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  1. Titans30

    Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    I'm down to be oin the BPR side
  2. *Thor lets out a chuckle and pushes down the PTT* "Hahahahaha you want my guns... come and take them the only thing you'll find is a bullet from the gun I took from the Fang I killed" *Thor releases the PTT*
  3. *Thor laughs then presses down the PTT* "Well now you've done it... the revolution has begun" *Thor releases the PTT, grabs his AUG, whistles to his mates and sets off*
  4. *Thor hearing this call to arms pushes down the PTT* "The Black Fangs are just as bad as these communists shits, I say we rid them both from this land and start over, a clean sheet rise up, rise up and free our land" *Thor releases the PTT*
  5. *Thor spits out his beans laughing hysterically and presses down the PTT* "Hahahaha, look at you being tough on the radio, the way I see it is you won't touch me or any of my group, you're done, you don't have the Fangs to protect you and once I'm finished with them, I'll move onto you..." *He releases the PTT and goes back to munching on his beans*
  6. *Thor presses the PTT* "Down with the Fangs" *Half a dozen chuckles can be heard as the transmission ends*
  7. *Thor after thinking thru this mans offer pushes down the PTT* "I have thought about your offer to who I do not know, I will have my small group come search for you, we will meet soon and bring down the Black Fangs once and for all, where are you gentlemen located so we may stop by" *Thor releases the PTT and continues looking at the trader camp jotting down notes*
  8. *Thor quickly checks his notes one last time before switching on his radio* Hello citizens of "Tortuga" my name is Thor Nystrom. Most of you probably do not know me, but I come here with a proposition, an opportunity. Many of you know and dislike these men called the Black Fangs, I have met with many people who say in due time someone will rise up and remove these disgusting people from the town of Stary. I'm looking for any and all interested parties to either speak out now or find me at some point in or near the Black Fangs trader post. I have already done some harm to these assholes, with the help of a small abolitionist group I've brought together. With just a small group we have managed to begin to cripple the Black Fangs resources in the trading post. I believe if we can even get a few more willing participants we can bring down these treacherous group and give the land back to the people. *Thor then pauses, switches off his radio and begins to cheer with his mates in the background.*
  9. Thor grew up in Stockholm Sweden with his Dad, Mother and Brother. He fell in love with the outdoors at a young age and quickly began experimenting with a bow and arrow. At the age of 14 Thor began hunting with his father. He became very close with his brother Henrik who was more into his study's and books than Thor. Thor did not attend a school as he joined his fathers business in pelt making. His mother was a stay at home mom while his brother grew up to be a fine salesman for a well known oil company out of Takistan. In the early year of 2017 Henrik began a sales negotiation with the country of Chernarus. He was in the city of Sevrograd when the outbreak began and lost contact with his brother shortly after. After watching his mother die from cancer and his father take his own life Thor believed that his only purpose in life now was to find and bring his brother back home. He then went to his cabin out in the woods, grabbed his outfit, crossbow, and hunting rifle, and set out on his journey to bring his brother back. Nick Name: Thor was shortly given the nickname or alias Artemis by the locals in and around Chernarus which means the goddess of hunting and is typically known for her great skill with a bow and arrow. He was given this alias after the people saw his great skill with said weapon.
  10. Hey guys just wanted to say a quick hello, I'm new here to DayZRP and look forward to having tons of fun experience's with you all as I am a big time Arma 3 Rp'er