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  1. Whoever makes it with hot water needs professional help.
  2. Having your phone while drunk should be fucking illegal. Smite me down now...

    fuck my life fml GIF

    1. FalkRP



  3. Listen here... If there was any OOC hate coming from any of us, you would know about it... Now please everyone keep in mind this is a report and with the amount of unnecessary replies will just make this report a lot longer and it will be more difficult for the staff team to come up with a verdict. So please only respond when a GM+ asks you to or you have new evidence to bring fourth.
  4. My POV: We were raiding the base, three guys log in wearing the same armband. We leave with the shit we got and when some of us tried to climb the wall, a few of them initiate on us. @AndreyQ complies and puts his hands up while the rest of us get in cover and begin to fight back after they kill @AndreyQ. Also, as soon as they say "hands up or die", they shoot at us instantly, giving us no time to comply. After @AndreyQ dies, @Conor kills one and the rest of then he does along with everyone other than me and @Mugin the last two keep telling us to come out with our hands up or die. Eventually they kill @Mugin and it is me left against two of them. I then decided to push the construction building and get a nasty turn on one of them and killing him. Then it is me vs another one and I climb up some boxes and pin him down until I eventually kill him too.

    1. Inferno


      damn, good find

  6. Good luck! Looks very interesting and I know you guys will pull it off 100%
  7. Base building goes away then no more having to initiate to get RP or no more people talking shit behind the walls and then initiating on you... I think we should get rid of it for awhile and see how things go.
  8. My POV: We found some kid who lived in the castle so we decided to get her to take us there to let us in so we could do some business with the Dollars. We eventually get in and since they failed to radio us as we requested them to do a few days prior to these events, we decide to take somethings from the tent. District and the Dollars randomly appear at the gates somehow knowing we were there and began boosting over the walls. One man gets in and runs around like he is a god, chatting shit expecting nothing to happen, but we ignore it. He then tries to turn one of the walls into a gate and I tell him not too, @Eagle then hits him with his gun to stop the animation, after about 5 seconds of the man looking at us, he pulls his gun out trying to spray me and @Eagle down, while @bur is behind us and @Willow is off to our left... This man had no chance of winning a 1v4, and even if he did, we still had multiple people in the tower... This is clearly NVFL as all of his allies were outside of the compound with no way of getting inside.
  9. The whole reason I disliked the snow mod was because none of the roads, trees or bushes had snow on them and it just looked weird to me.
  10. Yeah no... Fuck bringing back that winter mod, it was just an eye sore imo
  11. Brian

    What happened to you? How did you get so deep with this fucking weebary?

    1. Fae


      Leave my son alone

    2. Brian


      @Fae he has a lot of parents in this community

    3. Azu


      Nani the fuck

    4. VoodooLR


      Come on @Azu you’re better than that

    5. Azu
  12. Everything looks good, but try and some graphics to freshen the page up a little. Good luck!
  13. Cut it! Get all these campfire RPers out from hiding..
  14. Close S2 until it opens. Just keep it as an overflow server again.
  15. Expect a staff app from me On a serious note, I hope the vaulting actually works and doesn't break the game...

    1. Inferno


      nice song

  17. Whole point in having a group thread is to leave feedback... He has obviously spoke to you OOC about things before and has now resorted to leaving some constructive feedback here to try give you more motivation to try and fix somethings if needed. He is acting like an adult and never came here flaming, and if he did flame, he would have been hit with that fat +5. Just take the feedback and do what you want with it, just don't you vent the thread by saying what you are saying.
  18. Brian

    The Dollars

    Ask someone in the community who can make graphics... I'm sure someone you know can make them...
  19. Brian

    The Dollars

    @Thinisede Like that... Type in the persons forum name and click their name on the drop down bar.
  20. Brian

    The Dollars

    Looks okay, but could use a lot of work as other people have already said. First tip would be actually @'ing the people who are in the group.
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