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  1. Ffs we got to the site and theres a field of horses next to where our explosion is going to be. 

    We need confirmation they'll be ok before we can do anything because they're gonna go mental once this thing goes off... 

  2. I call this look... the @Ryan Shepherd



    1. JamesRP


      Never knew you didn’t have legs.

  3. image.png.76ae6dd325b67e6ecb9e80ac44d70918.png 

    iggy azalea netflix GIF

    1. Eagles



  4. Aha I mean there was a little bit of OOC cliques and saltiness. Not nearly as much as there is now. @OnionRingOfDoom we can only have RP when you actually log in, bitch.
  5. Who Are You Reaction GIF by moodman

    1. Woodzie


      New phone who dis?

    2. FaeRP


      You can run but you cant hide, Anal Woods

    3. Woodzie


      Dad gave me a new name! 

      Happy Jonah Hill GIF

  6. Oh thank God this is much easier to say, Boob.

  7. My boss: "Hey you wanna help me blow up some radios for this filming thing?"

    Me, slapping on my helmet: 

    merciless louise belcher GIF by Bob's Burgers

    1. RoverBeast


      Sounds like a good job...

    2. Kattsura


      Sounds fun!!

  8. Buy my silence permanently

    For $8,000 a month I will stop.

    happy new year yes GIF

    1. RoverBeast


      We will never be so lucky 🤔

    2. kalyri


      If I want you to keep talking does that mean you give me money? 

    3. Samti


      will you regret this discussion once somebody actual does this? making the person able to sue you when you try to talk to your child 🤔

  9. Theres probably some way to exploit this but I'm too lazy to think of them, I kinda like it.
  10. A female voice comes through the radio. It sounds weak and quiet, as if the one talking was in pain. Sitting upright in the makeshift hospital bed, Fae rolls her eyes. "Alkis, babe, I'm gonna need you to turn down the edgyness about 50%, alright?" She chuckled lightly, before continuing. "I can't be the only one wondering why Potius have decided suddenly that they want to be the good guys? You think offering supplies and shit fixes anything you freaks have done? What makes you think you're worthy of forgiveness or trust? It'd be better if all current and former Potius 'operators' gave their pistols a blowjob, that's the only way y'all will start fresh"
  11. Honestly feels like prefabs are more of a way to hoard gear and gain an advantage PVP-wise than actually RP. people need to take a leaf from that Irish base and the soup kitchen, which look absolutely gorgeous and spot on for roleplay.
  12. Welcome Home FaeRP

    1. FaeRP


      ❤ how it should be!

  13. My old ass getting out of bed this morning to get the small human her daily cheerio offering:

    Back Pain GIF by memecandy


  14. my 1000th post was me complaining about cows.

    totally worth it matthew perry GIF

    1. Job


      Good job 😉 

      you did it GIF

    2. Zanaan


      You actually made me check if I hit 1000 yet.

  15. I shot four cows yesterday and only one of them actually gave me meat... Idk whats gone wrong but something has...
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