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  1. Brian

    The Pack

    Congrats on being approved!
  2. Congrats my dude!

    1. DrMax


      Cheers Brian!

  3. Brian

    The Pack

    Group looks really promising. Can’t wait to see you guys IG. Good work!
  4. Think that's a bit more fitting lol
  5. WTF!!!


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      Pure skill dude!

  6. Congrats on getting approved! Also love the graphics.
  7. I have no problem with what happens. The only negative impact I think there is to switching to 0.63 is that food and water start to decrease rapidly, which then leads on to cause you to start limping and then eventually die due to it. But other than that, I think it will definitely bring back more players and a lot of new features that could benefit the persons RP experience.
  8. Dr Strange? Thor is the best!!!!

    1. DrMax


      Tbh Dr Strange isn't my favourite.. It has to be this beast 




  9. Joseph would press his PTT with a smile on his face. "Listen, I don't know who you are, but that guy who called you a 'chooch' has nothing to do with me or my group." "Also, why do we need to bring that guy to you? Can you not do the work yourself or do you think you can make any demands you want?" Joseph starts to laugh. "I have already told you that we will do what you want IF there is a good price." Joseph would release the PTT and throw the radio on the ground.
  10. Joseph laughs and presses down on his PTT. "As I said, we have not agreed to any of this!" "We were not at this meeting, and if we were, you would have noticed us due to our clothing choice." Joseph releases the PTT and throws his radio in his bag.
  11. Joseph picks up his radio as quick as he can and he presses down the PTT. "Hello, my names Joseph Green and I am here to speak for The High Rollers." "We have not agreed to this Coalition against Anarchy." You would hear Joseph begin to laugh. "We are business men, we don't do the stuff we do for nothing!" "Give us the right price then maybe we will consider it, but we are not going to put our lives on the line for this shit!" Joseph takes off his hat and releases his PTT.
  12. Brian

    The Syndicate

    Congrats on being approved boys!
  13. @Dallas I'll tag you in this since you were forgotten about
  14. This is not valid as we aren't a TC.
  15. Yeah I'm Joseph lol. But I'll try if your brothers don't kill me by then! Yeah I'm Joseph and I'll try and put a ring on her finger if your brothers don't kill me by then...
  16. The RP was great last night! Thanks to @SgtSmithy, @Jean, @FieJaxon, @GreenySmiley, @Eddie Sorella, @AlanBrian and @bloodcrusader Keep up the great RP guys!
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