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  1. Rickard. C. Strömberg is a survival expert, born and raised in Sweden. After finishing studies in industrial engineering at the age of 23, year 2015, Rickard was looking for a job allowing him to utilize and enjoy his great interest in wildlife survival, turning him towards the Swedish Defence Forces Jägare, an equivalent to Rangers/paratroopers. After 6 months of training Rickard was deployed in Kongo as a squad leader (First Sergeant) with the UN forces in the region. During Rickards deployment in Kongo he was tasked with many differing things, some times supporting convoys with security and engineering, sometimes protecting the civilian population and assisting/educating them in survival skills. June 2016 Rickards deployment ended and he was sent home along with his squad. Coming home, looking to further his career, Rickard attended the military Officers school. While in the officers training courses Rickard met a woman, Mary, one he came to love and get engaged with. Finishing his studies in early 2017 and now being assigned to oversee the training and maintaining of the coastal rangers whilst Mary took the job as an officer with the Home Guard. Settling down together lead to a serious discussion of marriage between the two. They both agreed that it would be a good move but before taking the step they wished to spend some time abroad, without work and family in their way. Discussing possible locations to visit they settled with Chernarus, a hunting trip in the forests of south Zagoria. Setting the date of travel to late may the couple was happily looking forward to the greatest trip of their lives, this far. May: Arriving in Chenarus they went to a local shop in Chernogorsk to buy a proper tent and some basic supplies for their trip, grabbing some extra ammunition and gas for the gas stove. After grabbing the little they needed they headed out and finaly reached Zelenogorsk, from where they headed west, noth west, into the woods and settled their camp. Being remote, now far from population, roads and cellphone coverage the two never got to know about the infection nor the military mark up within and around the country. On December the 7th the time to pack up the tent and move back towards Zelenogorsk in order to start their journey home had come. But when reaching the outer parts of Zelenogorsk they noticed something was off, people and walking around, looking strange and acting irregular... Mary and Rickard went closer to try and find out what was going on, a movie set? some wierd event? Mary walking ahead to ask a stranger walking around was taken by surprise as he threw himself over her and bit her in the face, Rickard screaming in outrage rushing forward and tossing him off her and incapacitating the infected man, turning around to see his "wife to be" bleeding and struggling to patch the wound. The both retreated into the woods in the west in order to re-assess what to do. But as the hours passed Mary got worse, falling into some kind of sickness. The infection was getting to her. After 6 hours and 13minutes Mary was completly lost, no longer her self. Crushed by this Rickard shot her with one of their hunting rifles, crying heavily and struggling to bury her. Now with a slight depression Rickard had to find out what was going on and if he could make his way home or not.