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Characters Comments posted by BrianM

  1. 1 hour ago, Firemoiselle said:

    Told me to fuck off first time we met.


    I told you to fuck off because we were all about to get initiated on! I was looking out for you..

  2. 9 hours ago, MRS Bradtica said:

    Vampire-like characters are where it's at. This character looks interesting! 🙂 

    Thank you!

  3. Yeah you did b ❤️

    Just now, BrianM said:

    Yeah you did b ❤️


    4 minutes ago, Watchman said:

    gj on the graphics, i taught ya well

    Didn't quote you lmao 

  4. Is it coincidental that you named a character from Harry Potter and used the same actor? I think not.

    You should probably change this dude.

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