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    Early Years

    Vitaly Yankov was born in Chernarus. He learnt very young how to speak the Greek language since his mother was Greek. He had lost his family and his brother because he became a criminal in order to gain respect and money. His brother was a police officer and he couldnt stand the fact that his brother was taking part in criminal activities such as murder, drug trafficing and fraud.He was leading a group of people that were dealing tons of cocaine and guns. By doing that he had to fight and kill many people that were trying to rob them or kill them. He showed no remorse to the people that wanted to get onto his way. Drug money, blood and violence was his daily routine for many years. He became very wealthy and he was doing everything very secretly so the authorities were not able to find what he was doing. Vitaly was eventually married to a woman named Maria, they had a daughter together and they lived happily. After some years when Vitaly was 26 years old, his "best friend" ratted him to the authorities and he got captured from the police and charged with murder,gun and drug trafficing so he ended up in jail.


    While he was in jail doing his time, he heard people screaming from outside, he looked out of the window and saw things that he had never seen before. He saw people attacking each other , he relised that things werent going well. After a couple of days the guards oppened the prisoner cells and let them out. Little did the prisoners know they were "free" but what was waiting for them on the other side was 10 times worst than being in prison. Vitaly tried to go and search for his wife Maria and his daughter but he couldn't find them. After a week of searching and trying to survive he found his daughter's corpse in the woods piled with other dead corpses, his daughter wasnt killed by those "things", his daughter was murdered.

    Долг (Dolg)

    Vitaly searched for the people that murdered his daughter but to know avail he could not find them. He was reunited with his brother, and they were surviving with a Japanese doctor that they met named Koi. Vitaly, Koi and his brother Sergei were in a hospital, as Vitaly was being checked by Koi he heard the door open and three men were pointing guns at them period. As the situation deesceleted the men indroduced themselves as Dragomir, Nikolai and Sokolov and Vitaly,Sergei and Koi were invited to join the group Долг (Dolg). By joining this group Vitaly was trained by the best, he knew how to use the gun very well anyway but joining the group made him an expert on strategy and teamwork. Since then they fight side by side.

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