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  1. My family always been formed by farmers, I decided to join the country forces. I was with the last CDF forces on the 17th July, in Berenzino, but my squad, bad organized and with sick people in it was soon decomposed. My father teached to me hunting techniques so i decided to remain alone in the woods near Berenzino scavaging, killing little animals and eating flesh, a few days later some US marines found me and with them were some italian ones, the US yelled at me to stay away even if i wasn't going closer. From them, i wasn't a human anymore, but those italian soldiers gave me hope. As I record I trained with them, Dante Savio was my teacher so i didn't react, even if personally... i hate the US army behavior. From that day on i'm surviving till i can eat with my teeth, killing till i can choke hostiles with my hands, and note everything with my pen till madness will bring me to the end...
  2. Dante Savio is an italian marine who was deployed with a squad of the 1st regiment San Marco of the Italian Navy, he got to chernarus on July 17th with the NATO fleet to help the US army soldiers resupplying the CDF. Unfortunately the americans never needed the italians help forcing the italians to work alone. After the infection wins against the soldiers and most of his squad were killed or missing, he decided to survive like a lone wolf and help other possible survivors. Knows very well the map of Chernarus and where the military bases are located cause he trained with the CDF on 2006.