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  1. Yea pretty sure I am still working on that story lol
  2. Yea I just threw it together really quick next time I'm definitely gonna change the font and make the entire page bigger
  3. My name is Jacob Bowles , I was born October 22nd 1990. I've been in Chernarus since the 10th of July 2017, I came to report on the developing situation north of Severograd. I'm writing this letter because I fear my death is imminent and I want to insure my story survives. My parents are Beverly Bowles and Alan Bowles. My dad worked as a interstate truck driver in the United States, shortly after I was born he quit his job and began to focused on local politics. My mother worked a lot of jobs over the years but she truly loved to teach so she became a elementary school teacher. From an early age I loved photography, my dad used to go out on "photo shoots" with me and when I became old enough he got me a professional camera. In high school I joined the school paper to spend time with a girl, but this later blossomed into what I would later purse as a career. After graduating high school I went to the University of Vermont, I majored in journalism and minored in photography.I ended up moving back to my hometown, I became a journalist at the local newspaper, I worked there until the paper was forced to close. With no job I looked for any developing story to jump on. I was hoping I could build up my experience and get a job at a major news organization. Since my dad was a politician I was always interested in politics so when I read about the situation in Chernarus I jumped on the opportunity I arrived In Miroslavl on July 5th 2017. I originally planned on doing a story on the people of Chernarus and how the country had rebuilt since the civil war in 2009. But shortly after arriving I saw a video in twitter of a Russian Helicopter flying into a base north of Severvograd. I was in Severvograd the next day. When I the people from Kamensk disappeared I knew something big was going on and I knew it couldn't be good. I was in way over my head, the biggest story I ever covered was about a bear breaking into a porch and taking candy from cub scouts. I was terrified but I knew that I was probably the only reporter on the story so I kept with it. I talked to everyone from Nagornoe to get there story, but I wasn't getting anything to report on. Then the attacks started happening, the first somewhere near Severograd. From what I heard CDF soldiers staggered into a farm and started attacking farm animals. At the time none of it made any sense, but hindsight is 20/20 right. I tried sending my story to major networks but everyone was focused on the Russian bombings. Everything started happening so fast, cities started falling one after another and things were only getting worse. Around the end of October 2017 I ran out of supplies. I had been camping outside Elektrozavodsk and was about to give up when a small group of survivors found me and took me in. Before I continue I want the fact that i was on the brink of death and extremely desperate to be stated. I had run out of food a week earlier, so when the group offered me food in exchange for doing them a favor I jumped on the chance without question. The group had been raided by a rival one a few days before they found me, that had taken a prisoner from the group and wanted me to make a "example" of him. What they failed to mention was that he was a teenager. I feared that if I didn't do as they said I would end up dead so I did what I had to do. After I was accepted into the group I very quickly realized what horrible people they were. At night they would sit around talking about the horrible acts they committed as if they were accomplishments. So one night after most of them went to sleep I snuck into the supply tent and loaded my backpack full of supplies and took off. As I was leaving camp the person on lookout saw me and stopped me so I knocked him out and ran. I'm currently hiding in a barn somewhere north of Elektrozavodsk. I'm not sure how long I'll be alive. I need to clear my conscious of the horrible acts I've done to survive. The boy I had to make an "example" of is dead I shot him in the back of the head. I'll never forget the his pleas and they will haunt me to my grave. The group he came from are mostly dead we raided their camp at night and set it on fire. Those who survived were taken as slaves, I tried to release them the night I left but I couldn't I can only assume that they are dead as well at this point. If I could go back I would have done anything to prevent the misery caused by my group but it's too late now.