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  1. GenjiRP

    Hello :)

    Welcome back!
  2. GenjiRP

    Kazimir Yazov.

    "You are the one airing things, I simply asked to talk. That perhaps we can smooth things over, maybe it was a misunderstanding on both our parts. You decided to throw shit and accuse me of sending Robbie after you. It's funny you've 'had issues' with our relationship, yet have been sobbing like a child to Bobby on the radio about me. Cute. Man up or shut up, Kazimir"
  3. GenjiRP


    Plays.tv is dumb and wont let me do anything with it wtf

    I am old someone help

    1. Roman


      Go to help desk and ask for Support.

    2. GenjiRP


      Im just talking to myself... 1/10 did not help

    3. Rover


      Do I ever feel this. Confangled new technology.

    4. Eagle


      Take it as a sign.

    5. RavenousRP


      Come to help desk i got you

  4. GenjiRP

    Hey, my name is Muhzy

    Welcome to the community! I've RPed on GTA as well, its great fun. I have a cop character over on a FiveM server that is so fun to play tbh. Not as good RP as there is here tho
  5. GenjiRP

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the community! I hope you have fun + hope to see you in game!
  6. GenjiRP


    Welcome to the community! English not being your first language isn't a problem, there are so many people from so many countries here with various accents etc, you'll fit right in
  7. GenjiRP


    Helloooo and welcome
  8. GenjiRP

    some roleplaying help/ advice needed

    My advice is to know your character, run through certain scenarios in your mind and wonder how they'd react. Think about what they know, do they know how to use a SCAR or an SVD or would they mostly be comfortable with a shotgun or a mosin or something easier to handle? Would they only wield a pistol because it's easier to conceal? Maybe he always has a knife in his boot, ready. Maybe he hates the rain, and can't stand being in it, so carries a raincoat or has to get inside. Maybe he's terrified of infected (that'd be interesting cause no one really reacts to them that way anymore). Something that makes your character stand out. @Rover said it best here: I like the sound of this guy tbh. You wanted to play someone who doesn't give a fuck about anyone but themselves? Awesome, I'm an expert. Someone like that might attempt to befriend others to use them to their advantage, be nice to gain information, or just to create an ally for future use if needed. Maybe its the way that they speak to people, perhaps overly nice, overly friendly to the point where it becomes a little uncomfortable for others. Maybe he's that gruff 'I don't care but secretly I do, here, have an apple you look starving' kinda guy, maybe he's just 'Oh my god if I give you this food will you shut the fuck up' You can be nice to someone and still be an asshole on the inside, and still have that malicious intent. You can be nice to people and still be a ruthless killer/asshole. It can work. It makes you human, it gives your character depth. You can be cold and uncaring and still have valuable interactions with other players. Maybe you have a select few people you are close to that you care about, but anyone else you are suspicious of and question relentlessly before you trust them. My character Fae is an absolute dick, just a literal asshole. But people love her, probably because her 'I don't give a fuck' attitude comes with her being a little bit cheeky and silly. She makes stupid comments about shit, she is nonchalant about people's wellbeing, waving as they're taken hostage with a little "sucks to be you!" People still love her as a character (for some reason) even if IC they might dislike her. I've had so many people tell me that Fae is hilarious and just downright scary at times. For example, When I hung around Eden and was part of that group, it was painfully obvious Fae hated being there, she was a little bit of an ass, made little comments about the place and its people, though she did help keep it afloat by building walls, cutting trees and finding nails etc. She stayed around because it benefited her personally. It gave her a place to live, somewhere there was always food and ammunition in abundance. She had allies that would defend her, and yet it was still obvious that she hated being there and it created some really interesting RP interactions. My point is you can still have a hardass, not giving a fuck character, and still have relationships with other characters and still have some really good RP experiences. I went on a rant idk if any of this is helpful or makes sense at all
  9. GenjiRP

    Kazimir Yazov.

    Again, Fae chuckles, shaking her head. "Nothing is complicated, you're a self-centred asshole. Clearly. You, break it off with me? I tried to walk away from you and you got on your knees and sobbed, begged me. You were SCREAMING at me to stay. I regret not walking away when I had the chance. I hear you've messaged Bobby in absolute floods of tears asking if I cheated on you. For the record, I didn't. I've been sitting here, waiting to find out if my boyfriend is actually alive or not. I also think it's ironic you're upset at me 'moving on' when I hear you did exactly the same thing when I went missing. Enjoy your lonliness, Kazimir."
  10. Fae let out a laugh, pushing the PTT early so it broadcast her amusement. "I didn't send Robbie, Robbie told me after he'd punched you that you weren't dead. Imagine my surprise, my supposed 'boyfriend' is fine and hasn't even bothered trying to contact me at all. He fucks off and leaves us alone to do god only knows what, despite promising he'd never leave and that we meant everything to him. Now you're just admitting I'm not important to you at all. I've sat here for over a month, worrying if you're even alive and I get this bullshit back? Yes. We are done. Guess we have nothing to talk about after all. You've made it perfectly clear you don't give a shit about me at all, and probably never did. Watch your back, Kazimir." There comes a pause, she takes a swig from her canteen, before she broadcasts an additional message. "If you were half the man Jet was, we wouldn't be having this issue, would we?"
  • GenjiRP


    tfw you get up at 6am to go to work, work for 3 hours and then realise you werent supposed to be at work at all and you were actually supposed to have today and tomorrow off.


    1. RavenousRP


      You’ve done that twice 

    2. GenjiRP


      Im retarded

    3. APositivePara


      Can't say that bad word member, lose monetisation

    4. GenjiRP


      Ban me daddy

  • GenjiRP

    Kazimir Yazov.

    Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Fae took a bite of her pear, grabbing her radio and flicking it on. She leaned back against the bedpost, pushing the PTT button and speaking with a very obvious venom to her voice. "Kazimir Yazov. You were given 24 hours to contact me. You failed to do that, despite knowing I am in the area. Meet me in Zelenogorsk. We have a lot to talk about" Tossing the radio aside, she took another bite from her pear, eyeing the device with an icy stare.
  • GenjiRP

    The Hub!?

    You'd have to find out in character, via radio posts or asking people in game where to go. There are still 'hot spots' but they change rapidly due to RP, obviously.
  • GenjiRP

    How do you make your tea?

    I make my tea by pouring it into the sink and making a real drink like fkin coffee cause I am the worst Brit I hate tea hot leaf water is inferior to hot bean water
  • GenjiRP


    Do I change my name to FaeRP or keep GenjiRP

    1. APositivePara



    2. RavenousRP


      Keep Genji ain't no one care about Fae

    3. GenjiRP



      That wasnt very positive of you

    4. JackZRP


      keep Genji a reckon

    5. Saunders


      Can't change it when you're in staff (or that's what I've been told)

    6. APositivePara



      but the positive aspect is having neither 😄 bring back Genji tbh

    7. JackZRP
    8. Saunders


      I mentioned changing mine and was told I wasn't allowed 🤔 @JackZRP

    9. JackZRP


      i changed mine when i was a mod

      ur paying to change it just change it lol


    10. GenjiRP


      I cant bring back Genji 😞

      Maybe just Fae then huh

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