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  1. Born of a Chernarussian man and half-Russian woman, whose presence was well-known to the Miroslavl hospital she dropped the child off at -- Tatiana Cermakova never knew the warm embrace of her mothers arms before being abandoned. Tati had only her mothers (rather common) last name during her childhood, and never bothered looking for the whore who'd left her. The foster care system in Chernarus was worse than other countries, especially with the bloody civil war raging around them, and kids easily fell through the system. She was on the street by twelve. Tati spent time working as a child, doing odd jobs and stealing for the chance to spend time at peoples flats. She grew up quickly, and worked for people who occasionally stiffed her the cash they owed. Scraps and fights over that rarely went in her favor, but they happened. By the time she was in nineteen, she had made a small network of friends, and was spending time doing work as an unlicensed Roofer. When there was no work there, she'd spend time working as a Miner, a recovering industry that didn't always appreciate the influx of women in their jobs. This meant slightly more cash for rent, even if it was from employers who didn't care enough to check their workers. She'd work hard labor, and although she'd spend time crammed in apartments with other workers, it meant a roof over her head and food on the table. It worked for years before she suddenly found herself out of a job and without coverage, when a hard fall injured her shoulder. Friends disappeared when she couldn't help with rent, and the streets swallowed her back up. Destitute, she turned to the occasional drugs provided by those who wanted her for less pleasant work. Eventually, she moved into South Zagoria by a man who claimed he could help. In short, he never intended too, and she escaped the house he ran a few months later. Over the next several years, Tati was once again homeless on and off, rarely able to find a stable job for a woman with little education. She also had nothing to offer any potential husband, not that she wanted one. Men were an unwanted and unpleasant part of life. Regardless of where their loyalties lay, she found no comfort in CDF nor foreigners. Desperate times turned to desperate measures, and by the time Martial Law was called in South Zagoria, May 3rd, 2017 -- she was used too doing anything and everything in order to sleep, eat and keep safe. Tati hid in the panicked masses. The outbreak meant more tension, more foreigners, and more danger. But she'd survive as she had for years. By any means necessary.
  2. JkpFrog

    Text RP Events

    Character Name: Lupe "Ace" Sepulveda Character Age: 31 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Ace is missing a left pinky, it having been cut off by a man named Santiago. She wears the bones around her neck on fishing wire. She also has a good amount of scars up her right side, obvious burn marks from a knife that was used to improperly cauterize wounds. Other scars on her character page. Does your character have a mental disability? No, but she has anger issues, especially when insulted. Also has occasional depressive episodes. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) Nothing specific. Does your character have any phobia? Intense claustrophobia, fears and hatred of being trapped after years in prison, fear of commitment. Prison Island terrifies her. Does your character have a love interest? Several interests, but she's currently involved with Alan Ford (aka Coyote) played by TehZombieBeard. Does your character have any addictions? Cocaine has become an strong addiction. Does your character do any drugs? She indulges heavily in alcohol, weed, and any other drugs available. Is your character overweight? Nope. Ace is muscular and tattooed, which she is proud of, and very tall for a woman at around six feet in height. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Both please! Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Ace is Catholic, so she believes in cultural concepts such as "Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte", spirits or ghosts, Heaven and Hell, and more. She fully believes she's going to Hell. Anything that'll further those ideas would be great. Ace also experiences jealousy and anger in rather intense ways, so that's also something that can influence her. Emotional and silly moments are both welcome! I love creativity from others. (Heterosexual thoughts are always A+ as well if they involve Sal Scarpaci) - that parts for @Dakotaen
  3. Related image Some pretty sweet rp there - Asbjorn

  4. Anyone know why the server is being shown as offline? ?
    Checked the site DayZSpy and it says there was one or two folks on, but there's a big OFFLINE sign on the front page. 

    1. Harvey


      Gamingdeluxe is having issues atm, we cannot confirm when it will come back.

      Most likely when it updates tonight.

  5. JkpFrog

    It’s Time to Say Goodbye

    Massive shame to see you go Darra, we'll miss you! Anna Kovar was amazing to RP with and I wish you the best.
  6. Finally passed out around 6am -- and just got up now. It's 8am. All because I have to go shower and then attend an appointment. I feel terrible. RPing today is going to include the words "sleep deprivation".? 

    1. Dakotaen


      Power naps! DO THEM!

    2. Harvey


      Or you could just be inactive! ?

    3. Gaylaxy


      Harvey we all know you're inactive.. :3

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      It's okay guys, I got this, just need a little more coffee. And a little more. And a little more...

    5. UncleB


      Borris, that you?

  7. JkpFrog


    Good luck, Louie! Stay safe, and I hope things improve in the day to day goings on for you. Thanks for all the RP over the last while, and being such a fun antagonist in-game. Hope to see you around when things get better.
  8. Honestly, I'm really excited to see what direction The Remnants go -- always loved RPing with the folks on the Roster here, and I'm hoping the Mafia vibe comes through even more. Good luck and can't wait to RP with you folks again soon!
  9. JkpFrog

    S1: KoS In Vyshnoe: 7:15, 6/30/18

    Unfortunately, no video or pictures from that encounter on this end. Wasn't expecting things to go that way, so I didn't think to turn on OBS. Lupes' POV: As others have said, we were in Vyshnoye when the situation occurred. The characters involved were tossing casual insults back and forth, in the humorous style that frequently happens when folks are bored and casually RPing out their characters being snarky. @Chromocial and @Agent Banks got a bit tense with one another, and while @Agent Banks's character was obviously growing slightly more annoyed, @Chromocial's seemed to be making less in-character comments for the goodly Doctor he was playing at the time. The "america is the best race" comment was made and a fist fight was offered to prove one anothers' worth as a Chernarussian and as an American. @Agent Banks suggested a fist fight and then I watched @Chromocial pull out his Magnum, at which point Agent responded by pulling out his own. Obviously this is a point of contention between the players, who pulled what gun first, but that's how I remember things going down. At that point things had gotten obviously more serious, and he was initiated on by @Agent Banks and @Anouk's characters, due to the continuing insults and the heightened tension with the guns being out. He was tied. I remember zombies attacked, I heard @Chromocial shriek but didn't read into it. His captors were RPing at him while tied, but his responses were not particularly taking his situation seriously/continuing to insult, so my character stepped in to mention that "Tommy" aka @Chromocial had given her a gun previously. This is why he emotes: 08:15:12 | Chat("Negan Walters"): *would lip sinc "thank you"* This seemed to cool tensions slightly and the RP seemed more serious now, and he was told to go stand up against the fence while things were finished off. His bag and gun were removed and he made a comment about it, seeming annoyed instead of bored/amused. As a side note, @Chromocial's character had mentioned he was waiting to have some of his things returned after an apparent issue from a previous night, and gave me a detailed list of all the objects he was missing. The sudden lack of responses/dip in mood in terms of RP after he was tied up, I had assumed, was due to the fact that the few items he had just gotten back were taken again. Hence the comment from @Chromocial saying: The responses now were more clipped than before as he was addressed at the fence, and I remember there being a few insults from @Chromocial and that continued lack of seriousness despite the obvious change in tone in RP. @Agent Banks made a few serious statements to him about his arrogance, then leaned in close to his face (to say something?), when @Chromocial emoted kissing him on the cheek. It really wasn't in the mood of the moment and seemed just like something to anger/instigate, rather than being something his character might do. At this point there was a large pause, the character backed up and was obviously offended/enraged by the intended and added insult, @Agent Banks said as much, and finally shot him. --- I'd argue that there was certainly no KOS in the situation. Plenty of chances were given to let @Chromocial cool down the obviously growing annoyances/hostilities between himself and @Agent Banks, including my own character putting in a characteristically lazy word in for @Chromocial when his character was finally tied up. I've no issue with how @Agent Banks @-Chow- or @Anouk handled the situation, and I wasn't having issue with @Chromocial's RP until the mood became more serious and he seemed to straight up ignore that.
  10. Wanted to say thanks to @Scottie for some great RP -- the hostilities were well done and made for some very good build up considering our last characters conversation. Misinformation, thou art a cruel mistress! Was fun! And thanks to the rest of the mountain men. Names aren't my strong point, so if I miss anyone in my rambling then I apologize, but I appreciated the RP from everyone. Same with everyone that was there during the boar hunting and hold ups today! Props to @HartlssHeretic for staying true to his character but keeping the RP going (the "stuck-in-the-trunk" stuff was hilarious), and to @PhoenixCool for the surprising change of heart and good RP during. And props to @turtlemilk for giving such an exciting turn of events. Definitely didn't expect to see her or @Flea there, but the RP after was great. Also shout out to @Kirby-KP and @Coreena for showing a good example of how younger people in tense/violent moments can react. Also also -- thanks to @Geraldo Da Witchi and @-Chow- for the RP as fellow hostages, always great stuff from both. As usual, Ace owes her medically inclined @MichTheMedic friend massively, and I appreciate the RP the same, along with @Mace who is always giving life to the roleplay and characters with his writing. Meeting @UndeadRP's character was also real treat tonight. Great RP man, with just that perfect amount of 'actually dangerous individual' undertone that keeps things on edge. Sorry for such a long post, but I just wanted to say thanks to so many great RPers for making tonight fun!
  11. Harvey

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    Fucking Canadian.

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      That's flaming 

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      nO, das friendship ❤️

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      I'm a good boy, you know that Roland.

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      Harvey....are you being mean to Frog....I think I need to teach you a lesson...

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      Beat him...! But then tell him I miss his face and want him to come RP. ;_;

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      Fight me Aiko, I'll beat the weeb out of you.

  12. The wee hours of the morning can be frightening (and fun) if your character gets a visit from @Mr.Panda and the boys. Here's an edit to try and capture the feeling!
  13. JkpFrog


    Lupe lays back with a groan, uncomfortably sprawled on the too-small bed, both boots basically hanging off the end. She fiddles with the radio. The blunt Mich had passed over only dulls the anger, but she tries, hard, to keep her voice steady through gritted teeth. Robbie causing headaches as usual, as far as she was concerned. Kid and his big fucking mouth. The thick Chicana accent is no easier to understand on the airwaves -- casual swearing as frequent as ever. "Eh-- Destiny? It's Ace. Fuck, I didn't need to tell nobody nothin' for them to figure out what was what. You wanted me to lie to Louie an' Austin and everybody. Make you sound real good for th'boys in charge. Turns out people's ain't so dumb, ch'know? But if you wanna burn mi Madres holy book cause of it, what you stole--" There's a distinct stop on the radio. Her voice cuts back in after a few painful seconds, obviously holding itself back. "---nahh, nah nahnah. You ain't gettin no reactions outta me. Not this time." There's a quick burst of static. "Heads up. You wanted dirt t'keep me in check, so I made you some. I don't gets nothin' for nobody 'cept for what I grow, but hey... had to tells you what you was lookin' to hear. Robbie guessed that shit right away. Be more like him." Another pause, as Lupe takes an aggressive swig of the rum bottle that she's pulled off the bedside table; the bottle clinks loudly against the wood. "I'd warned 'em... warned people that you was after me. For not lyin' bout what I'd heard. So when my buddies had to go fuckin miles to pick me up, and I gots a nasty burn and shit? Yeah. Didn't have to rat nobody out for people to piece together th' two fuckin puzzle pieces. And lyin' when shit is obvious is a good way to die. Don't matter... what's on the line." The last sentence is more tense then the rest. The former gang member pauses once more, before her tone changes. Redirecting. Lupe's somewhat drunken attention now, unfortunately, directed to the strange, oddly monotone voice. "Hey---- guy? Guy. Wouldn't recommend buddying up with this one. She's claimin' she hunts cannibals, yeah? But then I keep hearin' she eats people. An' I watched her break her fuckin' partners nose, then tie 'em up over nothin. Might be some kinda highlander shit, ch'know?" There's a staticky snicker, and the commentary finally cuts off as she lets go of the push-to-talk, head falling back onto a tiny pillow.
  14. PSA: Mornings are DANGEROUS (!!!)

    Especially when you forget you've logged in game, because you're falling asleep at keyboard, and get coffee.

    Don't be like me. Don't get ate while AFK. 

    Don't do eet.

    1. SofiaL


      RIP Ace


    2. JkpFrog


      Ace just really... really needed a soak in the ocean this morning. Apparently. 

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      Early day YEET!

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      She needed a vacation on the coast, nothing wrong with that. 

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      Pk her 

    6. Major


      Back in mod I tabbed out somewhere in the morning them left my house for the entire day, only to return to it being night on the server in the same spot.

    7. caelo_vorago


      I remember, back when the mod was a thing. I was on the walls of a little place called Solace, defending it from nothing. Because my nights were slow.


      One moment I was humming, the next moment, I fell off the wall, asleep, and the zombies ate me in the night.

      I just picture a poor Gray Fang walking the perimeter and seeing poor Alecsynder laying there, nommed to bits.

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