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    S1 : Rule play in Mogilevka - 2019-06-29, 21:00

    We have had two encounters with these people at Mogy. First one, they came into a camp and started waving human meat in our faces, trying to provoke us so we left to Mogy and found out they lived there, and they initiated on @Voodoo by pointing guns at him and trying to tie him up, so that broke out in a firefight. Moving on to the recent encounter, we were at the camp again and there were people with motor cycle helmets too. One man was looking for his wife and others were talking about it. Someone made a joke about her, then he thought it was me and walked up to me pointing a weapon in my face. We started to argue, he then got to his knees and began to walk towards my characters dick, trying to make me feel uncomfortable. Things escalate and our new friends in the motor cycle helmets got tired of this mans shit and told him if he continued to curse at them when they are trying to sort things that he would be shot. The man then said "You mean you don't want me to say the word FUCK?" so our new friends shot him. We were then asked to leave and we didn't want to because it wasn't us that killed the man and it was a separate group. Then another one of the traders saw @Watchman on top of a wall and told him to get down or he would be shot, so we killed him. There was then only one guy left who got took away by @CocoMii to make a deal with us to avoid this from happening again. Can I also add that the OP is claiming that we KOS people which is completely not true and that we are not PvP hungry at all. Also why feel the need to call our RP is trash and that no one ignored you once. Video evidence of the entire situation; (03.05.00 - 04.01.00)
  2. BrianM

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    • Tomu

    Oh no.. What have they done!?

    Congrats man!

    1. Tomu


      I know they have screwed them selves havent they 😆

  3. BrianM

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *He sighs then takes a deep breath, pressing the PTT* "Too bad. Shut your mouth and get on with your day.. This does not concern you.." "Anyway, you heard the first broadcast.. You know where to find us.." *He shakes his head, releasing the PTT*
  4. BrianM

    Cannibal hunting ground (Open frequency)

    *Jacob laughs at hearing the kids voice, then slowly presses down the PTT* "Let me get this straight. Who the fuck are you and why do you reply to us with a smart ass comment?" *He releases the PTT*
  5. BrianM

    Infectious Suicide

    Thanos snapped
  6. BrianM

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    Well deserved! 💜

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    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Congrats guys!
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    In Need of a Doctor (99.7 Hz)

    *Jacob shakes his head after hearing the old mans pathetic, stuttering voice again and then presses the PTT* "Again, I am not this fucking butcher.. Vanessa was safe with me, but you guys never seemed to accept that for some weird reason.." *He takes a brief pause* "I know enough about you.. I know that your balls seem to expand when on the radio or when you have people around you.. That already shows me what kind of man you are.." *He takes a sip of water before continuing* "You don't know Vanessa the way I do. Wait and see the real person behind those sweet, innocent eyes.. Then will you realise why she comes back.. And why she will come back.. But anyway, I tried leaving the wolfs alone after Jessica, and the rest of them seemed to leave me.. But you.. You keep coming back and doing the same shit over and over again.. Just be careful who you trust.. You never know which one will stab you in the back you pathetic, wrinkly, bastard.." *He releases the PTT*
  9. BrianM

    In Need of a Doctor (99.7 Hz)

    *He presses the PTT* "You never took the bullet proof vest I had on.. That's why I'm alive.." *He pauses* "Vanessa has had chances to leave, and she has came back before.. Don't think if you act all nice to her, you will get your dick wet.. She laughed and smiled because what else could she do? The amount of drugs she was on, you'd be lucky if she could even move.." *He laughs* "I saw you two carry her into the camp.. Did you even asked her what she wanted..? Oh well, if she stays, you have your fun old man, but you have no idea who she is, you don't know anything about her.." *He releases the PTT*
  10. BrianM

    In Need of a Doctor (99.7 Hz)

    *He forces a smile as best he can before pressing the PTT* "Look at that.. Another one of the puppies ball size doubled in size.. Isn't surprising at all.. Wasn't that when you had your tail between your legs you filthy fucking dog.." *He laughs a little and then coughs before continuing to speak* "Ask the old man.. This wasn't bull shit.. This wasn't a trap.. This WAS genuine.." *He shakes his head then looks over at his rifle against the wall* "Maybe the bullet to the old man should have been you. Anyway, Vanessa has a choice, if she comes back, don't make some more shit up saying I forced her, when quite clearly, I was the one who saved her in the first place.." *He releases the PTT and picks up with his rifle*
  11. BrianM

    In Need of a Doctor (99.7 Hz)

    *Jacob looks over Vanessa as she lays beside him, trying her best to stay awake. He takes a deep breath before pressing the PTT* "Well.. Some of you may recognise my voice.. And this is going to sound rich coming from me, but I was tricked by a few doctors.. And get this.. They were cannibals!" *He laughs before continuing* "Anyway, they offered me a high price, to bring someone to them.. Vanessa.. They took me away and left me tied up while they took her kidney and ate it in front of her.." *He takes another brief pause while glancing over her again* "They stitched her up, but she has lost a lot of blood.. I have no idea what to do.. We are at a summer camp where other doctors live, but no ones around.. Someone just come and help us, please.." *He releases the PTT and drops the radio, leaving it by his side*
  12. BrianM

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Recruitment is now OPEN
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    S1: BadRP/Trolling - 17/06/19 20:30

    Me, Voodoo and Inferno were in severo and we run into some guys, we strike a deal with them and they take Voodoo and we take one of theres, after that I have no idea what happened.
  14. BrianM

    S1 Chernogorsk: KOS / Invalid Kill

    After I had been warned not to return to the camp, so me and a bunch of friends were trying to get inside when we already had an inside man. We waited around for a long ass time, trying everything to get in, and we even made ladders and as we started climbing them, they fired warning shots. So we basically waited around again, trying our best to talk it out, while taking there cars apart and leaving the wheels and what not around the corner. Then we started talking again and one guy said if we climb the ladder again, we will all be killed. NO ONE climbed that ladder and then 5 minutes later, a bunch of us were getting shot from everywhere, leading to people dying and me running out of town.
  15. BrianM

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Thank you to the both of you for the kind words. We really appreciate you guys being good sports in all this and that you are progressing the story lines that are going on. Your RP has been amazing, please keep it up!
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    The day I leave staff, you join. Congats and keep up the good!

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      thanks scot

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    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Looks real good. We will be sure to take all your kidney's!
  18. BrianM

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Thanks honey Thank you my friend
  19. BrianM

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Thanks for all your kind words. We hope we can do something that everyone enjoys!
  20. BrianM

    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Go ahead, we need strong RPers! xD
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    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    Thank you for your kind words, we will see you soon
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    The Tainted (Open Recruitment)

    The Tainted Theme Song: Day 292: I had been surviving with a man named Matt for a couple of months now. But today that changed.. Food had been hard to find, we rationed what we had and tried to share it equally between each of us. Matt wasn’t a man I liked in particular, he was just company and someone I could use to my advantage, he proved his worth to me. Then today came... Our rations ran out, we only had water to last a few more days. Both of us became weak and limp. Matt was waiting to die, however, I wasn’t one to give up. Never have been. I picked myself up, stumbling and staggering, trying to balance myself against the wall. I dragged myself towards Matt with my eyes half shut and fatigued. I looked down on him with a slight smirk on my face, then reached for the gun attached to my belt. I stared at Matt, looking at him dead in the eye before shakily waving the gun at his head. I squeezed the trigger and watched as his brains splattered across the wall behind him. Hesitantly and took out my knife and began to cut up the meatiest parts that were still left on his frail body. I cooked as much as I could and took what I could carry, leaving what was left of him.. “Anything to survive” is what I told myself... Day 693: I met a man.. A man that interested me, a man with a story, a man that could help me.. His name was Jack. I met him in Krasnostav. Jack is a devious man, I have seen what he does and how he does it. He was a Mortician before all this. That meant he knew his way around the human body.. That meant that he could be useful in many ways for me. I found things out about Jack.. I began to like him and enjoy his company, even more so when he told me that he likes the same food I do. It meant that I wouldn’t need to force his hand into doing what I wanted... Jack reminds me of a Butcher. He knows the best parts to eat, the only downside is that he isn’t the best at cooking it. After a couple of days, I grew closer to him.. I started to rely on him, and that made me think to myself... I need someone to help and stick by me through thick and thin, no matter what.. Jack is that man... Day 696: Nathan Jack and I decide to take a trip up to Kelm hill and look down over the city where we first met. We were looking for our next meal. Jack wanted something juicy and succulent, so we were looking for the first person or animal we came across... I didn’t care what we were eating... But then a man named Nathan stumbled upon us while we sat at the top of the hill. Nathan came across as very disturbing and sinister, but he feared me more than I feared him. Out of luck he randomly started to talk about finding his next victim to eat, hinting that it would be one of us. Me and Jack never took that lightly and began to intimidate him and gave him an offer he wouldn’t want to refuse... “Come with us and you can cook anyone you want..” Nathan became our Chef that day, he said he knew how to cook, so we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Jessica We traveled from Krasnostav to Gorka, in search of food. We met one individual when we arrived. Her name was Jessica. She seemed a little spooked at first but she somehow started to get more comfortable and confident. She wasn’t like us, she never ate other people, but that could change at any moment with what I have planned for her. Jessica is brave and fearless... She doesn’t seem scared of any of us and kept trying to push me and see how far I would go, but I never let it get to me. Truth is I enjoyed it... Gave me something to laugh about. Again, we have her an offer similar to the one we gave Nathan. Due to her seductive voice and charisma, we asked her to help lure our victims, be our bait. Surprisingly, she accepted and she was well worth our time... Christopher As the four of us were getting ready to leave and gave our two new recruits a tryout, we ran into another man.. A man that Jack wanted to eat. This man was Chris... I didn’t like him at first, but as the day went on, Chris proved himself and was devoted to keeping us happy. I figured it was because he didn’t want to be added to the Chef’s menu. Chris took us to popular places in the land, he was our map. As we moved further North towards a town called Severograd, Chris started to grow on me. He isn’t like us... Yet... But he will be. I see the darkness behind his eyes. He will learn to be like us... Be like me... The Hunter & The Kidney The five of us decided to move South of the town, towards a camp run by a pack of wolves. They called themselves “The Wolf Pack”. The name was ridiculous, but what was even more ridiculous than that was that they took the bait, again.. Jessica had already lured a hunter out of their camp for us, and we have done a number on him. He became submissive and allowed us to do what we want without fighting back... That’s the benefit of having a beautiful woman around.. Most men think with their dick... Anyway, the Butcher and Chef did most of the work when we had him. They took some blood and skin samples from him and he never even struggled. We must’ve scared him... But then we let him go and he crawled back to his pack... Later that day, after the Chef and Chris took refuge in a house for the night, we got word that the Hunter had told people about us, so we decided to go back to the wolf den. The three of us gave one another fake backgrounds and wore different clothing before getting close. We told them we needed a Doctor to help with a friend down the road. I had a feeling that they knew who we were, but they sent out an old man named Denis, a young woman named Luca who was the Doctor and a Shrink named Shock. The old man, Denis, was very hesitant and knew who we were. He was causing problems, so the Shrink and the Doctor told him to go back to the wolves... And that was when we made our move... We took the two of them to a factory building by the quarry in Severograd. This time the Butcher wanted to do a little more... He and I started to get to work on the Doctor. I held her down while he started cutting into her. Jessica, on the other hand, was keeping the Shrink some company. She stabbed him and beat him a little, then made him watch as Jack and I removed a kidney from his friend... We drove fear inside of them. I could see by the look in the man's eyes... Day 701: Days have passed and people were getting suspicious of the things we have done. Some of us have been captured and beaten... And others like me, have been left unscathed... But that was until Jessica started to fight back against me. Chris and Jack saw it as us flirting, but I only wanted to get to know who we have been running with the past few days... So later that day after Jessica and I had been trying to intimidate one another, I quietly made my way into the room she had been sleeping in and I found her journal... I sat at the bottom of her bed and read through the pages, finding more and more out about her until she eventually woke up and caught me... We spoke the rest of the night, trying to figure one another out and eventually came to an agreement... - Hunt for those that are weak or alone to quench our appetite [Infinite] - Work with settlement leaders/large groups to supply us with unsuspecting victims [Infinite] - Build up our list of informants to help with diplomatic issues [Infinite] - Hunt down those who Tainted our name and punish them as we see fit [Infinite] - Bring in like minded survivors to the family [Infinite] [0/10] - Complete the cook book with various recipes for each part of the human anatomy [Day 800] - Harvest enough human meat to see us through the winter months [Day 844] - Secure and maintain a "Slaughter House" or "Butchers Shop" for a place to lay low during the winter months [Day 844] Our goals are dynamic and determined by IG events. 1. Provide the server with top quality fear RP 2. Focus on RP over PVP 3. Have fun and be unique to the server @BrianM - Jacob Walker @Voodoo - Jack Bones @CocoMii - Lilith Rose @Inferno453 - Christopher Morgan @ImNovaaa - Chase Moore / Chris Iris @Ram - Jaxon Moore @lunathecat - TBD If you are interested in joining the group, please send a PM to @BrianM, @Voodoo & @CocoMii
  23. BrianM

    S2: VMC BadRP

    I would like to point out that Turtle is lying in a report by saying he wasn’t involved, but seen in Pigeons POV, he said that he was trying to get a gun for Turtle as they were talking about it before hand. I would also like to add that Turtle said that he and another guy sat back and not get involved even though the logs show that there was only five of us in the area and three of us were hostage and the other two were pointing guns at us.
  24. BrianM

    S2: VMC BadRP

    First off, you never asked any of us how our day was going, you just ran up and dropped an initiation. Second, people only started acting difficult when you were making all of us strip. Stripping someone is classed as BadRP, but even more so, barely talking to your hostages and providing them no RP at all is also considered as BadRP. I honestly think you need to freshen up on the rules a bit more before you go and strip other people without RP, it doesn't provide any sort of story to it.
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