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"Power is only given to those who lower themselves to pick it up."

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  1. Obviously but anyone can understand a culture enough to pull something like this off. I see people playing all types of different characters pull stuff like this off. It is called RP, you can't say someone shouldn't play a certain character because they might not be good at it first, they need to learn and experience it themselves so they know what they are doing wrong.
  2. You don't have to be Scandinavian or German to believe in Norse Paganism, just saying xoxo
  3. 👀

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  4. Got to say, loved your RP! It was different from the characters I've seen you play before.
  5. DM me and we will see about it
  6. God damn, some strong RPers in here...
  7. I still agree with your About Me you sexy beast...

    1. DaRsnn


      I agree as well, Bjorn Ironside

  8. Just sounds like something that can have more RP if done with the current rules... Assassination would be that you would need to PK the victim. How is that going to further RP for the victim? That is just going to force the to PK which they might not want too. With doing this with the current rules and not KOS'ing, you could progress things much further than what has been suggested. Also just more work for staff to decide who gets the "role" and with the whole lot of reports that come with it. Staff don't need this now with all the complaints they get with how they already handle things.
  9. Knew you guys would comeback after Moon's video. Good luck lads!
  10. First of all, I like the lore. Everything there seems well written up. However, The graphics don't really fit in my eyes... Maybe try something new? I also have looked over your goals and they seem very generic. Try thinking of something more, or something that defines your group as a whole, make it more original. Other than that, you do have some strong RPers and seem to be active. I wish you all the best of luck!

    1. Eagle


      Shits lit.

    2. Inferno


      Excited cause it's coming, upset cause it's ending

  12. *Liam would raise an eyebrow and ponder at what he had heard before reaching for his radio and pressing the PTT. You would hear a Glaswegian accent* "Hello... Might I ask what you want with these group of individuals? Perhaps I could give you some information if I know what this is about..." *He releases the PTT*
  13. You guys did a fantastic job with the graphics! I feel like you should add some unique goals which defines you guys as a group, although you do have a large variety of goals which is an excellent start!
  14. Hello @Jamie, The report with this was closed due to it now being handled over in the appeals section. The verdict will be written very shortly and you can get your answer there! However, thank you for bringing this up!
  15. RP was fun with all the rest of the Runners tonight, @Duquesne @Hegedraagen @maybelele @Wee_L @Pepper @GunRunnee02 @Inferno (you sexy lil bitch) @ImaginaryFox @Eifa @Imation11 and whoever else. Also, thanks for the hostile RP to the Vultures and Anarchy @AndreyQ @APositiveElmo @SquirtleKitty @Wolfen @Conor @Randy @JamesRP and whoever else was there.
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