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  1. Liam J

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Thumbs up to the devs and Rolle, this is an exciting update, I do have a question though, no one has asked here, you mention our fallen community member, I'm guessing irl, I ask when did this happen and who was it? I agree its due Respect to honour a fallen member and its a nice touch to the community, well done! (RESPECT!)
  2. True, there should be some sort of gentleman's agreement in regards to destroying items to gain access.
  3. my friend just got kicked and now she gets the same message, meanwhile in game big message across screen CANNOT SAVE CHARACTER, no one else is getting back in, Im sure the server needs restarting
  4. Liam J

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    so yeah turns out a mask does nothing to protect you from the sickness... turn it off till masks work to prevent and drugs work to cure otherwise its useless imo.
  5. Most people I know that are in Motorsport racing today started with karting, Rotax Max is a good class of kart. your 100k would go further in this entry level racing, you'll have to be proactive to find those sponsors, what ever you decide Good Luck buddy!
  6. Liam J

    DayZRP Group Advertisement Board

  7. Server and location: Server 1, NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22-02-18 23:20 Your in game name: Liam Johnson Names of allies involved: Paradox Seeker Name of suspect/s: not known, no communication given Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: My Allie Paradox and myself was searching the North West Airfield, we was searching the barrack buildings when we heard very close loud gun fire, one person that I didn't know ran round to my location being chased by two infected, then another person appeared also being chased. I ask if they wanted my help in shooting them a few times, no reply, I shot 4 of the infected chasing them then my player got hung up on some pallets and started running slow so I re logged, my allie was hid up in a building bandaging, the two people purposely kept opening the door on my allie x5 times in total letting infected in , I took down 4 of the infected blocking the door outside. On radio to my allie I said just get out of the area, we ran in the direction of the runways and was still being chased by the two of them, we said multiple times to them in game to stop following us, we moved through the trees in big circles trying to lose them still being chased by them, as we headed out onto the airfield we said on radio to split up, they too split up to follow us one on one, I then again said in game "seriously stop chasing us or I'm gonna stick this gun in your face last chance, F**k off buddy, after still running 10 seconds or so later they all of a sudden opened gunfire onto both of us, I shouted at them to stop so did my allie, I was first to go unconscious then instantly dead, seconds later my allie was unconscious too and was dead. At no point did they talk to us or raise their weapons, we both tried talking to them and we didn't raise any weapons, my allie was double carrying a backpack throughout so posed no threat, I was carrying my silenced Glock but once I fired onto the four infected and the infected preventing my allie from leaving I picked up my military tent again and tried to lose them in the trees, they was chasing right up to us so would of heard us speaking to them, we both continued double carrying up to the point we was killed out on the tarmac airfield.
  8. Thank you @Chief @Spanners @Oscar Coates again I really appreciate the warm welcome!
  9. Thankyou @Rory @Jamie @Hebi Kotei @Rudolph @Hebee
  10. @Brayces @Harvey @Beni @Flywheel @Pain @Malet @Lady In Blue @Galaxy @OnionRingOfDoom @Buddy Thank you to you all, for such a warm welcome to the community. Hope to see you around at some point. PS. Im not the cockney english lad u may think. From Kent so apparently posh! What what.
  11. Monday July 17th 2017: London (UK) Early 5am wake up cell phone call, its Mike at the UN offices, straight away I know something's up, he knows how I feel about unannounced early morning calls. Hes straight to the point "a peacekeeping situation has occurred in Chernarus an Eastern European country east of the Black sea that requires your expertise, I don't have anymore intel at this time a car will be at your location in 1 hour" he tells me, Before I can ask anything more he says "you'll be briefed in transit in 1 hour, sorry I must go, Good Luck Liam, speak soon" with that the phone disconnects. Chernarus? where have I heard that before... quickly searching my memory banks I recall being quizzed on an issue back in 2009, the country was going through a Bloody civil war at that time, and a colleague of mine in Belgium was dealing with the humanitarian crisis happening at that time, and was dealing with transportation of refugees out of the country via UN ships at the dockyard. Its still dark outside as I finish my 2nd coffee, just then a car rolls up at the bottom of the driveway, right on time 1 hour, I grab my bag and identification and head out the door, greeting me looking just as tired as myself, Deputy Assistant to Chief of UN Provisions Miranda Hutchings steps out the back of the car, she ushers me quickly in and immediately we are on route to Heathrow. She tells me I am one of 200 UN peacekeepers and soldiers being drafted to this epidemic from all over Europe to emergency assist in Miroslavi and surrounding areas and partially at their Research Centre. Muffled and confusing reports are coming out of the country and only a small portion of troops deployed have been back in contact, direct contact with Miroslavi Research center was lost 6 hours ago, they were working on only a handful of the first samples obtained in the lab at that time. Once I board the plane at Heathrow (UK) I met the rest of the London team and we were kitted up with everything as standard with the addition of a firearm, 5 hours later we touchdown in Miroslavi and immediately board a heli to take me and the other 6 members of my division team the rest of the journey. 10 minutes into the flight and all of a sudden the pilot starts coughing and jerking violently, it was what appeared to be only seconds before the huey uncontrollably plummeted to the ground causing me to blackout.... I awake in a bloody mess, everyone around me is dead, but the pilot is gone, I call out, no answer apart from my echos bouncing off the valley above me, not thinking too much more about the missing pilot I grab my bag and radio from the jumbled mess and I call on frequency to the other division teams response, no answer just static, I try again,... again no one responds. As I look down the hill across the fields and open grassland I spot multiple smoke stacks on the horizon, what have I been dropped into, whats going on here? I grab my compass out and consult my map, according to this I must be less than 5 miles from the Research Centre, Ill head there and see whats happened...... ................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Before the SHTF I was stationed in London to cover Europe, my main day to day work was to investigate violent conflict and health epidemics crisis' in other countries and determine what could have been done to avoid conflict/outbreak. I worked along side W.H.O (World Health Organisation) they were the people that dragged me into this mess in the first place, and now I know why. I am a single person with some harsh experiences in my past, some say I had become desensitised by my work making me a great candidate to work with some truly horrifying situations. Before I joined the UN 12 years ago, I was a junior doctor/psychologist for the NHS.
  12. Just wanted to say Hi to anyone that reads this, looking forward to jumping in, meeting people and creating stories. My main character is a forgotten UN Peacekeeper hell bent on searching for clues of the source of the outbreak and to find out what happened to the rest of his deployed team.
  13. Liam J

    Computer giveaway

    My 8 year old Eric the pc winces at the thought of your giveaway, I on the other hand rejoice at the thought of improved render distances and faster frames. IM IN! *I am now whitelisted.