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    Congrats, stick around for more than 1 hour this time ❤️

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      will try my best b

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    Welcome back!
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    Hello ^^

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    KOS - Lopatino

    Posting with permission from Banshee. Thomas Millers POV: I was running down towards Lopatino with @Onyx @yuthee. We hear some shots and decide to go check it out as we couldn't find RP. Onyx and Yuthee catch up with some friends by the water pump. We then get initiated on from a guy with a red armband in the piano house which I believe is @Thrash. Some guy then takes his gun out and opens fire while everyone else ran towards cover. I hid behind a wall and then slowly pushed into the building after I see Onyx and Yuthee push. Thrash killed Yuthee then Onyx killed Thrash. We then got told to leave by a girl that was there telling us that it was a joke. So me and Onyx head South after we hear some more gunshots and we started to get followed from the field heading South so we take cover in some trees then we hear another gunshot which I think was the one that killed AlanM. We then continue South and then looped back to Lopatino. Throughout that whole situation in town, AlanM was nowhere to be seen. I also have no evidence.
  5. BrianM

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    @Watchman did I mention I love you?
  6. BrianM

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    Add some more of the 100 and Riverdale, they look sick!!!!!
  7. BrianM

    Radio message to the saviors

    *Tommy presses the PTT* "First mistake you made there was assuming I am a Green Drake, second is that the only people who get harassed are the ones who ask for it." "The people you've met must've been looking for trouble and being disrespectful like most." *Tommy releases the PTT*
  8. BrianM

    Radio message to the saviors

    *Tommy takes a long puff from his pipe after he hears Moody's voice on the radio. He grabs his radio and presses the PTT* "Listen here Moody. She never went to that meeting, that was me." "The people in Kabinino are a lot more friendlier than you lately. Oh and I'm sure she is a lot safer in Kab than she is in Novaya with your people, if ya know what I mean." *Tommy laughs to himself, then releases the PTT*
  9. BrianM

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I hope it fucking was lol
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Loved the RP from Vox as usual @[email protected]@[email protected] @[email protected] It was nice to run into you two and have my back lmao.
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      Idk what you are talking about Mr Eagle I am simply posting emojis to my good friend BrianM 🙂


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      I'm hurt Genji 💔

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      i can testify for this statement

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      Do it Watchmeme.

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      leave my fellow scotsman alone

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      Fight me scots 😚

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      Where and when?

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    Operatsiya Avrora [PAMYATI] | Official Unofficial Group Thread

    Good roster, good luck with this!
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    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    Gonna have to steal some of these...
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    Hello fellow survivors

    Welcome mate!