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  1. Thanks! It was really nice to get into some new RP and it was very enjoyable even then. Hopefully we can make this into a sort of plotline between our characters and the others who took the bus. I look forward to what's next!
  2. -snip-, I appreciate you reaching out to the group.
  3. I appreciate the support on the exams, only have one left thankfully. But no, I didn’t just read some posts and hop on a wagon. I’ve been interacting with your group the past week I’ve been here. Everything stated were personal experiences I had. Once again, only feedback. No hate.
  4. I am new, I’m not hiding that. This is just what’s being seen through a new players eyes, maybe giving you something to think about. Anyways, I’m going to bed (3 exams tomorrow). If you have any questions for me personally hit my inbox. I’m not here to start fights, just giving observations. Take care, I do really hope what was said is NOT true, and your best interest is in story building and character development, not gear.
  5. My friend, this isn’t a report thread, and I find it strange how your whole group is treating it like one. Its feedback, nothing more. No proof is needed for a simple opinion of your group. I was wondering though if your groups characters have magical powers as I find it strange how you’ll all be standing in silence then run away in the same direction all at once without a word. Enjoy the feedback.
  6. I honestly think the man was trying to give some honest feedback, which you then took as an attack and said it was invalid b/c he had no recording. Your self incriminating behavior makes me do a big think, friend.
  7. Born in Piedmont, Livio lived a rough life. He lived on the streets, no family but the few friends he had around him. Him and his friends lived how they could, digging through trash, doing petty theft, and robbing people in back alleys. This was his way of life since he was kicked out of his house at 14. As July fell and tensions started rising, him and his group became weary of what has happening in Chernarus. As the 24th fell, his city had fallen into chaos. The streets were overrun, and Livio was separated from his friends. All he could do was run and run, he had nothing to fight back with. After weeks of running, moving from city to city, house to house for shelter, just barely scraping by; he finally arrived in Chernarus.
  8. Bungo

    S1 - Gas Station: BadRP, Possible Combat Log,

    I can't say I do recognize the voice, apologies.
  9. Bungo

    S1 - Gas Station: BadRP, Possible Combat Log,

    This is my first time doing this but uh...I have no recollection of this event so therefore I can't really give an opinion on the situation. Let me know if there's something else I can do but I really not have any idea of this situation.
  10. Nonsense!!!! I’m so glad you came!! I hope our characters meet soon and we can do some rp
  11. Thank you, I look forward to it! I’m definetly going to be using text for a short while, just to get used to it. But yeah, thank you for the advice! See you on server!
  12. I was accepted! See you guys in a few hours!
  13. Heck yeah! It’s always a good sign to be receiving positive responses on an intro! I’ve read through the rules, lore, faq. I really do look forward to RPing here, and I thank you all for the support!
  14. 80’s junkie as of late. Clash, Police, Oingo Boingo, Queen, Scorpions. All great bands! I suggest the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack to listen to some of these bands.
  15. As seen from my name, I’m Bungo! I’ve just recently made my application, submitted about two days ago. While waiting for review, I thought I’d make an intro! I’ve been RPing for several years now, spending most of my time doing HL2RP on garrys mod, that’s more of a text based RP, no voip, etc. Serious RP! As for Arma, I’ve played some life servers, some milsim units. This will be a first for DayZ though! I enjoy RP, and this setting seems like a breath of fresh air, something different, but in a good way! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them! (May take a bit because I’m currently on mobile) I look forward to meeting and interacting with you all!