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  1. I am going to second "A Long Way Gone", it is a great book that everyone should read. Ishmael Beah has a great grasp of linguistics and his story of being a child soldier in Sierra Leon is very moving.
  2. I read that you could only get it if you came into contact with the excretions of someone who has it/is in the stages of getting it. So yeah it would be a little harder for it to spread in 1st world countries. Only way I could see it getting around was through public toilets and that if it became a real big issue but fingers crossed that it wont. I've read somewhere that the disease itself does not spread through air but through direct contact with the saliva, sweat, etc. of someone who has it. My source could be wrong anyway but that's what I heard. Ebola can also be spread through almost any bodily fluid and extended contact with the skin of someone infected or items an infected person has also had extended contact with. It is not airborne as far as we know and it ha not been in the past. The problem is it has not spread to so many people before and so it has a much greater chance to mutate as more people are infected.
  3. My vote is yes, with traders. The traders should not sell any guns other than AK's and other common Russian guns. The traders should also only sell civilian vehicles and turn trader cities into outposts of a Namalsk version of the CTC.
  4. Archive Request Group Name: FCB Group Thread Link: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-fcb-first-chernarus-bank-archive Reason: Did not gain traction and I am interested in other clans
  5. Forum name : BattleBoltZ Steam name : M1k3y I blelieve, I am already friends with you though. Country : The Huns
  6. On the BI studio wiki it states Chernarus has a mostly untouched logging and mining resources. Sumos said by the infection Chernarus was a stable democracy with an improving economy in the ask the lore master thread. We will only trade in the beginning to give the currency value. The way I envision trades is that somewhere IG you make a trade with a person. I have decided to make trades by PM. The way I imagine it is that you would PM the accountant and the person you are trading with so the person you are trading with knows you sent the PM. After you both PM me then the item would be given. I would suggest a third party mediator to confirm the item exchange.
  7. BattleBoltZ

    Solution to having too much PvP

    Alternatively on a serious note why not make ak's common as shit and have three PKP's on the tower of an ATC and spawn everyone around the base!
  8. Updated name to indicate a more specific mission of creating a working currency rather than a trading group, although we will do some trading to bolster the Script.
  9. I thought GPU mining has not been viable in bitcoin for a long time and is not viable in litecoin either anymore?
  10. I didn't know if I should post this here or int he ask the admins, but I decided to put it here. Would the map Celle ever be used? The reason is I would not only really like to see what Europe is like, but I feel a more Western country like Germany would provide some new RP.
  11. Farming and no more canned food unless you make it!
  12. BattleBoltZ


    Half life 3 confirmed!