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  1. Oh no.

    I am sick. Its hard to breathe. I got a cough.

    It was nice knowing yall 🤧 

    jennifer lawrence salute GIF

    1. Woodzie


      spongebob squarepants coffin GIF

    2. Watchman


      O no

    3. Dingo


      Dance Funeral GIF by Demetra

    4. The Preacher
    5. Jamie



    6. Empress


      Gas GIF by memecandy


  2. Wake me up when roleplay isnt forcibly confined to an area I get 1fps in 

    sleep GIF

    1. Malthis


      Face it... there's really no place on the map that you don't get 1fps with your potato of a computer.


    2. Mommy


      Excuse you I get 55fps in debug

    3. Peril



  3. Ngl some of this doesnt look properly textured and kinda shitty -1
  4. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I want to preface this by saying I love you and I do not mean any of this to be a personal attack! Whilst I absolutely appreciate the work and effort you put into events and written lore work, I have to express some disappointment in the lack of communication and shared knowledge of the loremasters. I don't really like the fact that if I DM any loremaster other than you, I get a reply of "Oh Ill have to ask Staggs" - surely you all should have collect knowledge of the majority of the lore, especially with BIG things like the current lore activities going on. I appreciate you are busy a lot and I feel like spreading the knowledge among the other LMs and trusting them with information would take some of the pressure off you as a whole. That being said as well, I feel like some events need a little more planning and consideration towards players, the recent event at the bar with it "blowing up" again is a good example and I understand this was sorted out with the folks at the bar, but with a little more forward planning (and maybe a little less gin ) we might have avoided the issues all together. Other than that, I appreciate all the hard work you and the LMs put in, this is just me being nit-picky and wanting to help you lot and keep pressure off just you because I know you probably get 5000 DMs a day about lore stuff. Keep up with the hard work and the regular events Suggestions for improvement: Less drinking whilst doing events
  5. A female Russian replies. "Surely placing everyone in contained area during such an infection is bad idea? It didn't work last time, what makes you think it will work now?"
  6. Makes no sense, turn them off, they look garbage ngl
  7. I have to be the only idiot on the planet to accidentally order a laptop

    dont look at me calum scott GIF by Music Choice

    1. Woodzie


      Spongebob Squarepants GIF by swerk

    2. Mommy


      big brother pop GIF by Big Brother After Dark

      I was trying to figure out financing it via paypal and all of a sudden it was like "YO THANKS FOR ORDERING UR LAPTOP IS HERE TOMORROW GOOD LUCK CANCELLING THIS"

    3. Banshee


      I ordered a 150,- dust cover for a Roland Keyboard thinking that it was the keyboard itself, received the package, opened it, and contemplated donating my body to research about monkeys.

  8. swear trek can't look away GIF

    1. PATRIOT


      What is? 

    2. Watchman


      Accurate hahaha

  9. I had a ride on a bus yesterday. It was nice. @kalyri @Hofer @Stagsview (idk who the other Boris was... sorry)
  10. Howdy

    oprah winfrey GIF

    1. Malthis



  11. Congrats on approval! Cant wait to meet you in game!
  12. Inb4 Hofer crashes and kills everyone on board
  13. Meet Tiggs and Toast ❤


    1. Duplessis



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