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  1. I am new to the community, I joined sometime last year but never got round to white list section. I'm here now and looking forward to meeting you all in game, community seems awesome!
  2. Hunter's Life so far: Hunter Black, born in United Kingdom, Hunter's parents died at a very young age, when Hunter was just 16 years old he was left as an Orphan. Hunter was in and out of foster homes for 2 years. When he reached 20 he went on various websites to track down any other relatives he may have to reunite with, however he was never fortunate enough to find anything. One day he opened the internet and found a website where you paid a large fee and could send off DNA and have global searches on your family heritage. Unfortunately for Hunter he was always very poor, he worked 40 hours a week in an apprenticeship manufacturing seals for a company, with little education from his poor background it was the best job he could possibly achieve for a bright future at the time. Hunter was bursting with anticipation and excitement for the possible opportunity to have a family again, to be able to afford the costly DNA scan he acquired a second job working evenings on top of his Apprenticeship. After 2 years of working 65 hours per week Hunter finally had reached the figure needed to pay for the DNA scan. A few weeks went by and Hunter received a letter in the post, the glowing letter only brought good news! Hunter's farther had a half brother, this was unknown by any of Hunters family as his farther kept this information away from everybody as his brother was a criminal and he was ashamed to have blood relations with the unlawful man. With the DNA scan results they are not required to share any information about the family members so this is not stated, Hunter received a name, an age, and a location. Profile: Name: Henry Black Age: 65 Location: Chernarus Following this information Hunter decided to take a leap into the wild an be spontaneous, as this was never foreign to Hunter as his entire life was unorganised and arbitrary so far. So at 22 years old Hunter collected his luggage and took a one way ticket to the land of Chernarus, landing at the North West Airfield, he was informed the location of Henry was last declared to be Kamyshovo. With very little money and knowledge of the area all Hunter could do was improvise, he went to the local market and purchased a compass, from here he had to ask for directions and use his feet to take him to his destination, Hunter was a fit and able person so he never considered this to be a burden. Hunter found the house of which Henry was supposed to be in, however only found a corpse. This was a disaster, Hunter saw red and became enraged after this day Hunter was never really the same, it was as if hope was basically lost, the only chance in his life was torn away from him in a blink! This corpse was identified to be Henry, it looked to be here at least a year. Hunter inherited the house and all the belongings inside it, from here he found out all the information about his delinquent uncle. After gaining experience on the subject, from here this just put salt in the wounds, mentally this completely manipulated Hunter. He decided to stay in Chernarus, learn the language and become a version of his relative that didn't die. He wanted to become a doctor for the money, after much training and education he was enrolled as a trainee doctor in the Elektrosavodsk hospital. He only knew bits and bobs but it was just enough for him to get by and an excellent foundation to build upon for his future career. As all hell broke loose in Chernarus with screams and violence, stayed at home and hid for the first couple of days, luckily for Hunter he had stocked up on food and drink recently, he was able to stay home rationing food for weeks, he covered windows and doors with sheets to stop the light and kept his head down generally. What type of person Hunter is: From birth Hunter has always been in the mind set that family was the most important thing, however his parents always abandoned him to care for themselves and always put themselves first. Hunter will ALWAYS put himself before others, if that be child, mother, etc. Hunter is a witty confident personality however this can sometimes irritate people and make them dislike Hunter. Hunter can be related to marmite, you know how it goes. Survival is a number one priority for Hunter if the situation ever arose, he wouldn't beg for his life as he is too dignified however he would do anything to stay alive. If the apocalypse didn't anything for Hunter it improved his life, it gave it meaning. Working for the hospital day in day out with no family, his life was going too square for his liking. Apocalypses do seem a lot easier when family isn't involved. Hunter does secretly seek belonging and could be radicalised into a group potentially. (I would really like to leave this to be decided when Hunter is played in game and allow his personality to develop upon this point). Hunters weak points and strong points: Talking about somebodies family is usually very insulting, for Hunter this doesn't affect him for obvious reasons. What would affect him is mocking how he's never had a real family. General insults such as appearance or personal attributes would affect Hunter as he's not insecure about this but he hates to be singled out like the black sheep as this isolated him and he's lived his life in solitude so social solitude is unbearable. Hunter is good under pressure, for example speaking in front of groups of people as his confidence takes control. This social ability also allows Hunter to get himself out of sticky situations by just commuting with others as he has a way with words.