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  1. Dylan Black was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He grew up in a rough area and spent most of his days with friends and his twin brother, Andrew. Dylan never really enjoyed school, but neither did Andrew. The only time you would see Dylan in school was when he was in the woodwork class, but that was it. He left school as soon as he could and started an apprenticeship as a Carpenter and Joiner. Dylan loved working, he loved the money. However he never got to finish his time as an apprentice. Andrew left the country, all that was left behind of him was a note with the words "Chernarus" written and underlined. Dylan packed his things and left, he never even said goodbye to his friends or workmates. Dylan never knew this at the time, but he landed at the other side of the country from Andrew. With no money to get home or any sign of his twin brother he had to do what ever work he could to survive. Two years past. The world is beginning to fall apart. Dylan is now more determined than ever to find his brother and survive no matter the cost.
  2. I see you, neek 👀

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      what do you mean you little bean head 😘

  3. Radek Smirnov was born and raised in Zelenogrosk with a loving Russian mother and a strong headed Chernarussian father. His father was always hard on Radek, but that was only to teach him the ways of how the world worked, however his mother was the complete opposite. Radek's childhood was as normal as it gets until his father left to fight in the Civil war. That's when it all changed. Radek was still young when it started and he saw every man he knew and respected go and fight for what they believed in. What the ChDKZ believed in. Years went on and the Civil war continued to rage through Chernarus, seeing everything happening in Radek's country made him grow passionate and want to fight for it as his father did. Through the years of the war, Radek taught himself how to shoot, hunt and do other basic necessities he would need in the future, but as soon as he came of age, he enlisted in the 34th Brigade of the RAC to do what his father done and fight to make Chernarus back to the country he knew when he was younger.
  4. "I don't do fake love, but I'll take some from you tonight"

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      Tones and I are very good yes. 

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  5. Think this calls for a lore wipe... Beanz me if you agree
  6. Well, once upon a time I was owner of a group of cannibals. Everything was fun and going well. Our group page was very open and you could easily see we were a cannibalistic group, however we did not portray that in-game. Due to our group page being so open about all the things we would get up to, a large group at the time used this to their advantage, but before anyone gets upset it was only a few people in this group that did this which then lead the others to believe them. Anyway, what they did was they saw a few of us doing recon on their compound at night and we were looking suspicious. However, someone in-particular said "They are acting too suspicious... They are probably cannibals". After that happened everyone was calling us cannibals and there was nothing we could do about from there. So we just began acting like cannibals, taking people whenever we felt like it, but as soon as we tried to cover our tracks again, or as soon as someone in a group of people never said a word because of there easily recognisable accent (my sexy Scottish one) they were forced to speak. Again it never did help the fact we had a streamer in the group. Anyway, what I am trying to get at here is that people will always metagame cannibals. People just don't like cannibals and that is completely understandable. However when we RP'ed as them it was really fun before it all started happening so if you are going to give it a shot, be prepared for all the shit that may or may not come with it. And everything @Voodoo said is 100% correct IMO. Also use this for inspiration if you like;
  7. Fucking Tom and Jerry T-shirt done me dirty
  8. Mines is the better spelling...

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  9. Bringing back the day one. Hopefully makes me enjoy RP again...


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      @Eagle tried new things and lost interest so gonna try going back to the roots.

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  10. Obviously but anyone can understand a culture enough to pull something like this off. I see people playing all types of different characters pull stuff like this off. It is called RP, you can't say someone shouldn't play a certain character because they might not be good at it first, they need to learn and experience it themselves so they know what they are doing wrong.
  11. You don't have to be Scandinavian or German to believe in Norse Paganism, just saying xoxo
  12. 👀

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  13. Got to say, loved your RP! It was different from the characters I've seen you play before.
  14. DM me and we will see about it
  15. God damn, some strong RPers in here...
  16. I still agree with your About Me you sexy beast...

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      I agree as well, Bjorn Ironside

  17. Nice to see this group back! Best of luck!
  18. Just sounds like something that can have more RP if done with the current rules... Assassination would be that you would need to PK the victim. How is that going to further RP for the victim? That is just going to force the to PK which they might not want too. With doing this with the current rules and not KOS'ing, you could progress things much further than what has been suggested. Also just more work for staff to decide who gets the "role" and with the whole lot of reports that come with it. Staff don't need this now with all the complaints they get with how they already handle things.
  19. Knew you guys would comeback after Moon's video. Good luck lads!
  20. First of all, I like the lore. Everything there seems well written up. However, The graphics don't really fit in my eyes... Maybe try something new? I also have looked over your goals and they seem very generic. Try thinking of something more, or something that defines your group as a whole, make it more original. Other than that, you do have some strong RPers and seem to be active. I wish you all the best of luck!
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