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  1. Because you are playing a character, not a "player" you wouldnt run around with infected running around etc in real life cause youd die pretty fuckin quickly
  2. Tfw the guy who comes to clear your yard is cute as fuck and I open the door like this


    1. Millie


      That's a big coffee mug.

    2. burRP


      When the tiny dominos lady turns up and makes me pay for the the pizza with money 

    3. Fae


      Honestly the worst one was the cute ass fuckin doctor that gave me an exam when I was pregnant and I was like 

      kili GIF

  3. That is true, I usually try to trap them myself, shove them in a barn or something. I didnt say it should be easy to deal with them, just might be difficult at the start to keep it up without having to kill a bunch of infected just due to mass aggro/not having anywhere to shove them/getting bitchslapped to death in a bugged doorway etc.
  4. Whilst I 100% agree and love this idea for the start of the lore, isnt this going to be a little hard to actually RP out? What with the hoardes of infected and the only real way to get rid of them is to kill them en masse? Once you've upset one infected, you've likely upset a LOT, and there is no more outrunning them due to the stamina bar.
  5. Born into poverty in Zelenograd, just north west of Moscow, Natalya’s parents struggled to care for their only daughter, having very little to their name. When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, her parents attempted to leave the country to seek a better life for themselves and their child. It was not an easy task, travelling south to Chernarus with a young child. They wound up in Miroslavl, one of the major cities within South Zagoria, where Natalya’s father worked on building sites to provide for his wife and daughter. In 1994, Natalya’s father was severely injured in an accident on site, and later died of his injuries. Her mother was left with nothing, and after struggling for months, opted to give her daughter to an orphanage in the heart of Miroslavl, to save her from living on the streets. Natalya’s mother promised to return once she had enough money to provide for them, but never returned. Natalya never found out why, never questioning or delving into her mother's disappearance. It was easier to presume she was dead. She grew up in the orphanage among dozens of other children, quiet and reserved. She disliked the company of the other children, opting instead to find companionship with the local street cats, who she would sneak food for now and then. In 2005 at age 18, after failing to be adopted before she came of age, Natalya was forced to leave the orphanage. She had nowhere to go, and ended up on the streets for several months, making her way slowly out of Miroslavl and up the coast towards Chernogorsk. She managed to get work for herself in Chernogorsk, scraping enough money together to keep herself off the streets. She rented a small room above the bar she worked in, it wasn’t luxurious by any means, but it was better than being in the cold. In late 2008, Natalya volunteered for the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star - thinking that a life in a military setting would be easier than living alone on the street. At least there, she’d get food, shelter and warmth. She would be secure, and all she had to do was fight if told to. And fight she did, in 2009 the war broke out between the Chernarussian Republic and The ChDKZ, and Natalya was one of many combatants. She was wounded by shrapnel in December of 2009, and was hospitalised for the remainder of the war. Returning once her wounds had healed, Natalya continued to serve until the Republic Army of Chernarus was formed in 2012, and happily transferred alongside some of her ChDZK brothers to aid Chernarus and follow Lopotev’s ideals.
  6. Excited for this! So glad to be a part of it! LETS DO THIS!
  7. Episode 5 Drinking GIF by The Bachelor

    Cheers to the end of the lore. 

    Im lowkey excited to start over and see where it goes!
    Thank you to everyone who interacted with my characters and made them so great, I had so much fun playing them.

    Heres to the new lore!

  8. image.png.41863668e3641eddd775eedad268602f.png

    RIP Fae. 
    Slipped and fell down some stairs, thought it best to PK for realism sake.

    Independence Day Reaction GIF by Broad City


    1. Inferno


      Rolled a 1

    2. Samti


      GODDAMN STAIRS! i'll spend the KOS event shooting stairs

    3. Fae


      cat falling GIF by Cheezburger

    4. Samti


      dog stairs GIF thats what i imagined

    5. kalyri



  9. "World hard and cold, tiddy soft and warm" - Fae 2020

    Uh Huh Reaction GIF


    @kalyri @RiZ @cjackson821 @Faebloom

  10. We ifi did ok




    1. AlkisLR


      I will end you I swear 🤬😂

  11. sponge bob day GIF

    1. Malthis



    2. Samti



    3. Fae


      waiting for lore wipe 

      Wait Reaction GIF by Silicon Valley

  12. It is 6:21am and my small human is bouncing on my bed after demanding Alexa play "Another one bites the dust" 

    Child please.


    1. Stagsview


      And yet ....u are so proud of her.

    2. Fae


      She has good taste in music tbh 

    3. Taffinator


      Holy shit, I know how you feel. 

      Kids eh? Got to love them! 

  13. Yes.


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