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    BeanZ WAR

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    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    Dark eyes watched for some time after the helicopter had left. The small figure crouched on a high tree branch, obscured by the leaves. She’d scaled the tree as the gunfire on the ground broke out, and waited long after it had stopped before slowly crawling her way back down again. Assuming the coast was now somewhat clear, she creeped her way towards the site of the helicopter gunfire, weapon in hand. The mass of bodies was no surprise, judging by just how many guns had been firing earlier. Fae slowly walked through the camp, eyeing each body with a wrinkled nose as she lifted a hand to push her mask closer to her face. Crouching at one of the corpses, her eyes scanned him up and down, noting the gag and ties as she checks through his jacket. “Gross” she muttered, “Poor bastards... Rather you than me though, mate” Pulling out the beret, she tilts her head, turning it over in her hands. “Chedaki, huh? Definitely rather you then, bud” Tossing the hat aside, she stands, peering into each tent with curiosity. It was an interesting find, after all, they must have had some reason to be out here, and it must have been important... It wasn’t often you saw helicopters firing at camps in the woods. Her eyes fell on the note written in English, picking it up, she read it with a frown. “Noble bears … called the mighty eagles…” she lifted her head to the sky, frowning. They'd called in the helicopter? Is that what this meant? “That seems a little excessive...” She placed the note back where she’d found it, and her attention was drawn to the packs lined to one side, and she carefully approached. She was well aware it wouldn't do to dwell here too long, but she was a curious creature by nature, and couldn’t help herself. The explosives were surprising, just the sheer amount was a concern. “What the hell were they planning on blowing up with all this shit?” Her fingers twitched, itching to grab some to take with her, but she could hear the nagging now. She couldn’t be trusted with explosives. Reluctantly, she ignored the C4, instead reaching for one of the books in the final pack. Maybe these were like diaries or journals, perhaps they could tell her something about what these people were actually doing here that made them such a target. Flicking through the pages, she was greeted with names and groups. At first she thought nothing of it, until her eyes locked onto a name she recognised. Flipping through several pages, she found more and more names she knew, until she found one that sent an icy spike of panic through her chest. ‘Robbie Jackson’ Was this some kind of hit list? It couldn’t be. There were names here from all over Chernarus, there is no way these could all be targets… so what were they for? What could they want with a child? Underneath Robbie’s name, read; ‘Fae Williams’ Under hers, ‘Jet Hershel’ Yanking the page from the book, she shoved it into her pocket and placed the book back into the pack. She rummaged around a little more for any kind of answer to why all these people were listed, but found nothing but more questions. “...Shit” Pulling her map from her pack, she quickly marked this location with a small circle, scribbling a note inside her own journal before folding it all back up and tucking it away again. Fae made her way out of the camp, being careful not to step in any of the gore coating the ground as she left. Her curiosity screamed at her to stay, but she wasn’t stupid. It was best to leave before anyone else showed up, potentially blaming her for this mess. She made her way back through the trees towards Pavlovo, wondering what the hell this was all about, somewhat distracted as she pushed through the undergrowth.
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    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

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