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  1. Jaxon was brought up in a city called Aberdeen in Scotland to a mother, Theresa and father, Nicholas. He wasn't actually an only child but his brother shipped off to the army when Jax was around 5, he was called Charlie. Jaxon on the other hand was a mamma's boy in comparison to his brother. Jaxon grew up in a small community, very close knit and compact. He attended school close to the main cities though, this meant he was out of his comfort zone completely. Subconsciously preparing him for the world ahead, this conditioned Jax to be aware of his surroundings at all times and always be aware. This was a result of his somewhat social anxiety problems that he had developed through his teenage years. Fast forward several years Jax was attending university in at the University of Aberdeen, a little more closer to home this time. He decided to take take a GAP year, take some time off and travel around the world a little, first his travels took him to Belgium, Germany where he spent a month or two working for a coffee shop for little to nothing - his second trip is when stuff turned sour - this took him to South Zagoria, a place he wasn't too interested in but heard the culture was something unlike anything from back him, this somewhat intrigued him and spiked a little curiosity. But you can guess the rest. Jaxon had some pitfalls so you could say. - first of all he was very judgemental from a the get go which was a by-product of his younger years in the big cities, scared of people etc. Another thing that Jaxon lacked was patience, he was a very impatient young adult at the young age of only 24.
  2. Extract 2: December 10th. Well... how have I been? What am I doing? Where am I going? I'd assume they're the thoughts going through your head right now. We both know Daisy is too young at the moment to fully understand the situation right now but If I'm honest with you baby I don't think you understand either, or do you do; in that case I am truly sorry. I have made it to a camp up in the midlands of the island, the locals call it Tortuga, originally called Stary Sobor by one of the locals, I say locals he arrived the night before me (couple days ago now.) His name was Bradley, Bradley something can't remember his last name but he was a good man, looked after me. The community was really close-knit, a proper community, all differences set aside - the sole focus was about surviving which I think I was drawn to. I'm broken at the moment, scarred and withered. I'm tired baby, I just wanna come home. I doubt you'll end up reading this and I can't even get it across the pong anyways so it's pointless, this honestly all this is doing is making me feel worse but I guess it's a necessary evil, gotta face shit like this. I've never been one for diary writing, writing journal entries and all that bollocks but it's something to pass the time. Just wanted to say that I'm safe, alive and well. Hope you and Daisy are okay. Love, Kyle.
  3. Well I'll say it for you mate. ITS SHIT!
  4. No I'm actually being serious though, my mum has made a bad boy roast and I have naff all to do so this is the closest bit to banter rn, so please go ahead I don't mind being roasted.
  5. Mate, haha, that's funny. Take the "High road" - dunno what your end goal is here matey but isn't going too well at the moment is it. All your doing is providing me with some late night entertainment on a friday night, eating a solid roast my mum cooked up like 5 minutes ago so. Please, continue! No but seriously continue love bitta banter a doo!
  6. God you really should step your game up pal.
  7. honestly i don’t understand that one but fair play r kid
  8. Meh, not too bad Harvey you could probably step it up a little though pal.
  9. This thread will highlight the journal extracts written by Kyle Manning himself, written throughout a time of immense pain and conflict Mentally and physically (The thread will be updated every time notes something down in his journal) Extract 1: November 21st. If I'm honest I don't know how to start this, or even how to end it for that matter. I'm in a world of hurt right now, and literally speaking this ain't a "world" anymore, it's a sorry excuse at life. You know I liked those two down at Solnichniy, Jamie and Richard - real solid dudes. But my god, what happened to them, it was something out of a horror movie. Anyways, I don't wanna dwell on it too much, I got out alive and they didn't. I'm gonna be frank with whoever is reading this right now, good or bad, courageous or cowardly honestly I can't tell the difference anymore, everything has meshed into one big cesspool of shit, a massive steaming pile of shit. The worst part is I can't even recognise myself anymore, my family back home, god forbid anything has happened to them, are probably worried sick, my wife Vanessa, my daughter Daisy. I dunno, now that I have all this time to myself, while the wolves howl and whatever the fuck they are roam around the streets groaning and moaning I can't help reflect on the fact that I'm a shitty person. For one, I left my family to come here in the first place because of my fucking job and the things I've seen already and let slide right on by like I'm not even there scares me, it literally keeps me up at night. Ah, forget it no ones gonna read this, it's stupid. I dunno why I even tried. *Kyle eventually scraps the idea of writing in a journal, the thought of no one around to see him die or be his legacy scars him, so he puts the journal away for another day after putting a line through all of the text*
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    Pretty darn nice lookin!
  11. What's crackin' fellas, wanted to say hi and declare my presence in the community, and yes I have realised that makes me sound like a twat. None the less, I am British so it doesn't matter. Already Created a ton of memories in the few short "DayZ" I have had on the server (see what I did there?) *cough* *cough* *nudge* *nudge*. All in all I'd just like to say hi to anyone who reads this and "G'day Guvnah!" P.S. Happy Roleplaying and early christmas!