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  1. BrianM

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    Cut it! Get all these campfire RPers out from hiding..
  2. BrianM

    Testing a new map on S2

    Close S2 until it opens. Just keep it as an overflow server again.
  3. BrianM

    DayZ Update Thread

    Expect a staff app from me On a serious note, I hope the vaulting actually works and doesn't break the game...
  4. BrianM

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    Thanks man
  5. Kicked out at 16 was only the beginning of Brian's story. His parents couldn't handle all the drugs and alcohol, but what they were most worried about was where he was making his money from at such a young age. The last fight came, his parents kicked him out with all and left him with the money he made and his passport... This is what led him to Chernarus. He made it there and spent his money buying a lot of drugs and began to sell them so he could have a stable income and live... But that was when he ran into a illusive man named Yuri from Saint Petersburg and that's how Brian got into work with gun smuggling... Brian did this for a year or two and met a few people who could consider as friends or even people he could just count on to have his back. He always had a job set up for him because of how young he looked, people were gullible enough to believe this.. With him constantly crossing the borders, he was never always with his friends/people he trusted, so he spent most of that time on his own. This never bothered him.. But when the infection broke loose and Brian was stuck on the other side of the Chernarussian border, he had no choice but to head back North and into Russia... Years have passed and Brian finally found a group of his old friends in Chernarus... Some of them have changed, but so has he... Now time will tell what happens with him and the rest of them...
  6. BrianM



    1. Inferno453


      nice song

  7. BrianM


    Good luck!
  8. BrianM

    Salvation - Open Recruitment

    Are you sure pal?
  9. BrianM

    Salvation - Open Recruitment

    Whole point in having a group thread is to leave feedback... He has obviously spoke to you OOC about things before and has now resorted to leaving some constructive feedback here to try give you more motivation to try and fix somethings if needed. He is acting like an adult and never came here flaming, and if he did flame, he would have been hit with that fat +5. Just take the feedback and do what you want with it, just don't you vent the thread by saying what you are saying.
  10. BrianM

    The Dollars

    Ask someone in the community who can make graphics... I'm sure someone you know can make them...
  11. BrianM

    The Dollars

    @Thinisede Like that... Type in the persons forum name and click their name on the drop down bar.
  12. BrianM

    The Dollars

    Looks okay, but could use a lot of work as other people have already said. First tip would be actually @'ing the people who are in the group.
  13. BrianM


    Back to this beauty of a theme! 💙

    1. bur


      leeds leeds leeds

    2. Inferno453


      Finally, something good again

    3. BrianM


      @Inferno453 I completely forgot about changing tbh.. But you are right The Rangers are good 😉

  14. Good luck!
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    Happy Birthday sexy ❤️

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      thanks hun ❤️

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