us. Then they showed up. First Kenneth asking what was that. I don't know if Kenneth was playing another character than 2 days ago when he visited us the first time, because he had the same armband but he was randomly asking what it was when he was 2 days ago there.. So I played it was the first time we met. And He was asking what was the appartments. One of my mates was answering the questions because he was outside of the appartments. He said it was a library. I was Rping with text rp from the begining to provide RP experience. The thing is, they wanted to get a book, and we told them we got robbed so the library was close. And they tried to make it sound that we were keeping the books for ourself. They wanted to see the library because they wanted to read a book. I mean, first they didn't know what it was and after they knew they were looking for a book. It sounded a bit like "forced excuse to break in" as you know, later they were sawing the locks. What we experience is a forced situation. like we had no option than initiate. First because we didn't know all of them and they were breaking in. Which other option we had? It's true. I was talking using megaphone, and it wasn't toxic or annoying in my opinion. At the end they were still there, if they wouldn't like it they could leave. It was the story of a great guy. My character was using that to relax. Because that kind of situations stresses her out. More even. They weren't talking it was really silent. better someone telling a story than 20 minutes of listening a saw. Well then they go to the roof I shot Kenneth down and they got me unconcious finishing with RP at the top and I did colaborate to give (I hope) a good experience at the end. - Trully said, I would want better rp next time. I get tired of hearing people using the "bitch" word that much, to pretend they are evil or something like that. - BTW Kenneth, you play a character I play mine. If I have accent that I know I have, and I'll probably have my entire life, can you just ignore that fact instead of saying that I don't speak proper English all the time? It would be great. I have never said to guys playing spanish characters that they don't speak proper spanish. If you know what I mean. @Fae maybe I am missing something I don't know
  5. Sadly no, @Fae. @Calculian Answering to your previous post... Well, that person didn't say anything to me or maybe he should take care of the range of the voice before giving orders to shoot someone down. Making sure the other person is aware of what is going on. Not putting that person down that fast. It's part of initiating, making sure that the other player knows is in danger. In this case I was looking all the time. Not pointing my gun at anyone. I wasn't a real threat it would cost you a second try to talk to that someone and make sure is aware. I had no clue what was going on. No chance for me to realize, talk, defend myself or do something. It was really frustrating as you can imagine. You only shot. So, where was the guy who initiated on me?
  6. do you think if I would hear something Calculian I would be showing myself at the top of the building like I did? or not looking to the voice that "was talking to me"? You killed me 30 meters away, did you make sure you weren't whispering or make sure that the initiation was heard?. Btw you shot me while they were walking. and I was at the border of the top. Not covering as I say. Your friends said nothing to me.
  7. did you think that you were maybe out of range for voice communication? Also, I didn't point my gun at anyone and if you were talking, Starscream would hear you. If you were initiating why your friends weren't following the initiation and they continue walking the street towards the door? Your POV makes no sense to the situation we lived there @Calculian
  8. Server and location: S1 Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:06h 30 October 2019 Your in game name: Katherine Jones Names of allies involved: StarScream911 Name of suspect/s: no clue Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none I guess Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Maybe Starscream has evidence, don't really know. Detailed description of the events: I was connecting to the server after a long queue (1 hour) and I heard someone chopping the door. So I shot to the air to see if that person would show his face. Then after I saw three guys at the street talking. I recognized one of them @StarScream911. I was loooking at them and I got shot. I didn't talk to anyone or anyone talked to me. I think in total it was like 2 min from my connection to get shot. I hope someone there had evidence. After I died, I asked @StarScream911 who he was talking to before getting killed. Only to know if they had video evidence of what happend to me. The guy was called Gareth Jones, could be @G_DateLR but I am not sure. Thanks for your help.
  9. Exactly, everyone can choose the rp they want. It's like forcing the people to do not do what they want. But it's something organic that happend as a reaction. There was a lot of hostile RP and the people that didn't like it, they made a group and they are numbers now. Later they builded a base and they protect from other rp they don't like. So the thing is, can you force players to play the rp they want. Some hortile groups see now that they can't do what they were doing before. Something will have to change in them to win against these walls but it shouldn't be forced by the limiting. Can you blame the players to do whatever they want? They found the rp they want, and they are just keeping it safe. Hostile Rp was for a long time really annoying sometimes, and this is only the effect of it.
  10. Then the problem is not the base building. It's the size of the groups. No limitations for them. Hostile groups cannot handle a huge based civilian group. They suicide against their walls. And players in huge civilian groups don't risk going outside, or if they risk it it's not much because between all of them can get enough suppplies for all of them and defend them. So if you look at ti is a problem of group size.
  11. Not everyone is doing that. You have seeing that in our case. For example we move outside and we enjoy also time inside. My group consider staying in the base all the time really boring. But even if you would want that you cannot force people to walk if they don't want to. Maybe if they wouldn't be in a huge group or they would feel less safe, they would move more. Back to the stage of big groups have more changes to get better things and safety etc.
  12. Voodoo we have every kind of person coming to the library I can tell. We interact with all of them. Noone will mention you that we were ignoring or avoiding rp even if the RP was going to be hostile. The walls is to allow us to have a safer rp time to time and not being in a risk all the time.
  13. I am writting without read all your comments to do not change my mind or argue with anyone. But for example when we created teh area around of the library "the Wall" was to allow people that played alone to make a house inside the walls to feel secure to have a place to feel comfortable and where they could rp without being initiated. Since everytihng that is RP now is related to Wolfpack and they are now at south, no so much people comes to the north, so our base is not disturbing anyone because isn't neither in the middle of the city. Literally noone would pass through that area if it wouldn't be there. Building limiting, only huge groups could make them..etc. Yeah make more limitations to those players that have the less. I saw it with the barrels and crates limitations (no able to put guns on it). I understand the principal reason, to do not allow people to stor guns. But suddenly if you limit the base building people that play in small groups they are losing base, and the possibility to have a store safe. At the end you hit on the people that has the less. Big groups would build a bigger base and they will protect all their tents. No allowing small groups to grow as they do. I don't explain myself good, but I try to make you see that sometimes things that you think are small changes for good, I wonder for whom. And things that you find useless like library area, if it works or if it would work it would grant another place where to RP.
  14. Of course I am, lucky you I was on holidays. But I am ready to kick asses any time!!!
  15. Now I got it. You don't want the notification. But I think is going to be bad for you. It should be an option because that person could be talking about things that would concern you. I would want to know if someone I ignored, is saying something about me (to see what is he or she saying) Normally I won't ignore someone I can do it without a button.
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