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  1. Nope. KOS zones dont promote RP, this is an RP server.
  2. Look at his cool eye patch I wonder who did that heheheh 10/10 @Brayces looks amazing!!
  3. Her voice comes back over the radio, the sound of an engine in the background. "Da, I do. Contact me on 98.4."
  4. "I am Lieutenant Reznikova, what is it you need from us?"

    1. ScarlettLR


      Great song

  6. Please dont be stereotypical hard bass "cheeki breeki" slav squat boys pls pls pls
  7. This Is Fine GIF

    My life in a nutshell 🙂


    1. AMERICA


      Mayor of Portland in a nutshell 

  8. Fuck.. whoever is leaving these fucking notes for us in Olsha.. keep it up! This is absolutely incredible RP for us and I applaud you for your ability to make it somewhat challenging but not impossible and its creative as hell! Youve got us all on edge and it is one of the best RP experiences ive had on this server. ❤ keep it up!! @FireDude @edgy Phoenix we are on the case tho
  9. Can anyone who was kicked from the RAC discord please DM me on discord so I can give you an invite link please 🙂


    new girl facepalm GIF by HULU

    1. HarveyLR


      What a palava!

  10. @FireDude Always love our RP. So very emotional & fun!
  11. confused will smith GIF

    How does that work then 🤣

    1. Samti


      Mom, what u mean?

    2. Mommy


      Life... how does life work, child?

  12. 👀


    1. Hofer


      Who Dis Pete Davidson GIF by Saturday Night Live

    2. Mommy


      Lilo And Stitch Please GIF

  13. Yeah, no. You should be able to archive for whatever reason you want.
  14. This is an appalling mentality to have, I suggest you squash this attitude quickly because in this community it will get you nowhere. I mean, this isnt really fair, Elmo. It is actually part of the lore that people should be more compassionate when having to deal with infected, because they ARE still people, but people didn't want to do that because "lol is video gam"
  15. The word "Zombie" sounds clunky and gross, honestly. They aren't "Zombies" either, according to our lore. They aren't walking corpses, they are living beings that have contracted a sickness. "Infected" works much better and is true to the lore, because they are not the dead re-animated, they are people who are infected with an illness.
  16. The problem is that everyone considers their character the "main character" and you're not. There is no main characters, people wont just gravitate around you because you appear in a hotspot, people wont immediately trust you when you tell them about your 500 confirmed kills, or fall at your feet when you cry about how you're the soul survivor of that one plane crash in Cherno. You need to include yourself. It takes two to RP, dont expect every single interaction to kickstart a badass story. People are going to be cautious of new people, are you sick? Are you dangerous? Are you an idiot thats going to get them killed? You have to convince them otherwise. Some people just have places to be, and dont want a tag-along.
  17. image.png.6825b5e17b3be0046e0c1d1b2bb24bf8.png

    good the simpsons GIF

    1. Watchman



  18. rihannas GIF

    1. Mommy



    2. Daemon


      cat no GIF

    3. Para


      I wanna vomit at the fact you spelled it Mommy

    4. Mommy


      "Mummy" doesnt have the same appeal @Para

    5. Para


      Neither has much appeal lets be real 😂

    6. Inferno


      stop GIF

    7. ImScouse



    8. edgy Phoenix

      edgy Phoenix

      @ImScouse could ask u the same ;D 

    9. ImScouse



  19. Holy fuck... you need to teach some people how to RP cause this is top notch. I love your RP and hopefully we can work this out
  20. Imagine wanting RP over PVP on an RP server... in a lore group, of all things... disgusting...
  21. Mama bear Photographer strikes again
  22. Star wars gifs that perfectly sum up my night RPing with @Jackfish you LIAR but some fucking DOPE roleplay that really fucking caught me by surprise. Your internal conflict was portrayed perfectly, and I enjoyed every moment in your wonderful presence (even if you backstabbed me :(((( bitch) Shoutout to @HarveyLR and @FireDude for insane RP as usual, yall are top notch Rpers damn been emotional today! But you know, this means I can come back stronger eh... @ the rest of the CLF, amazing hostile RP, thank you for not shooting me for trying to get up so many times aha @The Preacher I enjoyed our heart to heart talk and you helping save Nat, really. It was some good RP that naturally developed, and hopefully they can be friends now eh? Hero Private saves Lieutenant @RAC boys, I love you all pls forgive me yes I am an idiot. This changes now eh! @eDgY ScOuSe and @edgy Phoenix some great medical RP even if I have no idea what you are saying half the time... @Everyone else from New Divide, I love you all so much, I love the RP we have and the fact yall care so much about Nat even tho she is RAC
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