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  1. Twinsies. Making shadow puppets in the church Dr Fritz lookin kinda @Ron
  2. This could also be called "Reznikova being 110% done with Laskin's shit" What a 10/10 day for a 10/10 group. I love it.
  3. This image is purely for @AleksObrien Fuck ur cows
  4. Best sandwich for me, Chicken, bacon, mayo, lettuce all on toasted white bread and served kinda warm
  5. Wait until you hear about this: So good
  6. Yes please! I know the Lore Team currently have been dealing with some technical issues and personal life, but I think we do need to hire more LMs and EMs to take the strain off the current ones. I absolutely adored @Jackfish bullying me doing random events with me, it was some really good fun and gave me some great character development. Random mini events are amazing for small groups, and the big grand ones are fantastic for the whole server.
  7. Ngl this shit hits different best kinda sandwich (better with super noodles tho)
  8. Did try it out earlier today but it didnt work at all I got punched in the back of the head for science. If it can be fixed so it works correctly, itd be kinda cool tho.
  9. Squad Photo with @ImUnii Lovebirds @DrMax& @APerfectMojo Big gun training with @cheeks & @Lettuce
  10. +1 Need some way of getting into these massive structures. Way too many bases full of stuff the two people who live there will never use. (Maybe not RPGs though ... )
  11. Putting this statue in our camp was my greatest mistake.


    1. ImAtrix



    2. Fae


      Im gonna build a fence around it and start charging people to come stare at it I swear to god 


    3. ImAtrix


      aye @Jackfishwould pay good money

    4. Terra


      No... not a mistake. It was your greatest idea ever!

  12. I think this would be cool if there was a way of carrying people as well For now I am indifferent, I dont really mind either way. I can see the pros and cons of having it though.
  13. Training the doctors to shoot Dr Godard, Fashion Model.
  14. As long as they're not broken as hell, the mod works and they fit the lore, I guess so?
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