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  1. Interesting day with @Mace , @Simon, @Malthis and @Otto and a bunch of folks from The Riptide Collective / Anarchists / Rose's crew -- got to watch a good camp that we've spent time building up tear itself to pieces by some nasty misinformation/threats/lies and a dash of confusion. Had some little bits of character development to play off on, and Ace even had herself some fun getting fake 'married' to @Eagle over a bag of apples -- and meeting back up with @Empress Nino after an age. Thanks for the RP today folks!
  2. CF8FB48DDCF011D2CD5443B2FF02EFDD84E9FD5A

    "Its hard to have a stare down with sunglasses" 

  3. With a thick accent and somewhat masculine presence, Ace isn't interested in playing into anyone's "exotic señorita" fantasy. She’s casual, loud, laidback and brutally honest. At least, whenever it's not useful to lie. PREFERENCES Likes — Great food, great sex, great drinks. Blowing off steam. Being respected. Gambling. Dislikes — Bad food, bad sex, bad drinks. Getting pent up. Getting disrespected. Hates — Small spaces. Prison Island. Cops. Snobs. Backstabbers. Loves — Like minded people. Fresh air. Rooftops. Knives. Making someone she dislikes cry. BACKGROUND Born on a rainy day in South LA, 1987, Lupe was the third child born to Marisol and Marco Sepulveda. She'd end up with five brothers, two older and three younger. And despite her mothers wishes to raise a good catholic girl, someone to make her parents proud, Lupe would grow up being her mothers bebé barracuda instead. Whenever a game went awry, an argument broke out, or some petty theft occurred — her only daughter was smack dab in the middle of it, a smile on her face and a lie on hand. Marisol was never able to keep her acting ladylike past the second her back turned. And as a young child, Lupe was always sporting some new bruise or scrape, coming home with her black hair in a mess and avoiding questions. That didn't change as she grew up. With the spread in age, the older boys spent plenty of time helping their parents with the bills, while younger kids pulled odd jobs for pocket money, but it was never particularly steady work. Which left six Mexican American kids to their own devices in one of the more gang heavy areas of LA County. Their Mother did the only thing she could think of, and tried to raise the kids with the Catholic church, considering its flock an extended family to keep an eye on the rowdy youth. But even angels have blind spots. And 18th Street is always recruiting. Lupe was the third of their family to join the gang, her two older brothers already pulling rank and moving up the social ladder. That, combined with tomboy looks and a vicious attitude, kept her mostly out of the hands of some of the more predatory members. The FBI considered Mara 18 as one of the largest growing, multi-ethnic transnational criminal organizations in Los Angeles. Lupe considered them a vicious sort of family. A love of fighting and gambling earned her a reputation locally, and the Sepulveda's involvement only increased when their Father was violently murdered by a rival gang. Wasn't long before five out of six kids sported 18th Street tattoos. Several non-consecutive years in prison, one dead brother, a new nickname, nearly a dozen murders and one international gun trade later — she wound up locked in an offshore Chernarussian prison with several other 18th Street members. But things were unstable. Tense. Dangerous. The night of the riot damn near killed her — guards shot her, water tried to drown her, and the infected inland nearly devoured her. But Lupe always has an Ace up her sleeve. She escaped to Central Kopec. The next few months was a whirlwind. Organized crime flourished in the chaos, and their rivals died quickly. She fell in with good businessmen who spared no expense to get what they wanted. They also spared no one. Not enemies. Not children. Not friends. But a criminals good luck doesn't keep for too long. Her Boss was murdered, his brother caught in the act, and the family business went under in a river of scarlet. With two lovers seemingly dead, a cracked heart and bloodstained teeth, Ace had start back from nothing. And with murderous men on her tail, thanks to their former actions, that meant getting the hell out of the province. South Zagoria had been faring worse, and would be a lot closer to the hell she'd run from, but people there didn't want her dead. Not yet. FAMILY Alive — Her mother Marisol, and four brothers, Silvio, Zacharias, "Max" and Diego Deceased — Her father Marco, and her brother Luis.
  4. Short change of pace for a few days, shake up the habits and try out a character from other servers.
    Lily's fine by the by, just resting up from that wolf attack earlier. xD

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      That's some gang shit right there.

  5. JkpFrog

    Potius Cras

    She mayyyyy have met someone roundabouts there. Potentially near some freshly dug up soil plots and a water well? And it's always great to run into good RPers. Plus seeing folks all dressed the same and acting very organized was spooky for the character, which is plenty of fun.
  6. JkpFrog

    Potius Cras

    Got some brief but very fun and intimidating RP from part of the group while travelling on my lonesome, and wanted to say thank you and also give a quick update. My character gave the name Sarah. She had some samples taken. Unfortunately due to lag and a nearby cliff, if a blood type was recorded then the blood type would now be AB+ Not super important, just figured I'd let you know while also saying thank you for the RP! Also ran into another of your group members tonight and it was fun. Can't wait to see you folks around again!
  7. Been violently thrown from 2 cliffs today thanks to lag, so I hope Lily liked her day at the beach. 9_9

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      We need beach day SO bad!

  8. JkpFrog

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    Congrats on the 600 hours! xD


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      Geez... and there I was thinking I still had a life...

  9. If the nauseated feeling could go away for ten seconds, that'd be great.  Food poisoning sucks, but at this point I'm wondering if I'm stuck with the worst sort of flu instead. Blerugh. Don't hate me if I need a minute in game. :S

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      Just find some charcoal tabs ig!
      Lowkey actually get charcoal tabs irl... You'll feel right as rain. 

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      Eat some white bread.

  10. Elmo

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    We haven't talked in aaaaaaaaaaaaages where you been

  11. Only got to interact with you occasionally on Jak Onions, and the boisterous, dangerous character put a very real impression on me -- and put the fear of god into my nervous little med student Lily (which was a blast). It was an absolute pleasure RPing with you. Even if it was during a time when things were stressful for you in real life, that still never decreased your friendliness on here even for newer folks, which meant the world. Didn't get to know you super well outside of that, but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck getting a healthier balance and being happy. Things get hard when you lose people in your life, and needing support that can be there physically for you is important. You seem like a really kind and creative person, and I just hope the folks around you offline let remind you of it often! Thanks for being lovely. Good luck and be safe. <3
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      Jk Jk, hope to rp with you soon. Stop trying to steal Harpers man!

    3. JkpFrog


      Lily is just awkward and red-cheeked, she doesn't know how to steals a man! Or how to relationship at all, frankly. Hope to RP with you sometime soon!

    4. Aiko


      Is ok Harper is awkward and well red-cheeked most the time too. <.< We can be awkward together.

  13. Elmo

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    Thanks for the follow friend

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      Thanks for the RP couple days ago! :D Can't wait to interact more later.

  14. JkpFrog

    The Damned

    @Kattica And you're trying to corrupt the only one who's not!
  15. JkpFrog

    The Damned

    Can't wait to get to know you folks even more! Loved the RP I've had with people so far, and having read The Damned's group page -- it definitely seems like there's plenty to learn. My poor med student (and resident churchmouse) is in over her head, and it's just wonderful. Excited!