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  1. Genji

    Won't be in game for like a week because I'm an idiot and didn't sort my internet out :^) fml

    1. Brayces


      Omfg, that is the WORSE. What are you gonna do?! AHHH! I'd go crazy. Holy hell. <3 I feel you for, best of luck... o7

  2. Genji

    Me @ Peaches in Far Cry 5.


    1. DrMax


      Mate fuck peaches its all about Cheeseburger!

    2. Genji


      Nah man, peaches is best girl 😊

  3. Genji

    Related image

    1. SgtSmithy


      Self portrait? :P

  4. Genji


    Can u fucking not I'm not ready for warmth.

  5. Genji

    Day two of moving I now have half a bed and a mattress in my living room... 



    1. SgtSmithy


      How did you only get half a bed..what happened to the other half? :P

    2. Blake Quinn

      Blake Quinn

      lol enjoy👍 It’ll be over soon, god luck

    3. kimmylou


      Ah the joys of moving :D 

    4. Genji


      @SgtSmithy the bed comes in two halves. It's taken 3 trips back and forth 30mins each way to get it from my mum's house to here 😭😭

  6. Genji

    @SgtSmithy is so good at flying planes...20180414212443_1.thumb.jpg.30dd97b36ea9134a720010c9b9251df2.jpg

    1. SgtSmithy


      How dare you! the tree was at fault! 

  7. Genji

    It's moving day! I went into my new house and rolled around on the floor for a few minutes because I'm overjoyed at my own fucking space ayyyyy

    1. Whitename


      i just finished moving yesterday (not my own place yet but yknow) and my new carpet is cushy as fuck so i walked in and took a nap on the carpet

    2. Genji


      I don't have a bed yet so sleeping on the floor (Or in my kids tiny toddler bed) is a very real option 😂

    3. Whitename


      dont underestimate the comfort of a kid bed!!

    4. Genji


      I dunno when you're 6ft and your kids bed is like 4ft long its... hard

  8. Genji

    I' so fucking tired someone kill me

    1. Brodie


      woke up at 7 this morning, was supposed to go to work, I only slept at 6, accidentally used the wrong shower head, drenched myself in cold water,  feelsgoodman

    2. Harvey


      @Brodie I did that last week, I turned the shower to cold hoping I could prank my sister, she didn't take a shower so when I did the next day the cold water gave me a fucking heart attack...

    3. Brodie


      o7 sweet prince, bet that woke u up tho 


    4. Harvey


      949c1b4946da8a477c4d4caae587a428.png.16581d48db92610c9db92724b2f53d50.png It sure did...

  9. Genji

    Im actually disgusted with how much food I just ate.


    but it was so fucking good.

    1. Mass



      Had a whole half of Nando's-Style Piri Piri chicken from the butchers earlier. So good, had to catch myself or I would've downed the bones too.

  10. Genji

    image.png.00fffaa1a64ace39b20780cf8a27bc26.pngThis fucking game i swear

    1. SgtSmithy


      Wanted to play coop but no one speaks to me :(


    • Brodie
    • Genji

    Copycat smh

    1. NateRP


      everyone wants to be like me its ight

    2. Brodie


      I meant copying me, idiot

    3. Genji


      Image result for i came out to have a good time

    4. Brodie


      but she did copy you too

    5. Genji


      How did I copy you, Brodie 

      Brodie closet weeb??

    6. NateRP


      wow rule 4 brodie

      get fucked

    7. Brodie


      No I meant with the shaking the head gif. 

      Some ppl christ

    8. Genji


      Brodie its an eyeroll gif cmon m8

      Thought we were friends 

    9. Brodie
  11. Give your DayZ character a theme song

  12. Genji

    Image may contain: text

  13. Various Shenanigans

    Chilling whilst @NateRP does all the hard work of getting trucks unstuck.
  14. Genji

    "Mummy this is my doggy his name is fluffy"
    "Aw, thats nice"
    "He was crying because I dropped him but now he is okay"
    "Oh, don't drop him, poor fluffy..."
    "Mummy this is where his poo comes out. It comes out of his bottom, see?"
    "... Yes... yes I can see..."  


    Child please.
    What is this obsession with poop

    1. XxGrAipYyxX


      my 5 yr old asks for me to fart on her everymorning. and now we are at the stage where we have secrete names for poop. this week it is snizzle boots.

    2. SgtSmithy


      Maybe because your such a poo face :P

    3. Genji


      Mines just recently become absolutely obsessed with poo. I dont know why but its hilarious and embarrassing at the same time :')


      Little shitbag.

    4. XxGrAipYyxX


      yea its all butts farts and shit pover here. we even HAD to get her poo play do. its legit just a pile of sqqwuishy brown playdo looking like poo.

      the ittsy bitsy butt spider pooped the poop water out. out came the butt and washed all the farts out.

      as sung by my 5 year old