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  1. Not wanting to clutter the thread here, but that was not the demand you made.. You told us to come out of the building with our hands up. You never once said to go to the roof and do it.. Our characters are young, stupid and afraid, why would they walk through a hallway where there is constant shooting? Honestly though if you told us to go to the roof, that would have made the whole situation easier. We even told you guys we don't know the codes and you just left us in there and gave us no other option other than to try and stay out of the gunfire.. Anyway, no need for back and fourth and I will only reply to questions and if staff request it.
  2. Server and location: S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Ended at around 04:30 11/07/19 Your in game name: Elijah Collins Names of allies involved: @CocoMii - Liah Sharma @Hunter and some other Wolf Pack Name of suspect/s: Jaysh Allah Detailed description of the events: Me and @CocoMii had been inside the Wolf Pack camp for hours as we were being protected because our characters are kids. A little while passes and Jaysh Allah come up and try to sort so things out that happened between Wolf Pack and them previously. Things don't work out, it felt like hours pass and finally an initiation is dropped for the Jaysh Allah. @CocoMii and I put our hands up and stayed where we were and were told to come out with our hands up and we would not be harmed. However, we could not do this due to the fact our characters had no idea what the codes were to get out of the base. There was nothing we could do other than sit inside the base with our hands up while Wolf Pack fought back. To finish off this lovely encounter, a chant was made by one of the Jaysh Allah and then a grenade was threw inside the building, killing everyone that was left and two semi compliant hostages. I would also like to point out that several people were streaming this and I will link @Hunter's stream with the timestamps after he has ended it.
  3. *He presses his PTT and looks at Liah sitting to his right* "I told you Liah will decide if she wants to see you.. Stop trying to force her or she will never want to!" *He releases the PTT*
  4. *He presses the PTT* "Ask Callum.. I am not going to get her killed.. He knows who has our backs.." *He releases the PTT*
  5. *He shakes his head hearing the mans voice and then presses the PTT in again* "But she doesn't want to see him.. She is scared of him.. If she wants to see him she would say.." *He releases the PTT and begins to walk towards Liah*
  6. *Elijah looks over to Liah after hearing her sob and listen to the others over the radio. He takes a deep breath and slowly lifts the radio to his mouth, pressing the PTT and begins talking in a soft quiet voice, almost whispering, sounding in his early teenage years* "Call her that again and you will be in big trouble.. We have powerful friends.." *He glances over to Liah and sighs before continuing* "Leave my friend alone..! She is happy with us!" *He releases the PTT, still holding the radio close to his face*
  7. Jumping over a wall is AOGM..? Ehm.. What?

    1. Watchman


      fall oops GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos

    2. Aisling



    3. Mademoiselle


      Wait... wah?

    4. Brian


      Jumped over a wall at Vyshnoye and turns out I AOGM'ed and we got PMed about.. Since when was jumping over a wall the same height as your character model AOGM? 

    5. Watchman


      I feel like if you can do it IRL then its not AOGM, so if someone boost me over a wall thats realistic and not abuse

    6. Mademoiselle


      AOGM is where it isn’t physically possible IRL such as logging into one world and then logging into the other to get an advantage. 

      Not jumping a wall.... but i feel as if i’m not getting much context

    7. Brian


      Jumped on the edge of a wall to get into a base and then they call out AOGM. That is all I can really say what happened lmao

    8. Aisling


      They did in game?

    9. Mademoiselle


      That isn’t AOGM... Wah...

  8. Me @Watchman and @CocoMii travel to Novy hearing someone on the megaphone telling us to come or not to come, couldn't make out which he said so we decided to go. We were met with threats and a little bit trolly RP from the individuals inside, but it wasn't too bad. They made a number of threats and we did too, then @Watchman placed a landmine after we had heard enough of it. After that we went back to our camp and a little while later, @RavenousRP got shot. They didn't have any rights on him so it must have been Miss ID.
  9. @Mademoiselle If he knows what he has done wrong and the rest of the team are willing to close it then go ahead.
  10. Check out both of their streams! @Voodoo @CocoMii




    1. Watchman


      Never did this for my stream 💔

  11. Archive this please. @Mademoiselle @Xehara @Samti @Realize @Saunders
  12. Server and location: S1 Vyshnoye Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05/07/19 17:50 Your in game name: Jacob Walker Names of allies involved: Lilith Rose - @CocoMii Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinySassyDootPermaSmug Detailed description of the events: About a week ago, me and the rest of my group take a man because he passed through our town which we call "our hunting grounds" and we took three his finger nails. A week passes and we run into a man with a whiteknight helmet and we tell him to leave our town, so he does that. We then go into our town and begin chopping trees and we get shot at. No initiation from us or them. We make a run for it out of the town and then eventually loop back around. Me and @CocoMii then go to sit down by the fire and cook some meat and talk about shit. All of a sudden the man with the helmet comes running in saying "You took my finger and ate it" then kills me. Let me add that we did not take any fingers and only finger nails which was made clear during the last situation. Also, I will link Coco's stream once she has finished and you can see the entire run ins we had with him before hand and you can see the attempted KOS that happened a little earlier before.
  13. *Jacob looks around at all his friends and smiles before pressing the PTT* "You should watch your kidney.. We all love them.." *He laughs loudly before releasing the PTT*
  14. We have had two encounters with these people at Mogy. First one, they came into a camp and started waving human meat in our faces, trying to provoke us so we left to Mogy and found out they lived there, and they initiated on @Voodoo by pointing guns at him and trying to tie him up, so that broke out in a firefight. Moving on to the recent encounter, we were at the camp again and there were people with motor cycle helmets too. One man was looking for his wife and others were talking about it. Someone made a joke about her, then he thought it was me and walked up to me pointing a weapon in my face. We started to argue, he then got to his knees and began to walk towards my characters dick, trying to make me feel uncomfortable. Things escalate and our new friends in the motor cycle helmets got tired of this mans shit and told him if he continued to curse at them when they are trying to sort things that he would be shot. The man then said "You mean you don't want me to say the word FUCK?" so our new friends shot him. We were then asked to leave and we didn't want to because it wasn't us that killed the man and it was a separate group. Then another one of the traders saw @Watchman on top of a wall and told him to get down or he would be shot, so we killed him. There was then only one guy left who got took away by @CocoMii to make a deal with us to avoid this from happening again. Can I also add that the OP is claiming that we KOS people which is completely not true and that we are not PvP hungry at all. Also why feel the need to call our RP is trash and that no one ignored you once. Video evidence of the entire situation; (03.05.00 - 04.01.00)
  15. Brian

    Oh no.. What have they done!?

    Congrats man!

    1. Tomu


      I know they have screwed them selves havent they 😆

  16. *He sighs then takes a deep breath, pressing the PTT* "Too bad. Shut your mouth and get on with your day.. This does not concern you.." "Anyway, you heard the first broadcast.. You know where to find us.." *He shakes his head, releasing the PTT*
  17. *Jacob laughs at hearing the kids voice, then slowly presses down the PTT* "Let me get this straight. Who the fuck are you and why do you reply to us with a smart ass comment?" *He releases the PTT*
  18. Brian

    Infectious Suicide

    Thanos snapped
  19. Well deserved! 💜

  20. *Jacob shakes his head after hearing the old mans pathetic, stuttering voice again and then presses the PTT* "Again, I am not this fucking butcher.. Vanessa was safe with me, but you guys never seemed to accept that for some weird reason.." *He takes a brief pause* "I know enough about you.. I know that your balls seem to expand when on the radio or when you have people around you.. That already shows me what kind of man you are.." *He takes a sip of water before continuing* "You don't know Vanessa the way I do. Wait and see the real person behind those sweet, innocent eyes.. Then will you realise why she comes back.. And why she will come back.. But anyway, I tried leaving the wolfs alone after Jessica, and the rest of them seemed to leave me.. But you.. You keep coming back and doing the same shit over and over again.. Just be careful who you trust.. You never know which one will stab you in the back you pathetic, wrinkly, bastard.." *He releases the PTT*
  21. *He presses the PTT* "You never took the bullet proof vest I had on.. That's why I'm alive.." *He pauses* "Vanessa has had chances to leave, and she has came back before.. Don't think if you act all nice to her, you will get your dick wet.. She laughed and smiled because what else could she do? The amount of drugs she was on, you'd be lucky if she could even move.." *He laughs* "I saw you two carry her into the camp.. Did you even asked her what she wanted..? Oh well, if she stays, you have your fun old man, but you have no idea who she is, you don't know anything about her.." *He releases the PTT*
  22. *He forces a smile as best he can before pressing the PTT* "Look at that.. Another one of the puppies ball size doubled in size.. Isn't surprising at all.. Wasn't that when you had your tail between your legs you filthy fucking dog.." *He laughs a little and then coughs before continuing to speak* "Ask the old man.. This wasn't bull shit.. This wasn't a trap.. This WAS genuine.." *He shakes his head then looks over at his rifle against the wall* "Maybe the bullet to the old man should have been you. Anyway, Vanessa has a choice, if she comes back, don't make some more shit up saying I forced her, when quite clearly, I was the one who saved her in the first place.." *He releases the PTT and picks up with his rifle*
  23. *Jacob looks over Vanessa as she lays beside him, trying her best to stay awake. He takes a deep breath before pressing the PTT* "Well.. Some of you may recognise my voice.. And this is going to sound rich coming from me, but I was tricked by a few doctors.. And get this.. They were cannibals!" *He laughs before continuing* "Anyway, they offered me a high price, to bring someone to them.. Vanessa.. They took me away and left me tied up while they took her kidney and ate it in front of her.." *He takes another brief pause while glancing over her again* "They stitched her up, but she has lost a lot of blood.. I have no idea what to do.. We are at a summer camp where other doctors live, but no ones around.. Someone just come and help us, please.." *He releases the PTT and drops the radio, leaving it by his side*
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