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  1. GenjiRP


    Don't mind my ranting. I an annoyed to fuck :^)



    Dont you just love it when your friend goes back to her phsically, emotionally and finatially abusive ex boyfriend/baby daddy without telling you (because she knows youll be annoyed at her because shes promised never to go back to him) then texts you at 2am saying he's going apeshit because he's looked at her messages to another guy whilst they were split up and now he wants her out and shes looking for somewhere to stay (my house as usual), worries you so much that you almost call the police because he's physically abused her before but then after making you sit up for an hour tells you "its all okay we sorted it" and shit.
    Then you text her the next morning to ask if shes okay, she doesnt even acknowledge it, but your own ex calls you to say he's seen her moving her shit back into her asshole boyfriends house and shes purposely avoiding replying to me because she knows I am not a happy bunny right now

    dont u just
    love it
    I certainly do.
    I love being treated like a doormat :^)

    1. LukeRP


      is she hot though? 

      I joke best of luck with this Genji my boy @NateRP is here for you 

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