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  1. Camille Ricci usually fills out her job applications by saying that she's got 5-to-6 years of photojournalism experience with various magazines and newspapers. Her works ranging from working alongside news correspondents on more local stories and advertisements in the French and Italian countryside, to working with soldiers and taking photographs in areas of active unrest. What she doesn't include is that a wide range doesn't necessarily mean expertise, and that working with soldiers often simply meant taking photos when their heads were turned. When the option to cover local vineyards became a bore, and avoiding local Italian mob families became a low paying reality, she took a job to work beyond her skillset with other reporters in the region of Chernarus. Photographing and documenting the Russian occupation in 2018. After all, with the Russian Federation finally properly taking over, the assassination two years in the past, the unrest in the region surely must have settled, non? No, not really. Her experiences to date in the region have been rough, and while she's hardly new to the country itself, she's kept mostly to the regions outside of South Zagoria up until quite recently.
  2. Haven't been able to post (or respond to) a status update for a year, since the great and terrible Whitename-Status-Kibosh™ of 2018.

    And of course the first one I post is me apologizing. ?

    Sorry about the couple days of quiet over here, needed a break after all the hubbub recently. Sometimes I overload myself with how intensely I go at things, and I gotta work on that. Might be another day or two, but then I'll be around more regularly! ❤️

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      Lol it's like you to profusely apologize
      Hope to see you around ig

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      No worries, you good ?️

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      big hero 6 hug GIF by Cheezburger

      It's all good! Take as much time as you need! I know too well what it's like putting 150% into things, and how exhausting that can be.

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      Take all the time you need. Have a good break ?

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      I hear the sounds of another steam gift war starting ??

  3. Always wanted a chance to get some RP with Asher, especially since the character I'm on has only interacted with him briefly when Asher (so many months ago) scoped out Riptide. And that was only when he was disguised. As such, she has ties to people who knew him all that time ago, and I always loved the roleplay I got to see from afar. The character I'm on is more than willing to hurt and torture others -- but she also gets tortured often herself, due to her current employers, and is usually in rough enough shape to be an easier catch. I'd certainly be up for seeing her get tortured and manipulated, if you need or want someone of a tougher nature to rough up instead of the more innocent prey. @Mr. Blue Hit me up in PMs if you're interested! ?
  4. Pavel explained some of what he said in the video. Good for a lark, a laugh at someones expense sure, but nothing that should be affecting the overall roleplay of the group like it has been recently. People would know if the group was as described, and literally no one's interested in debating the legitimacy of our group. The video has been removed, but as feedback: In the future, try and remember what would make sense in the scenario that DayZ provides. That kind of club would not make sense in an apocalypse. And a group like that isn't something that can be non-consensual. That's not how the concept works, and implies some pretty gross stuff. And personally I feel the same with how the constant "haha they don't do firefights all of them are pushovers" commentary in-game doesn't make sense; just because people know OOC that the group I'm in doesn't try for PvP or do firefights very often. It ignores the violence the group does, and how they actually interact with groups; wheeling and dealing their way through warfare. I know that this stuff can be funny as an offhand comment, but when this commentary is consistent in every interaction, it becomes very clear that the purpose is to just demean the actual roleplay. Especially, like in the video, when the option provided after not subtly suggesting it's a literal rape club, is that it's somehow a super edgy highschool drama fest. At that point, it's obviously just seems like a commentary on the roleplay going on-- something most people all familiar with. And I'm not singling out the person who was in the video. This is a theme with roleplayers where, sometimes frequently, people try to make commentary on something regarding the roleplay but don't want break character. And it's not like people can't take a joke. Lots of people are playing raunchy or vicious characters. We poke fun at ourselves often enough. But when people start using that stuff consistently, to demean the quality of the RP on an IC level? That's when it's not appreciated. And unlike what was claimed in the video, no one accuses them of rape. That's not the style of roleplay being given out by the Toymakers as a group. --- Hostile roleplay can be fun, and the tension of dealing with a very vicious group can make for some tense and exciting roleplay, be they Russians or serial killers. When the roleplayers here in this group have been involved in trying to actively roleplay their characters and the concept therein, or actually take the feedback and respect folks OOC; it's been fun. And I think I'd like to see more of that. Russian Soldiers are an interesting bunch, and there's a lot of awesome potential for the Lore. I hope to see the group put their best russian boot foot forward from here on out.
  5. And, not five minutes later, Ace was already hauling you two hecklers out by your hoodies.
  6. Lupe Sepulveda POV: Not involved with shootout afterwards, was one of the original individuals to break into the Vybor Industrial base. While traveling with @Kain, @zsmith1111 and @Paco_ we found a small garage down from the Vybor Industrial area that was walled off completely-- so we went looking for things to bust it open, having jumped up and down and realized there were some small tents insde. I found a pair of pliers, and a hatchet, and we went to the door down there. It was taking a very long time. I knew it wouldn't make sense for the character to risk that while on the main highway. We then were told that there was a much, much bigger base located in the Vybor Industrial Base that @Kain had found. We ran up, and one of us started whacking away at the door, and we searched about. But realized it would take too long, when after a few minutes there was basically no movement on the 'being broken down' circle with the hatchet-- and were told it would take hours. We saw how large the gap was at the top of the gates, and decided to climb on one anothers shoulders. Roleplaying it out as we did (people being heavy, others having issues accidentally pushing people aside, etc), the three of us managed to climb and jump up onto one anothers shoulders. After a long struggle, @zsmith1111 literally crawled through the large gap at the top and into the base. He searched for wire, before realizing that there was some on the gate (which means we could have opened it from the door without the cat burglary style roleplay, but it was fun regardless), and so I gave him my pliers from under the door. We got excited, gathered a bunch of things (my character grabbed some sodas, sour cream and onion chips, a couple of blue packs of pills, and not much else-- since she'd value those things-- while others grabbed nails and other more important items) before we got an IC radio call to run to help a friend of ours who was wounded. We piled into one of their cars, and sped off towards them to help. I think others returned later, but I was busy roleplaying with the injured individuals and didn't return. We didn't grief anything while I was there (I know I left nothing on the ground and didn't see anyone else doing so) and certainly didn't ghost/exploit/cheat our way into anything. We used mechanics that the game allows for, and roleplayed everything out. Hope this POV helps.
  7. Count me as excited! Can't wait to run into these characters; the group makes a lot of sense. Could make for some awesome evil-for-the-right-reasons roleplay. Good luck!
  8. Please change it back! It takes away so much from roleplay when people constantly go silent, and their people always seem to know information they didn't a minute ago. It leaves people frustrated because no one has bothered to double mic -- or even roleplay out that they're receiving a radio transmission. In a hostile situation, this means people are left wondering if a hostage has sent out coordinates or if someone is relaying information, rather than being able to hear it, AND it means hearing a lot of people accusing a silent person of talking into a radio, which is always immersion ruining. I get that telepathic communications might be useful for "winning" in a hostile situation (since actually having telepathy would do that), and that it might make it easier for people who don't want to actually roleplay things out, but it's very unrealistic. And if people want to avoid the effort of roleplaying it out, especially with others, then it feels like a roleplay server might not be their best bet. People can always hop onto PVP servers and talk stratagey with their mates. (To add: We spawn with radios now, so just keeping it on you becomes like a second nature! Plus, being able to listen in on private conversations and be sneaky is something I miss so much. And if people are in a discord with a bunch of folks and are worried about double micing, just mute your mic until you need to speak into the radio! This would genuinely add back so much roleplay.)
  9. *Someone's PTT is pressed, a rather thick Mexican American accent coming over the radio, sounding concerned and aggravated-- she'd been listening for awhile.* "Not heard nothin' bout Khandra for the last couple of days. Saw Georgie headin' north from Zelen a day or two ago though. He was travelin' aroun' wit a friend or two of his when things got hectic. Try goin' more north? Don't know who this Jona person is, but if you friendly wit em then that's good. Like, I made sure that he was alright and shit then -- he's a friend -- but I didn't get an' update bout Khandra before we had to split." *There's a frustrated huff, right into the speaker of the radio, and it crackles as she finishes up speaking.* "And the two of 'em are uh, pretty fuckin close, Grachi. Keep the last couple'a strands of grey hair on yer head instead'a rippin' them out over someone that Khandra's already snugglin' up wit."
  10. JkpFrog

    Alexi's Travels

    Party hardy at the airfield, apparently!
  11. Character Name: Lupe "Ace" Sepulveda Character Age: 31 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Ace is missing a left pinky, it having been cut off by a man named Santiago. She wears the bones around her neck on fishing wire. She also has a good amount of scars up her right side, obvious burn marks from a knife that was used to improperly cauterize wounds. Other scars on her character page. Does your character have a mental disability? No, but she has anger issues, especially when insulted. Also has occasional depressive episodes. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) Nothing specific. Does your character have any phobia? Intense claustrophobia, fears and hatred of being trapped after years in prison, fear of commitment. Prison Island terrifies her. Does your character have a love interest? Several interests, but she's currently involved with Alan Ford (aka Coyote) played by TehZombieBeard. Does your character have any addictions? Cocaine has become an strong addiction. Does your character do any drugs? She indulges heavily in alcohol, weed, and any other drugs available. Is your character overweight? Nope. Ace is muscular and tattooed, which she is proud of, and very tall for a woman at around six feet in height. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Both please! Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Ace is Catholic, so she believes in cultural concepts such as "Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte", spirits or ghosts, Heaven and Hell, and more. She fully believes she's going to Hell. Anything that'll further those ideas would be great. Ace also experiences jealousy and anger in rather intense ways, so that's also something that can influence her. Emotional and silly moments are both welcome! I love creativity from others. (Heterosexual thoughts are always A+ as well if they involve Sal Scarpaci) - that parts for @Dakotaen
  12. Related image Some pretty sweet rp there - Asbjorn

  13. Anyone know why the server is being shown as offline? ?
    Checked the site DayZSpy and it says there was one or two folks on, but there's a big OFFLINE sign on the front page. 

    1. HarveyLR


      Gamingdeluxe is having issues atm, we cannot confirm when it will come back.

      Most likely when it updates tonight.

  14. Massive shame to see you go Darra, we'll miss you! Anna Kovar was amazing to RP with and I wish you the best.
  15. Finally passed out around 6am -- and just got up now. It's 8am. All because I have to go shower and then attend an appointment. I feel terrible. RPing today is going to include the words "sleep deprivation".? 

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