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  1. Darren Higgins 29 5"8 ex military full time criminal Darren was raised on a rough estate of Glasgow in the gorbals . his younger years consisted of violence and selling drugs but he wanted more than this. he joined her majesty's armed forces at the age of 18 . he done his time and left at the ripe old age of 25 . uppon leaving his country had nothing for him and treated him as a second citizen. so he went back to the life he knew with the people that were always there and looking for able hands. he worked his way up the chain in his city making moves and earning a reputation for as a motivated man . but drugs only earn so much .... he moved into the arms import and export business.... he had secured good and lucrative deals over most of western Europe but had realised the bigger paycheck lay in eastern European arms market. this is how unfortunately he landed in chernaraus. he was there to over see a arms deal when all chaos broke loose and he took to the countryside with his local contact. after a week in the forests , fearing the locals for fear of them being in the mob and also dodging any police for fear of a eastern European jail, Darren and his guide proceeded to the nearest village . he never saw his guide die just heard the screams . he took off not knowing what direction or where his path would take him. his only thought was that the mob had caught up with him...... Characteristics: paranoid slow to trust slower to betray Quick thinker resourceful
  2. thanking you ill get the ts added to my bookmarks
  3. hello, well hello people ive been playing day z for a while but the game just isn't fun with all the random dming going on. I'm looking forward to finding decent rp as i used to play a lot of role-play on the old the specialists games and haven't really found anything that competes with that . anyway i hope to see you all soon on the server Guant
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