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  1. Constantine's life is a mess, seeking for some light. Born in Athens, Greece, Constantine wasn't just another big-city boy. He was always somewhat different from the rest kids of his age. Growing up, Constantine showed his abilities and prospects in many fields, such as music (violin, piano, electronic music production), science (excels in Computers and Programming, but finds a life full of those boring), foreign languages (English, French, a little bit of Russian) and gymnastics (slim but very well built & strong body). As for his social skills and life, he always seemed like a nice person, with great sense of humor, but if you'd ask him, with whom did he prefer to communicate and cooperate, he'd always prefer the older, more mature people. Growing up in his twenties, and facing the real world was what changed Constantine drastically. He realized how awful and disgusting did the world seem in his eyes. A world where social media is the #1 criteria for someone's character, young people were only focusing on materials' value, huge waves of backstabbings happening around him and directly to him. Friendships getting ruined over simple arguments, society, friends, girlfriends, turning into narcissistic personalities(Narcissism is something that Constantine hates a lot), politics were kind of not his style at all.. Never believed or trusted any of those money-hungry bastards.. None of the above stopped him from being accepted into Medical University and studying to become a doctor. Brain surgeries were always catching his interest. He never really liked people. He was just very interested in human brain anatomy. A Doctor's career would definitely help to broaden his mind and acquire additional info about the human brain through experience and study. Being on the last 1 or 2 years of his medical studies, and everything was good until one day he received that phone call on his cellphone. One of his closest friends in University was about to throw a party over at their house. Not a great way to spend the evening, but a great chance to drink and smoke to get away from the University's pressure. Only that Constantine wasn't really a frequent drinker.. But when he did drink, it'd always hit him hard. Don't drink and drive say on the TV.. But no one reminded him that cold night. Speeding his way back from the party, he swears that he never saw a stop light at that last intersection. A few meters down from the accident, lies the dead body of the unlucky motorcycle rider, whose body was hit so hard on the collision that every internal organ located on the right side of their body was bleeding internally, along with broken bones and a fractured skull. Death was almost instant. Facing criminal charges, and after 6 months of in and out of court, gets sentenced for 10 years. The judges went light on his case, too.. Spring of 2017.. Constantine has already completed 4 out of 10 years of his jail sentence, gets informed about his chance to reduce his sentence of 10 years in jail to only 5. There was some weird situation going on in a small country, on the south-west borders of Russia. Military force is needed, and volunteer doctors are wanted to go help with some undisclosed 'situation'. He never got informed about what the exact problem was.. Nor got he informed about the exact location he was taken to, along with the other volunteer doctors and doctor assistants. Confidential government information..He only knew he had a chance to make up for a huge mistake in his life, by helping others in need.. That's what he really cared about, too.. Little he knew, what was going to unfold, was going to be the most horrifying story of his life. Things unheard of, were taking place in that small country state he was being taken to.. Chernarus was meant to become a living hell.. --- Fast forward in his life in Chernarus, Constantine is a lone wolf, goes where his heart and mind pleases. Trying to find peace both in body and soul, stranded in a world that seems to be a stranger in. Mysterious personality, with a life and decisions backround that haunts him in the lonely cold nights in Chernarus. One has to show their real self in order to gain Constantine 's attention and respect, if there's a chance really.