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  1. Nikolai was a very smart person born in Berezino. He loved his country and he was member of the PMC Долг (Dolg) since he was 18 years old, where his older brother, Dragomir, convinced him about joining it. He never left this organization ultin the outbreak. He always had a very good relationship with his brother and they were very good partners. When the outbreak began he was at HeadQuarters in Chernogorsk and he did not have idea of what was going to happen, suddenly he heard a lot of strange voices outside the building, he looked at his brother and they both understood what was happening. When the infected broke in Dolg's HeadQuarters a fight errupted. After killing them they got to the garage and they evacuated from Chernogorsk. After loosing almost all of their men, Nikolai, hist brother Dragomir and Sokolov teamed up and they started surviving together.