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  1. Hello! Pop in a support ticket here: https://www.dayzrp.com/support and we will see what we can do
  2. @DatInnocentGuy + @Grag nice to bump into you today
  3. I wanted to sit and have a think about this before replying, because there are some good points made here. 1) Like Roland said this is entirely up to Kerk. As someone on the map dev team, we were working hard to make Nyheim more interesting, with POIs etc. If Kerk would like to continue pushing these changes, I am more than willing to listen to suggestions on small POIs to make and I will sit and churn them out myself because its something I love doing (small campsites and towns etc - I cant do big cities or ill go overboard ) 2) Anyone that played the old Chernarus lore knew i loved the farming mod (Tinkerbell my beloved... ). These are the mod suggestions I want to see from community members, ones that push and promote RP. Obviously there is nothing we can do if a mod is broken. Traders could be tweaked to avoid people just taking stuff to sell, but as much as I personally dislike the traders, it does give people something to do.. to loot and sell and buy better stuff etc 3) There is no solution to this that pleases everyone, unfortunately. One of the main reasons people join and leave the server that I have seen is that they get raided and aren't sure how to continue or don't have any motivation to continue, and so they leave. Its worth looking into some base rules, but I'm not sure removing it entirely is a good solution. However, it may be worth a try. 4) Whether we are 1 week or 100 years into the infection shouldn't affect peoples ability to make a decent character, group or decent stories. Most people dont care about the lore at all, which I wish they would because it can be the basis of some really great stories. That being said, I am all down for suggestions on how we can further push the current lore, anything people want to see or suggestions for events big and small etc. Feel free to DM me (And then I can pester @ItsJet about it). Im working on getting some more event/lore staff whilst its quiet so we can sit down and work on some fun stuff but we need suggestions 5) A limit would be nice, but it would be tricky to enforce and IMO in the servers I've seen it in it only adds to salt reporting and lack of immersion. I've seen it so many times, a lot of IC and OOC complaining about people not adhering to group size. It sounds great on paper but in reality its highly immersion breaking. I agree, the community is as much responsible to assist the server in its current state, I am but one small person. I can do what I can from here, but I cannot wave a magic wand and fix everything all by myself. It will take some love and care and some very hard work from the community if they really want to see this place thrive. We should be welcoming newcomers with open arms and helping them succeed here so we can build up a fun playerbase. I am more than willing to have conversations about this providing they are civil and constructive
  4. Hello! We are looking for new, active and enthusiastic staff members to join us! Click here to put in an application if you are interested
  5. image.png

    @Victoria takes the best pics of me xox

    1. Novagats


      nice ass

    2. Fae


      thanks I grew it myself

    3. Victoria


      I wasnt gonna die without that picture

  6. You follow the herd

    sheep eating GIF

    1. Fae


      This hurt my feelings former Admin and Current Community Legend Uncle Calidin I shall report this to the appropriate authorities. 

    2. Jay


      Kid Sheep GIF
      Actual footage of @Faetrying to do staff work only to be overburdened with no direction.

    3. Cal


      I am terribly sorry to have offended you current administrator and current community MVP Momma Fae. I’ll ensure to accept any punishment that comes my way from you reporting this to the proper authorities.

    4. Cal


      Facts @Jay

  7. Will miss you in staff, thank you so much for helping me in my first few days as Mod and my entire time as Support. You deserve MVP. ❤️

  8. Will miss you in staff, thank you so much for helping me in my first few days as Mod and my entire time as Support. You deserve MVP. ❤️ 

  9. Will miss you in staff, thank you so much for helping me in my first few days as Mod and my entire time as Support. You deserve MVP. ❤️

  10. Will miss you in staff, thank you so much for helping me in my first few days as Mod and my entire time as Support. You deserve MVP. ❤️

  11. I honestly enjoy listening to this ngl - its super interesting to hear your perspectives on things Keep it up pls. Nozzy for media team when???
  12. BQM6jEZ-UJLgGUuvrNkYUFHcNu7xhok-K4KSraCx

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      Happy Birthday! 🥳🍾

  13. Oh.... oh no...

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  14. Congratulations! You have worked hard for this one, so its very much deserved. 🍾

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