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  1. @Dallas I'll tag you in this since you were forgotten about
  2. No problem my sweet prince
  3. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    Yeah thanks man.
  4. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    This is not valid as we aren't a TC.
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    Here is a can of pringles for you!


    1. BrianM


      I know what pringles are you speng!

  5. San Valentino [Strict Recruting]

    About time! Looks perfect!
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    My boy Donated! Welcome to the family son.

    1. BrianM


      Thank you Father.

  6. Santa Brian and Santa @JoshuaKav
  7. Yeah I'm Joseph lol. But I'll try if your brothers don't kill me by then! Yeah I'm Joseph and I'll try and put a ring on her finger if your brothers don't kill me by then...
  8. The RP was great last night! Thanks to @SgtSmithy, @Jean, @FieJaxon, @GreenySmiley, @Eddie Sorella, @AlanBrian and @bloodcrusader Keep up the great RP guys!
  9. Real life picture Thread

  10. Brian Grimm

    I Brian Grimm, a 19 year old boy who was training to get into the police force in Scotland. Me and my best friend Joseph Green were both training until Joseph moved over to Chernarus with his family. He went with his two brothers, Andrew and Garret. When I heard the news of the outbreak I just had to go over and help my friend out, make sure he was alive and not turned into one of those things. I tried to get a plane over but the airports in Chernarus weren't available. Or so they said. I eventually got one of my mates from the police and they sorted things out for me to get over. A week later I ended up on a boat. I couldn't remember how long I was on the boat for or how i ended up making it to Chernarus. I just remember waking up at the coast beside the boat I was on. it had been destroyed and had the dead walking around everywhere. I couldn't believe i was alive! I walked around for days living from powdered milk and canned peaches. It was horrible. Every night I had to sleep against the door with one eye open at all times. That leaves me to now, still walking and looking for Joseph and the rest of his family. It has been months and I haven't spoken to anyone. I think I'm turning insane!
  11. BeanZ WAR

  12. Factions and Settlements?

    I did 100% think they should bring this back but after reading the rest of the comments I would have to agree with them.
  13. Computer giveaway