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  1. deadly-eric

    whitelist ban appeal

    To be honest it was just my patience is all, because i just wanted to play really bad and i have another steam account so id thought id just make another profile and do the whitelist test again. Unfortunately i had forgotten all the information for my second account so i was unable to do the plan and i knew it was wrong of me to do. I do apologize. Deadly-Eric
  2. deadly-eric

    whitelist ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post):https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/summary-20808/ Why the verdict is not fair: well to be honest it is fair, just a minor stupid mistake on my end. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: wasnt paying attention to both when creating my characters backstory and using my last can of beans by not reviewing my answers correctly. also im terrible at tests even when answers are given to me really bad test anxiety not trying to be a kiss ass just telling facts straight up :). What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i would like to be given another chance please and thank you because i want to join this server :). looks amazing and fun. What could you have done better?: paid closer attention to detail. //Fixed formatting - Hebi Kotei
  3. deadly-eric

    Nonsenze :)

    IM waiting as well my friend hahahaha
  4. deadly-eric

    plate carrier

    "hunter looking at the radio and scratching his beard in frustration,picks up the radio and says" Well since you wont trade friend maybe you can just tell me the location on where abouts i can acquire myself one. "takes a chug of whiskey and slams radio down"
  5. deadly-eric

    plate carrier

    "hunter picks up the radio" Thank you so very much for sarcastic answer i have missed those in the old days. "puts radio back down and drinks more:
  6. deadly-eric

    plate carrier

    "picks up radio off of table" Does any survivors copy over "does a little cough, takes a sip of whiskey" Just seeing if any one by any chance have a plate carrier up for trade itd be appreciated over and out. "puts radio down has another sip of whiskey and takes a long haul of his cigar"