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  1. Theres plenty of vehicles on the server, the issue is one or two people have like 20 cars and 6 choppers.
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    How is this legal. 

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      That’s 220 pounds of Pure MAN!

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      Daddy Tachanka

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      I am yours.

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      About time!


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  6. Fae no longer exists.
    I am only insane Bee woman now.



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      Morning Queen Bee

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      So you’re like the crazy old cat lady but with bees 🐝.

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  7. -1 No thanks suspend your disbelief for a bit, its not game-breaking. Bring back the derringer then we will talk
  8. I adore this group and what they are doing. I cant help but feel a pang of nostalgia from when RAC was a thing, watching you guys do your stuff. I've witnessed a few trials on various characters, enjoying those. The punishments are always fair and not too drastic considering we are in an RP scenario. Its very interesting to watch as well! I am heavily considering joining but at the moment I'm being free and breezy on my two characters. The absolute hilarity that was Skye sobbing at the PD about her lost pig and everyone not knowing how to calm her down I do very much enjoy the dynamic between Natalya being RAC and the Chernarnussians. Hopefully she can shed some light and stop the stigma against RAC, at least the battalion she was part of Keep it up guys!
  9. Im sorry did you say LAW??
  10. I will riot Give pig pls
  11. Ngl Skye is such a sweet soul and alongside Kai they simply make such a great couple, a true blessing on the otherwise chaos ridden world, looking forward to all the future interactions and the RP!

    1. FaeLR


      It is a character type ive NEVER played before so its very new to me!
      Im so used to playing the asshole bitch character
      Im so glad people like us, I cant wait to do more RP with them when I get back from my parents!

  12. You may see the following flyers nailed to buildings in and around Zelenogorsk and Green Mountain
  13. Skye continues tossing seeds down to the chickens, taking her radio from her belt and pushing the PTT. Animals can be heard in the background, including the very loud crow of Ronnie the Rooster. "I'm not a scientist, but I am happy to provide herbal medicine to the Zelenogorsk clinic as well as the food my husband and I are cultivating. I've grown or harvested all the herbs myself, so I know it is safe to use. I make and bottle everything, I only ask that the jars and bottles are returned so I can properly cleanse them for reuse. If you need me, I'll be at the Winchester farm next to Green Mountain. I am only one person and I am busy a lot of the time, but I can make large batches of medicine if you need"
  14. Had loads of fun on my new character with @Watchman 😄

    We were just testing out something new but we had so much fun setting up our farm and reading people's fortunes!



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