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  8. Most of us came from the self-proclaimed ‘leadership’ of Doctor Rose Vardent. For a time, it was only Kazimir Yazov and Rose looking for a place to set up her hospital. As time went on, more people came to join Rose’s cause and Kazimir never looked too far into it as he had his own personal business to account for. That was until a man named Feng Mian came into involvement. Originally, nothing big was thought about him, but he liked going on about his experience in the military. To Kazimir’s understanding, many people under Rose’s command originated from military pasts. The impact of a militia simply referred to as ‘the Swedes’ had become well known and Rose was not going to pass up an opportunity to possibly create something alongside them. After a small time, Rose’s people were being sent as a VIP by the Swedes to Svetlojarsk so they could begin their hospital. Rose had warned the Swedish that if Louie and his people arrive, they should just roll over and allow it. However, when Louie did present himself to the Swedish, they had another plan in mind. They were not going to lay down their arms to rag-tag mercenaries. Rose’s people and the Swedes had parted their ways from Novodmitrovsk, Rose taking her group to Svetlojarsk and the Swedish moving to Severograd. After about half an hour, the news was heard that the Swedes had successfully won the battle against Louie’s men near Severograd. Morale was boosted among Rose’s people but Rose herself was not having it. She was commanding her people that they will not fight Louie under any circumstances. However, Feng decided he had enough and stood up to Rose when the Swedes needed a Doctor. She refused to listen, Feng brought up his military history and the experience of the group, those who would lay down their lives for another, this only made Rose all the more furious. Eventually, she stormed off and demanded that no one is to follow. Kazimir had decided on his own to rally whoever was left to storm for Svetlojarsk, find Rose and protect her and the Swedes. She grew a heavy distaste in Feng, even though Kazimir respected him, he kept silent for the sake of Kazimir and Rose’s relationship. However, this seed of doubt would thrive in the mud. Dr. Vardent’s people had successfully settled in Svetlojarsk, but that did not mean anything would get any better in time. Many people grew distasteful of Rose’s diplomatic means towards Louie and his people. The people that Rose had commanded questioned her decisions and she would often brush them off, a discussion was not allowed about the decisions she would make. People had started to turn more to Kazimir over time for leadership rather than Rose. However, he rarely had the time to be able to lead his people because he was repeatedly pulled away by Rose. She was notorious in trying to keep complete control of her people alone. Anything and everything was done by her and if met with questions, she would argue and punish. People had grown spiteful the more they attempted to fix something. The knowledge of what she would do for the group was limited and negotiation was not allowed. More people felt slated by her actions, Joe was the next. Joe described to Kazimir the heavy amounts of unfair treatment he was receiving by Rose, mostly regarding a vehicle that ended up injuring him, and her refusal to tend to his wounds. Kazimir, as well, was annoyed by Rose’s actions at this point. While trying to do what he saw fit for the group, she would often tell him to do otherwise. Fae was quite present during all of this, for the most part, she did not have any big issue regarding Rose, as it seemed their friendship was strong. She remained in the background, silently assessing the situations at hand. The group morale was weakening by the day. Whispers of Rose’s actions were being heard. The seedling slowly began to grow through murky waters. Kazimir, Rose and Fae in Sactuary, before the storm. Two groups emerged. An aggressive pack of supposed ‘communists’ calling themselves The Reds, and the return of The Black Roses. Questions of security were rife, knowing Rose wouldn’t allow the group to fight back if provoked. Meanwhile, a man named Dorian had been recruited into Vardent’s people by Noah Huntington. While this itself was not an issue, his actions became an issue quickly. Dorian had directly disrespected Kenneth, the Mayor of Svetlojarsk, and Fae and Kazimir were quick to try to put Dorian in his place. Things escalated with Dorian, his disrespect was apparent and was escorted out of town after a brief argument. Fae and Kazimir knew that Rose wouldn’t allow this behaviour, but it became obvious they had a very similar mindset between them. The pair started to walk Dorian out of Svetlojarsk when they were ambushed by The Black Roses. The two were wounded in the exchange and quickly surrendered due to the exposed position. The Black Roses took both Fae and Kazimir. Fae was transported in a cargo truck to the North Eastern Airfield, and Kazimir was to meet them there, walking with a Black Rose escort through Olsha. Another truck appeared near Olsha and began to demand where Fae had been taken. Quickly, the situation turned into a firefight and Kazimir attempted to take his opportunity to take out his captors, which failed and resulted in yet more injuries. Kazimir was recovered by Sanctuary and patched up as Rose opened up Diplomacy for Fae once again, ordering the security team to remain where they were and not pursue. Eventually, the woman was released and made her way back to Svetlojarsk with a sour taste in her mouth. Fae was angry towards Kazimir for getting himself shot up, but it wouldn’t last, her real anger was directed at the cowardice Rose had shown. Kazimir got himself drunk whilst recovering in the hospital, whilst Fae and Rose took a walk along the docks to discuss other matters. Rose wanted to ensure Fae, an ex Anarchist, had nothing to do with the bombings that killed her mother. Fae admitted she had nothing to do with it personally. During their talk, “The Reds” returned. They’d been in town earlier when Fae has been released, and both she and Kazimir had no time for their attitude and bit back at their insults and demands. When they returned, they demanded Fae apologise for her sharp words, which she refused repeatedly. She was taken hostage in front of Rose, who did nothing to stop The Reds and even ordered her men to stand down, despite them all having clear sights on the captors. Noah had moved off from his position after arguing for too long and tension rose heavily. Noah and Rose began to argue, Noah berated Rose for letting Fae get taken right in front of her. She could have just gotten shot right then and there and it would have been Rose’s fault for ordering the security to stand down. Kazimir had attempted to bring up the fact that there’s a council, but Rose told Kazimir that it was not the time. After The Reds had spewed their propaganda and threats at Fae in the woods above Svetlojarsk, she was brought back down unharmed yet incredibly irritated. People were not impressed with the way Rose handled the situation and anger had started to boil. Fae would begin whispering to those also frustrated by Rose’s lack of action. The sprout was beginning to break the surface... Fae, taken hostage by the Black Roses It all started with a recipe for disaster. Fae and Kazimir with a bottle of vodka. For once, they had a moment to themselves and they truly had a moment to bond. Watching over the Green Sea from the docks of Svetlojarsk, they shared small stories, made jokes, and shared bits and pieces of who they were. They found out sooner than later that they were more similar to each other than they had once thought. One thing that they most definitely had in common was the distaste towards Rose’s leadership. Thus, the torch was lit, their ideals were shared, and Fae set a fire under Kazimir’s doubts about Rose. Not just as a leader, but as a lover. Uncertainty, anger, and conflict-filled Kazimir’s mind and he agreed with Fae to do something about it. They decided to contact an enemy of Rose’s. The Black Roses, quite the irony, don’t you see? As if Fae and Kazimir didn’t surprise themselves with this bold move, Bobby was even more confused and cautious. Repeated assurance from Fae seemed to calm any concerns, but it was clear there was an air of mistrust surrounding the situation. Fae wanted to set up a faked scenario with Kazimir as the hostage. She wanted to see what Rose’s reaction would be and have a nice long talk without her interrupting, arguing, and storming off. After further planning, Kazimir and Fae signed off on the contract with Bobby and the plan was in motion. A couple of days later, it was time. The small band of rebels met on the North East Airfield, where Fae had been taken only days beforehand. Fae arrived first, but trouble in Svetlojarsk involving The Reds meant Kazimir and Sal Scarpaci were delayed. Fortunately for them, the Reds missed every shot and they were able to break free of the town's border and head to meet with Fae. Fae, Kazimir, Sal and David Meeks regrouped, and for the next hour, the rebels and The Black Roses would chatter among each other and discuss their plan. It was then set in full motion by Fae, who contacted Rose frantically with a message that Kazimir had been taken hostage. Surely enough, the doctor took the bait and got in contact with The Black Roses via radio. To Fae’s surprise, Rose demanded to speak to Bobby face to face, but this only solidified in her mind that Rose didn’t care about the rest of them at all. She hadn’t offered the same kindness when Fae had been taken hostage twice in one day. Kazimir was tied up, smacked around enough to make it look convincing, and then waited and waited until Rose made her move towards the hangar. Fae stood in a room to one side, listening to the conversation as Rose was immediately tied up and relieved of her weapons. She and Kazimir were placed side by side and questioned by Bobby. Fae entered the hangar shortly after, beginning her talk with Rose about recent situations and how everyone was tired of her dictatorship. Fae informed Rose she was relieving her of duty, taking control of her group and leaving her powerless. It was nothing personal, just as Fae was no doctor, Rose was no leader. Not being one to sit by and watch people she cared about to suffer at the hands of a tyrant, Fae stepped in to take control of Sanctuary. Expecting sadness or remorse from Rose at realising the extent of her actions, Fae and Kazimir were instead met with venomous insults and aggression. She ended her relationship with Kazimir without a shred of upset. This only proved Kazimir’s doubts, and he reclaimed the ring and necklace he had given her. The flower had begun to bloom. Rose is confronted by Fae From the mud they have grown to something far better, more beautiful. Leaving Svetlojarsk immediately, they set out to create Oasis. Reforming themselves as The Renaissance, the remnants of Sanctuary believed that a system of democracy was necessary to have the group function successfully. Fae and Kazimir decided to appoint three departments: security, scavenging, and medical. Under the beliefs that everyone should have the ability to be their own leader. They ensured everyone had a say, and everyone had a voice in how the group was run. They wanted to make sure none of Rose’s mistakes poisoned their rebirth. A feeling of relief swept those no longer under Rose’s dictatorship. Believing in a system of respect they built up Oasis, in the town of Sinistok, to give the wanderers of this apocalypse a fair chance of survival. However, dare anyone go against them, they would no longer roll over and accept their fate, they would fight back as a family. The Lotus Flower has grown fully and it’s only a matter of time until more of its kind joins it. Overthrow leadership of Dr. Rose Vardent (Completed) Relocate away from Svetlojarsk (Completed) Redirect Dr. Vardent’s people to join The Renaissance (Completed) Build a fair democracy. (Day 403) Reform a town into Oasis. (Day 405) Hire medical staff for Dr. Hart. (1/3, Day 405) Acquire scavvers for Kevin Teran. (0/2, Day 405) Gather needed supplies to bring Oasis to life. (5 Gasoline Generators, 1 Operating Room worth of equipment, 1 armoury, 1 long-range radio transmitter, 100 varied bottles of alcohol, 100L of gasoline, Day 415) Allow business to be invited into Oasis, plant the seeds for a society. (Day 415) Transform Oasis into a gated community through security means. (Day 420) Drive The Reds out of South Zagoria. (Day 425) Set up protected trade routes to Oasis once set as the dominant power. (0/3 set up, Day 440) Reactive the Tisy Radar Station. (Day 455) Set up the stage for a hotspot that won’t support either extreme of campfire RP or hostile RP. Introduce a diverse goal in a hotspot to potential create a functional society. Invite new, promising roleplayers into the group to help their transition into the community. Completely and absolutely separated all in-character events from out-of-character interactions. Handle all issues surrounding the group in a mature, professional manner. Attempt to include everyone to create a large, arcing story. Give characters of diverse talent and profession interest and objectives to do. Consistently create new events for replayability. Oasis is a gated community of survivors striving to restore the shattered society. While no law is truly there, Oasis is founded upon respect and honour. Unlike that of Sanctuary, we wish to strive that we will not just give the town away to common bandits. We believe that security of the people is an important aspect to give fertility to a society, we will not think twice about people who come to Oasis with malicious intent, they will be given few warning before extreme violence will be used. The rules of Oasis are quite simply, listen to those of Renaissance at all times. Always show respect to your fellow man, no matter who they are. If you have an explicit issue with a certain person, it is advised to keep it outside of the town, or we will escort you out of the town. If you feel the need to start a fight, the two combatants will be relocated to a fighting arena where the issue is resolved through fist combat. Always remember that Kazimir Yazov and Fae Williams have authority over Oasis if they feel the need to remove you, listen and respect their decision unless you wish for unsavoury consequences. RECRUITMENT IS HANDLED IN GAME. COME FIND US AND SPEAK TO KAZIMIR OR FAE.
  9. Great negotiation RP with @JackZ. Shame negotiations went south and they had to storm the building. Also sorry I stitched ur mouth up and tore your back open with my spikey baseball bat. Two dipshit leaders Fae and Kazimir, overseeing the induction of a new recruit. @Kain @Queerios @AbeRedA
  10. It looks good, interesting concept for sure! The lore could do with a little more detail, a bit of padding, and you do need a few more goals, and to ensure they match the SMART goal guides found HERE
  11. +1 its just the same as this thread, only with a map. People are gonna go look at a map to find where places are anyway so why not?
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