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  1. SUMMARY: @Ryan Shepherd was innocently sitting in his Ford Transit Connect when he had an idea for a rolling banner on the top of the home screen of DayZRP. Very excited to share his idea, he immediately informed @Roland in discord. @Roland then used this idea and implemented the rolling banner on the home page with names and reports ticking along. @Ryan Shepherd then sat and watched, excited to see the credit for his idea at the end of the banner. When this credit never came, @Ryan Shepherd was deeply saddened and couldn't even enjoy the rest of his raw potato (An irish delicacy for you uncultured swine) RULEBREAKS: @Roland - You knowingly stole this idea from the pure and innocent @Ryan Shepherd. The staff team do not condone this behaviour in the slightest and are deeply disappointed that such a long standing member of the DayZRP community would commit such a heinous crime. I'd like to point out our reports are viewed on a case by case basis and that report you refer to 7 years ago doesn't count because we've changed our minds 18 times since then because the guy who pops up now and then to tell us what to do said so and we can't argue or he will have us sent to the basement with the loremasters and devs and it smells down there. EVIDENCE: VERDICT: @Roland | Theft of Ideas | 69 day ban, 420 warning points | You must clean Ryan's Ford Transit Connect and provide him with a fresh potato immediately. SIGNED: @Fae + @Hofer


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  3. This is a terrible idea, honestly. People will just AFK to lose their points. Perhaps theh should read the rules and avoid breaking them instead?
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    okay i see how it is
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    DayZRP 20.2.4

    Have you seen how big wolves are in real life??
  6. Fae's voice comes through the radio, filled with static. Her voice is quiet, and it sounds as if she speaks through bared teeth due to pain. "You won't find him until he wants to be found. He's closer than you think, chances are you've all been in extremely close proximity but have no idea its him. He's watching everyone who's interested in his... "art work" and keeping tabs on them, as far as I can tell..." She mutters under her breath as she moves slightly in the makeshift bed, groaning somewhat. "Everyone's a fuckin' detective now eh" She speaks into the radio again, "Fucker is making a game for the whole country and y'all are playing into it. He wants this. He wants y'all to see what he's done and he's loving the attention. You ain't gonna find him, all you can do is just hope you're not a person of interest to him, I guess."
  7. SUMMARY: @Mhuur is moving through Dichina military base, looking for loot and supplies. He turns a corner after shooting some infected and spots @MrFloppyBottoms aiming a gun at him. Before he could speak, @MrFloppyBottoms opens fire without a word and kills @Mhuur. @MrFloppyBottoms then logs out before their 30 minute timer is up. RULEBREAKS: @MrFloppyBottoms You claim to have accidentally joined the server thinking it was a pvp server, which we are finding hard to believe, what with the fact that you need to use the password for DayZRP and our logo is visible as a watermark at the top left corner of the screen. Not to mention that you need very specific mods to be able to play on our server, that would need to be removed to play anywhere else. That being said, you are guilty of an invalid kill on @Mhuur, in which you do not initiate or speak to him in any way before opening fire. You also log out before your 30 minute combat timer is up. Due to the severity of these rulebreaks, and the fact that you are still a "new whitelist", your whitelist will be revoked as well. VERDICT: @MrFloppyBottoms | Invalid Kill (On Sight) + Combat Logging | 7 day ban, 15 warning points | WHITELIST REVOKED SIGNED: @Fae , @Eagles + @Scarlett
  8. I gotta keep people entertained somehow...
  9. Im asleep for 99% of the podcast too, dont worry.
  10. I had a lull of not wanting to play & not being able to play due to personal issues, but I came back
  11. SUMMARY: @steeltalen is in Zalesie, where he runs into @birdman. They engage in conversation briefly, with @birdman asking where people were etc. @steeltalen is answering his questions in between long silences. Then, @birdman enquires about NVGs, and holds @steeltalen hostage despite @steeltalen claiming he didn't have any due to them always getting robbed (and whilst he was holding a flashlight in the darkness). @steeltalen is restrained with handcuffs whilst @birdman silently rifles through his backpack and belongings, before realising it was not worth his time, as @steeltalen does not have NVGs. @birdman then uncuffs @steeltalen and weakly attempts to throw @steeltalen's weapon away multiple times, but gives up after getting it about two feet. RULEBREAKS: @birdman The "roleplay" provided in the clip is absolutely abysmal and the very definition of gearRP. You don't care about making the hostile interaction fun or engaging for @steeltalen, hence the long silences whilst you rummage through his things. You do nothing to quell your supposed "boredom" by giving poor @steeltalen three minutes of garbage whilst all you care about is finding NVGs, ignoring him when he says he has none, which seems a little blatant as he is stood holding a flashlight. I will direct you to the following rule, which you have undoubtedly broken with this interaction:- EVIDENCE: VERDICT: @birdman | BadRP | 5 day ban, 10 warning points | PERMANENT REMOVAL FROM THE COMMUNITY SIGNED: @Fae, @Inferno + @Eagles
  12. Haven't we had enough of these pointless threads by now? Offline raiding wont stop, no matter how much people whine about it. Theres no way to police it. Stop acting like your 500 stored M4s are detrimental to your roleplay...
  13. I have big feet ok get off my ass I can pick shit up with then, people would pay good money for that content.
  14. Your first mistake is expecting Justin Bieber to be good.
  15. Tired Good Night GIF by Robert E Blackmon

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  16. CONNECTION LOGS: HIT LOGS: KILL LOGS: CALLING IN THE FOLLOWING TO POST THEIR POV AND ANY VIDEO EVIDENCE THEY MAY HAVE @God | Kirby Hammer | OP @Zanaan | Erik Livingston | POSTED @Nvllsekt | Alex Koveli | POSTED @Trijim | Ryan Rivers | POSTED @DewShineX1 | Nathan Perch | POSTED @Skeeterbolt | Christian Vecellio | POSTED @Nihoolious | Nicholas Mann | POSTED @HECTIK32 | Jack Ryder | POSTED @Dongle | Kato Rito | POSTED @Dustemane | Max Tolstoy | POSTED @JohnGrace | John Grace | POSTED @Grizzz | Windex Akunda | POSTED @Tiger-chan | James Tigre | POSTED @Hollows | Charles Hackett | POSTED @Safron | Riga Tony | POSTED @chief_mello | Smedley Butler | POSTED
  17. Thanks! I hate it!

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  18. Fae Williams POV: Sitting in camp at the Soup Kitchen just chilling out, when two dudes arrive. They offer stuff to trade and ask for food. I accept their donations and point them to where the food is kept with a sceptical tone of voice. Fae has had many run ins with cannibals & is a bit suspicious of the way these two are acting, their voices and their giggles set off alarms for her but she didnt press it. She was simply going to watch their behaviour and perhaps ask some probing questions before this all happened. The doctor then initiated, claiming that she knew they had Kuru just by their laughter. I pull a gun just to be safe, but do not raise it. I suggest moving them out of the middle of the soup kitchen and into the empty cabin to not be so open about this whilst we figure it out. They are led inside and I pat them down for any strange meat, and start questioning them. They admit to taking meat of a stranger, to which I advise them it isn't the best idea. The doctor then accuses one of being 100% a cannibal, after "testing" with a blood test kit and a compass (??) Having a terrible history with cannibals, Fae gets irate, and starts threatening to pull their teeth out (which spurs an altercation between herself and @cjackson821... sorry love you!) @ViperTCA intervenes and kicks the guys out of camp, Fae helps escort them, shooting in the air to get them to leave faster. Afterwards, she overhears someone saying one of the guys dropped human meat on the ground.
  19. Hello! I was the scary lady in black who wanted to pull teeth because the doctor said you were cannibals If this does happen again, a simple ooc chat message of //You cant test for Kuru this way or something would suffice if you dont wish people to know right away. Most people who play cannibals dont actually eat the human meat in game because of the annoying laugh ever 5 seconds and then scenarios like this happen. That being said, I was already suspicious due to your own laughter, tone of voice (every cannibal I have ever met IC has had the same kind of voice/temperament for some reason) and the fact that when I quizzed you you mentioned eating meat from a stranger. It did add up. If you feel a rule has been broken, a report can be made, but it is up to you. We cannot advise either way!
  20. I like this more please!
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