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  1. James Smith

    James' origin comes from the Moores of Cornwall, England. He was a farmer by trade with little to no social skills. He spent most of his life learning how to live off the land, examples of what he learnt was what mushrooms were safe for consumption and where to find the game to hunt. He was given an opportunity by trade farmers unions to give aid to local farmers in foreign countries by sharing what he knew in order to help with food shortages. Little did James know that his Nomadic lifestyle was a blessing for not only himself but others as well. While in Chernarus James received a nickname of 'Shepherd' from guiding lost soldiers on reconnaissance missions through the wilderness and aiding the Nato forces evacuate the remaining civilians in infected areas - Despite the Nato forces telling him to leave himself. 'Shepherd' while not risking his own life had set up a small camp in deep in the woods, he'd a small lake of running water and plenty of natural covers so raiders or other hostile's couldn't see him or his camp at a first glace. Shepherd's only reason to live is the desire that one day he can go back to his farm and resume his stress-free life.