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  1. Seems like a great looking mod, Seems to have regular updates; I'm Interested to see it in game. Seems like it would make a great addition. +1
  2. -This poll has been deemed biased, You have 24 hours to correct this thread after which it will be closed-
  3. New PC Set up. Quite happy with it despite it being a pre-built.

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  4. +1 There are many things in this mod that add to the server, From weapons to clothing and far in between. If the stability of the mod can be tested beforehand i see no issue with adding it back to the server.
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  6. As many have previously stated there is no way for this due to it being a single value, That being said i would indeed enjoy darker nights 100% of the time. it would add a feeling of realism that i feel is currently missing.
  7. What a glorious day. I hope you all enjoyed your valentines day!

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  8. It's a no from me, I don't see how we could limit this rp wise. You build back up and go on with your day, there have been many times where we replaced over 7 doors on a daily basis due to constant rading.
  9. Glad to hear it!
  10. Very interesting, Let's See how this goes o/
  11. Is it the same error message?
  12. Hello hello, First off i thank you for making any requested changes. Big ups for that. On to your current issue with being unable to join the server, I ask you to remain patient while we look into the matter. Thank you- Yakuza
  13. Can confirm It is the same passward, Would you mind trying it once more? If not please head over to the whitelist section and make sure you have the correct passward -Yakuza
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