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  1. True, I am absolutely clouded with nostalgia, which isnt a bad thing. I had some amazing RP in the last two lores and no matter how hard I try I just cannot mesh with this one. I tried making an entirely new character, totally different to before, but I just cant get into the swing of it and its depressing. I really want to love DayZRP again, people think im this big debby downer about it but I actually love it here. Its just sad that its such a struggle to enjoy myself anymore. Livonia soup kitchen was bomb af tho. Edit: Im not shitting on the lore here btw, im shitting on myself b
  2. How was that shit talking? It was facts bruh. True. Old lore was kinda dead too but not quite as bad as this. Dayz just not a fun game to play anymore really, tho im surprised its lasted as long as it has. I do applaud the staff and people who worked on the map etc for trying as hard as they have, but dayz is a dying game.
  3. Gimme old lore back pls. We're not even a month in and this one is already dead af.
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  7. Born in the woods somewhere in Europe, Nymphaea was raised away from large cities and busy settlements. She grew among a close knit coven that traversed countries on foot, with small caravans pulled by cows or horses. They'd set up camp for a week or so, and the adults would sell their goods and services to passers by aiming for the larger cities. They mainly kept to themselves, hunting and foraging to sustain themselves, but occasionally traded with outsiders where necessary. Once she was old enough, Nymphaea left her coven to wander alone. She wanted to experience life outside her small
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