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    .63 Experimental for DayZRP?

    Think that's a bit more fitting lol
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    Atlas [IC Recruitment]

    Looking good!
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      Pure skill dude!

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    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Congrats on getting approved! Also love the graphics.
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    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    I have no problem with what happens. The only negative impact I think there is to switching to 0.63 is that food and water start to decrease rapidly, which then leads on to cause you to start limping and then eventually die due to it. But other than that, I think it will definitely bring back more players and a lot of new features that could benefit the persons RP experience.
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    Dr Strange? Thor is the best!!!!

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      Tbh Dr Strange isn't my favourite.. It has to be this beast 




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    Anarcho Delanda Est (Anarchy must be destroyed)

    Joseph would press his PTT with a smile on his face. "Listen, I don't know who you are, but that guy who called you a 'chooch' has nothing to do with me or my group." "Also, why do we need to bring that guy to you? Can you not do the work yourself or do you think you can make any demands you want?" Joseph starts to laugh. "I have already told you that we will do what you want IF there is a good price." Joseph would release the PTT and throw the radio on the ground.
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    Anarcho Delanda Est (Anarchy must be destroyed)

    Joseph laughs and presses down on his PTT. "As I said, we have not agreed to any of this!" "We were not at this meeting, and if we were, you would have noticed us due to our clothing choice." Joseph releases the PTT and throws his radio in his bag.
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    Anarcho Delanda Est (Anarchy must be destroyed)

    Joseph picks up his radio as quick as he can and he presses down the PTT. "Hello, my names Joseph Green and I am here to speak for The High Rollers." "We have not agreed to this Coalition against Anarchy." You would hear Joseph begin to laugh. "We are business men, we don't do the stuff we do for nothing!" "Give us the right price then maybe we will consider it, but we are not going to put our lives on the line for this shit!" Joseph takes off his hat and releases his PTT.
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    The Syndicate

    Congrats on being approved boys!
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Dallas I'll tag you in this since you were forgotten about
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    No problem my sweet prince
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    San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Yeah thanks man.
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    San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    This is not valid as we aren't a TC.
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    San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    About time! Looks perfect!
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    Official DayZ .62 Discussion Thread

    Santa Brian and Santa @JoshuaKav
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yeah I'm Joseph lol. But I'll try if your brothers don't kill me by then! Yeah I'm Joseph and I'll try and put a ring on her finger if your brothers don't kill me by then...
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    The RP was great last night! Thanks to @SgtSmithy, @Jean, @FieJaxon, @GreenySmiley, @Eddie Sorella, @AlanBrian and @bloodcrusader Keep up the great RP guys!
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    Real life picture Thread

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    BeanZ WAR

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    Factions and Settlements?

    I did 100% think they should bring this back but after reading the rest of the comments I would have to agree with them.
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    Computer giveaway

  24. I was from Glasgow in Scotland, I spent almost all my life there until both of my older brothers, Andrew and Garret wanted to go to a university in Chernarus. My mother was so pleased that both of my brothers got accepted into university and started to pack all our belongings and move over immediately. I was only 18 at the time and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I loved sports. I spent most days at the gym, or that's what I told my family, but instead I was training in boxing. My mother hated violence so I kept it a secret from everyone. I felt like I could of got somewhere with boxing, so I got my first fight. I won the fight but I had a black eye and my face was bruised and my family found out what I had been doing. I got in a fight with both of my brothers and I punched Garret and left the house for a few weeks. I had been hiding in an abandoned house just North of the town we moved to called Zelenogrosk . I never left that house for over two weeks. I was left with nothing but spare time which I used to train even harder to try and make my family have faith in me. After the two weeks had past, I left that small, dark and enclosed house. The streets had a potent smell and there was no noise at all. I had no idea what had happened and I ran to the my families house. I ran into countless locals of the town, but they seemed brain dead and kept making the same groans. I made it to my house, but there was someone there eating a corpse lying in the corner of the living room. I shouted on my brothers, but no one replied. Everyone was gone, I was on my own. I tried to stop the person eating that corpse in case it was one of my family members, but it grabbed me and tried to bite me. I started to panic and I just kept hitting it until its brains were all over the floor. I was in shock and started to run and never looked back. This is where the search began for the people I had lost. It had been a few months since the dead started to walk. I thought I was the only person left and that I was on my own. I set up a camp in some woods close to Altar Radio Station. I would only go out at night because I was scared in case I ran into someone, if there was anyone still alive. I scavenged all the smaller towns to avoid most of the dead because all I had was a knife and I couldn't do much with it at the time. I started to move into bigger towns each night until I got to a town called Staroye and everything changed. I met a man named Liam Hart, he wasn't very nice at first and threatened me multiple times but I just ignored him as he was the first person I had spoken to in months. Liam said my name was familiar and said he knew someone with the same last name as me. So I thought I would take the chance and go with him to meet this man he spoke of. We travelled all the way up to a town called Stary to meet this man. We waited in that town for a few hours until a mysterious black figure approached the town. We spoke to the black figure from a distance, then he started to come closer. His voice was easily recognisable. It was Andrew. Likes: -Boxing- -Fitness- -Driving- -Hunting- -Time to himself- -Dogs- Dislikes: -Backstabbers- -Liars- -Heights- -Bandits- -Cowards- -Cigarettes- Scars: Bullet wound below his collar bone due to a stray bullet. Bullet wound on his lower left leg. Bullet wound on the left side of his lower stomach. Tattoo's: WIP Injuries: None as of now. Andrew Green- He is the oldest brother of the three. Not the smartest, but definitely the wise one of the three. He was studying in university and was in his first year. Andrew is the quiet one of the four Green's and he tends to keep his mouth shut unless someone is being disrespectful, then he will lose himself. Andrew is the nicest of the three and will treat people with respect unless they don't do the same back. When the outbreak hit, Andrew stayed at home for a while with Garret, but they got attacked by bandits. Andrew then met up with Joseph in Staroye with a friend named Liam. Garrett Green- He is the brother that was born second. He is most definitely the smart one. He also went to university with Andrew, he was also in his first year. Garret has never been the fighting type and will always try and be the peace maker. He has a similar personality to Andrew, but he tends to try and help everyone he can even if that person has wronged him. When the outbreak came Garret went missing and was last with Andrew, but they got separated and has not been seen since. Scott Green- He is the oldest of all the Green's, but he is the cousin and is treated like the runt of the pack as he had no one and was always angry with everyone. He even got jail time for stealing things when he turned eight-teen. Scott never had much friends and would normally bully people into things and would always make the wrong decisions. After we moved to Chernarus, Scott came with us and finally started to get his life straight. He got a job as a mechanic and soon settled down in his own place in Zelenogrosk. After the outbreak, Scott went up left and went to Mirosalvl. No one has heard about his whereabouts since then. Relationship: None Family: Jaxon Valentine Elizabeth Smith Rain Valentine Alexa Valentine Colt Valentine Friends: Eddie Sorella Noah Huntington Kazimir Yazov Fae Williams Liam Hart Enemies: None Find his cousin Scott. Help the weak and helpless as much as possible. Find all of his friends and family from San Valentino and Sanctuary. Find a place to call home. Learn how to do basic medical procedures.
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