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  1. Back to this beauty of a theme! 💙

    1. burRP


      leeds leeds leeds

    2. Inferno


      Finally, something good again

    3. Brian


      @Inferno453 I completely forgot about changing tbh.. But you are right The Rangers are good 😉

  2. Happy Birthday sexy ❤️

    1. Watchman


      thanks hun ❤️

  3. They jackets look cool, good work!
  4. I mean if staff want to do it then they can, but if they don'y have time to do it then they shouldn't be made to.
  5. Change that music right now...

    1. Ratatosk



  6. Never expected you guys to put the thread up so quickly! Looks amazing, best of luck!
  7. With how often the server crashes and how it would fuck everyone's FPS, it won't happen anytime soon.
  8. 30 minutes of hostile RP focused on one person for an invalid kill at the end.. Top notch RP fellas.. Really setting a good example for this group..
  9. Thanks a lot sexy xoxo

    1. RavenousRP


      Anytime my lad xoxo

    2. Eagle


      Even more juicing on my boi 👻

    3. Brian


      Just embracing what you and your gang call me! Its all good, darling 😘

    4. RavenousRP


      Listen listen everyone juices me, theres plenty of me to go around

    5. Eagle


      No one calls ya that but ait.

    6. Brian


      Someone told me they did, doesn't bother me anyway.. Just embrace shit like that, its funny xD

  10. All people do now is grasp at fucking straws.. Just accept what happened and move on ffs..

    1. Kieran


      Mate, best thing to do is leave it. Some new drama will appear in like a week for people to obsess over.

  11. About fucking time! Well deserved!

    1. RandyRP


      Thanks dude!

  12. All these mother fuckers out here criticising your RP when they were all the ones who were complimenting it on all your other characters. She memed, its not as if you all don't go around constantly memeing, but when Coco does it, you all go out your way to make a fucking thread trying to humiliate someone? Its a fucking game, can you all not grow up and let her play how she wants and have fun? 

    Oh and yeah, all of you can call me a whiteknight for making this (like you all do anyway) but this needs to be said, everyone is sick and tired of people making remarks to others RP when no one else's is the greatest. 

    1. Hunter


      You shall be the martyr we need, but not the one we deserve @BrianM

      Especially when they have to manipulate what they are doing by coincidentally not showing the rest of the situation.


    2. LeaveOrDieRP


      I agree with all of this, but just because you said it yourself:


    3. GalloWB


      You are big whiteknight lololol.

      Anyways, in all seriousness, you're 100% right. A 12-13 year old, especially one with the trauma of being a Skitzo, would act exactly as Coco does as Liah. I think all these "grown up fast" children characters are downright stupid. I try to make a point on my minor interactions with Liah to protect her from the world as it is. Not drag her into it. As I do with all characters with a semblance of innocense.

    4. Brian


      @BanksRP May as well embrace it at this point..

    5. Brian


      Its funny.. The Child RPers get the blame for acting trolly, when they learn from the adults how to act.. We literally just listen in and copy what the adults do. If they make someone laugh by doing an action or telling a joke, we take it as our own and use it.

    6. BRYZORD


      I gave my beans.

    7. IsaiahCortez


      I'm gonna white knight her. Because she is my friend, and the rp i have been getting out of this, has been a blast. Don'y you dare to judge others rp based on 30 seconds clip. 

    8. Brian


      @Isaiah CortezPVE Don't copy me! Let me admit to being a whiteknight! 😂

    9. IsaiahCortez


      @BrianM But together we are stronger! Let's make a group, "White knights of CoCo"!

    10. Brian


      Ehm.. I am will not go that far, but me my guest, by all means.. You can make a group that whiteknighs Coco!

    11. IsaiahCortez


      🤔 But I needed you as a leader! No, not really. But it's honestly annoying on shitting on good roleplayers like that, on the thread.

    12. Brian


      BrianM, King of the Whiteknights.. Yeah, it is getting pathetic how people just look for reasons to make Child RPers feel bad about the RP they are bringing. They are just trying to have fun like everyone else. People like PvP.. People like MedicalRP.. People like Child RP.. Everyone has there own preference and they should be allowed to play as they like and feel comfortable with!

    13. IsaiahCortez


      I can't bean u more. But pretty much my most memorable moments from rp have been from kid characters. IDK, maybe I stick around em long enough to see what kind of persons they play? 🤷‍♂️

    14. Hunter


      I got you bois don't worry! DIAMOND BEAN POWERS ACTIVATE!

  13. *He presses the PTT* "You missed the last one when Kira turned up.. Anyway, thanks for the help last time.." *He releases the PTT*
  14. Why is there always so much unneeded drama? 🤔

    1. Hunter


      People just wanna be petty and sad thinkin' they all big and bad.

    2. FalkRP


      next season mate

    3. Zanaan


      Didn't you know, this is "DayZ of Our Lives"

    4. Brian


      @FalkRP What are you talking about?

  15. When I do it, I shit talk them/joke around to a certain point before I actually stop. It gets to a point when you need to actually value your characters life and think of the consequences IC and OOC.
  16. *He presses the PTT* "Is the new trend in Chernarus taking children..? I feel left out now.. Why don't older men want me..?" *He releases the PTT*
  17. *He presses the PTT* "What is it with people continuously taking this little kid..?" *He releases the PTT*
  18. *He would perk up and crawl over to his bag, grabbing his radio then quickly presses the PTT. You would hear a kids voice* "Okay Arnost.. You have had your last fucking chance you filthy whore.." *He'd smile and pause briefly* "As for you.. "Angel".. You can try and keep taking her.. You disgusting piece of shit.." *He releases the PTT*
  19. Elijah Collins' POV: Was driving through Gorka when I heard @CocoMii calling my name on the radio asking to meet up and explain how some of the men in Gorka were paedophiles. Meet them, explained how one of them asked my character to take his pants off when he is only a 14 year old kid. Also explained to them how we had already heard rumours about a man named Micheal who had already been accused of being a paedophile before we even met them. We eventually get to the compound and we were met with guns raised at us. Specifically aimed at @RavenousRP. We ignore it and we start talking with them and they accuse my character of being a liar and then insults began to start being threw around. @RavenousRP then decides to initiate on them all, which I follow and do that same. We began to hug the walls while @RavenousRP began sniping from one of the hills. We eventually begin to boost people over and then the firefight slowly came to a close.. Let me also add that boosting someone over a wall is not against the rules, people do that IRL and a wall that size could easily be climbed by one person on there own.. There was no rule breaks here and I would like to push for this to be classed as a False Report.
  20. @Challenger What do you think of the profile? 💙

    1. Aisling


      At least its not arsenal 

    2. Aisling



    3. Rutkiy


      @Aisling have care how you speak 


    4. Challenger


      Coming in with the annual Yer clubs dead mate, pipe down patter.  @Aisling Absolutely disgusting, let me guess, you support the crap side of North London? 


    5. GMAK


      This is R4 worthy. 

      Also @Aisling enjoy this...


    6. Aisling



  21. Don't you hate making people feel bad unintentionally? Fucking sucks ass

    1. Watchman



    2. Lyca


      I agree. 

  22. Okay, I think people understand you don't like it, but let people play how they like and if its trolly or BadRP, make a report and get it over and done with there.. Oh or even better, instead of making a thread, try PM the people who you are "cringing" at and try and discuss it with them directly.. Simple as that!
  23. That is a lie and we actually had a conversation with one of that we didn't know the codes to get out.. When I get time, I will look through the stream and give you an exact timestamp of when that happened..
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