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      Jk Jk, hope to rp with you soon. Stop trying to steal Harpers man!

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      Lily is just awkward and red-cheeked, she doesn't know how to steals a man! Or how to relationship at all, frankly. Hope to RP with you sometime soon!

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      Is ok Harper is awkward and well red-cheeked most the time too. <.< We can be awkward together.

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    Thanks for the follow friend

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      Thanks for the RP couple days ago! :D Can't wait to interact more later.

  1. The Damned

    @Kattica And you're trying to corrupt the only one who's not!
  2. The Damned

    Can't wait to get to know you folks even more! Loved the RP I've had with people so far, and having read The Damned's group page -- it definitely seems like there's plenty to learn. My poor med student (and resident churchmouse) is in over her head, and it's just wonderful. Excited!
  3. Sorry to folks who wanted to RP the last few days -- been struck hard with sickness and some withdrawal because going off medication sucks. Going to try and be about, just know that I'm still pretty ill and exhausted :S

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      That's the pits :(( Hope you start feeling better soon xx


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      Feel better soon 🐸! 

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      Sorry to hear that friend! Hope you feel better :)

      I'll be sending off some good vibes for a quick recovery!


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      Oof, take your time to get well! We look forward to getting to see you again though :P

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      Withdrawal is hell tbh

      Once you get past it, then you’re “golden, Ponyboy”. 

      Good luck!

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    Enjoyed making Leliana blush like a little tomato today c: Hope to see you around again!

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      Thanks for making her so red-cheeked! Been awhile, and she's one wee church mouse that won't be forgetting the lady and her terrifying guy in leather any time soon. Last night was utter blast! <3 Can't wait to run into you again.

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    10/10 Would RP again.

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      Right back atcha! Thanks for the awesome evening.

  4. Outlaws MC Chernarus [Recruitment: Open]

    @Whitename Hey! Wishing you luck with this, gives lots of room for people of all sorts of alignments and ideas to come into it. But I do have a question regarding the gang insignia -- what are the objects behind the skull supposed to symbolize? I keep looking at them but for all the world I just can't place it. Either way, best of luck and can't wait to run into the characters in game! (Also, I like the video / set up, seems like an awesome plan, and with plenty of fun and realism for a gang.)
  5. Lupe "Ace" Sepulveda

    Likes | Good food, good sex, good drinks. Gambling. Blowing off steam. Being respected. Dislikes | Bad food, bad sex, bad drinks. Confinement. Getting pent up. Getting disrespected. With a thick accent and masculine presence, Ace isn't interested in being anyone’s little exotic senorita fantasy. She’s loud, casual and brutally honest. At least, honest whenever it's not useful to lie. It will always a mistake to think Ace trusts you, no matter how good you two might be getting along. ——WIP——
  6. Frogs Fotoshops [and other Media]

    Some shenanigans from Lily's POV last night. There was a passed out @Harvey and the marker wielding @Mademoiselle -- think he's noticed yet?
  7. DayZ pictures that i gone and done

    @SofiaLRAw that's lovely! Thank you so much, I really didn't expect someone to try and draw up the little med student. Much appreciated! I love the messy hair and glasses.
  8. Leliana Gorny

    Leliana pressed up against the door in the back of the truck as they peeled away from their apartment, jolting as windows shattered in a building next door. They drove fast down less used roads, trying to avoid the crowds of panicked people, but it wasn't enough. Halfway through the truck turned onto a packed street, hordes of rioters banging on any vehicle still able to move. That's when a hand reached up and wrenched the rusty back door open, pulling Leliana by the back of her shirt and sending her crashing to the ground behind the truck. She smacked her head onto the curb below, and everything went dark. By the time she woke up, there was blood in her mouth and the city was on fire. —Background— As heart pounding as it was, getting to that moment in time is a far less frightening tale. Born on a cold Tuesday, December 18th, 1995 -- Leliana Gorny grew up in a small, mostly migrant town in southern Quebec, the only daughter to her Chernarussian mother and father. Filled mostly with eastern Europeans who had moved to Canada after the dissolution of the USSR, it was a mix of languages, cultures and people. Her parents had wanted a better life, but like most immigrants (especially those of questionable legal status), the jobs were nowhere near what they'd had in South Zagoria. Leliana's mother, a kind and stout woman named Anna, had been trained as a nurse back home. She ended up as a maid working at a local hotel instead, often studying fruitlessly to get back into a more familiar position. Her father Joseph was usually in and out of a job, and when he found it, work meant long hours away from home and rough physical labor. Leliana herself grew up shy and often alone. She 'd spend hours waiting in the hotels break room for Anna to finish work, spending time at the local orthodox church with her father, or reading quietly alongside her mother as she studied medical textbooks in the evening. When she was out, the young girl would be timidly playing with other children outside the rickety little Eastern Orthodox church that was located in town. And due to her parents less than ideal situation, they spent quite a bit of time at that particular church. A partially renovated space that had previously belonged to a different denomination, it was now thick with incense and the prayers of a different sort. Leliana would spend time tucked up in the choir loft with older women and men during choir practice, or her father would expect her help sorting dishes for luncheons and suppers. All this fueled a close relationship with the Orthodox church, a caring nature and a keen interest in helping others. The shy nervousness never left, unfortunately. Fast forward to early 2014. The Gorny's lives took a turn when they received the grave news of Joseph's mother, her Grandmother, falling very ill back home. Although the province of South Zagoria was still struggling, the increased tourism in the area was bringing in revenue and the often talked about recovery efforts seemed promising. After a tense few weeks, the decision was made to return to South Zagoria so her father could spend time with his mother in her last moments -- and not return. Grandfather would need help, and Leliana's mother knew she'd have better opportunities in the region with a need for medical staff still prevalent in the country. Opportunities to enroll in classes to reach an ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing) presented themselves as well. And with active work experience for medical students available at one of the two hospitals in Chernogorsk, Leliana couldn't turn the idea down of moving with her family. And as close knit as they were, it was never truly a question. Her grandmother would pass only a month later, and Leliana ended up taking a year off after schooling to move into the country properly. An old apartment no worse than back home. Afterwards she threw herself into schoolwork, slowly making her way towards earning her ADN. She was only a few weeks from finishing the two year degree when tensions broke and the State declared martial law in South Zagoria. That was May 3rd, 2017. Over the month, news channels were constantly reporting on the fighting and armed conflicts in and around the province. Then news from the north began to trickle down. Leliana and a few fellow med students thought the stories of bloodied eyes, rashes weeping a clear fluid and more were caused by some sort of particularly astringent chemical -- wishful thinking. The next week would be a blur of panic, mass evacuations and people fleeing the north and down the coast, news of Russian air strikes to the north and an increase of CDF suddenly in the city. Chernogorsk would be one of the few large cities left intact by the 17th, though it seemed that very cough and sneeze had ready to run. Leliana and her mother spent most of the days at the hospital, helping legitimate injuries and overreactions alike as fears of infection kept everyone on their toes. US Army troops arriving in the city didn't help the mood. Her family was packing already, unsure of where they could go but coming to terms that the city was set to explode. But things broke too soon, and on the 19th, the city erupted into a mass panic as severe rioting flooded the city. —And now we're back where we started— Leliana wouldn't remember how she got out, only the sounds of screams and heart pounding terror as fire rained down from the buildings above. It was dark and hot, and she was frighteningly alone. She wouldn't find her family, but a farm much farther from the city. A place of safety with a few civilians in the weeks and months to come. But things could only be alright for awhile. Soon, after the generator broke down for the fridge, people started heading out to find food to bring back. The numbers at the farm began to dwindle. Sometimes they'd come back with plenty of canned goods, or a hunter would have some luck, and they'd celebrate. Sometimes they wouldn't come back at all. Eventually it reached a breaking point when the farmer's son went missing. A search party was formed, and all but three of the survivors left to look for the younger boy. After a few days, two more left and she was alone. Leliana prayed and waited. It took a week to decide that they weren't coming back. —Recent Updates— Days of travel and nights spent in the cold made the world seem dead. A feeling that shattered the moment she was picked up in the forest by two rather dangerous men one evening -- the leaders of a gang. They insisted, more than asked, that she help with medical needs in the nearby city of Starry. She hadn't been in town more than ten minutes before the first man was dragged in with bullet wounds. Over the next few weeks she'd learn that the city was full of people, traders and violent security, who often protected their own more than anyone else as they bullied their way around town. A few friendly faces here and there, men with seemingly decent morals and kind words, but it was hard to see much good when the last mayors corpse was still hanging from the old church in the middle of town. When an incoming clash between the gang and nearby communists broke out -- she ran.