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  1. +1 we need this, it would be nice to have more Hawaiian themed clothing
  2. i'd say leave it as is. it adds an aspect to roleplay that would be disappointing to lose
  3. a stern Asian voice could be heard over the radio, in the background could be heard the sounds of the sick who were obviously aggravated, The sound of automatic gunfire, bullets Whizzing by the radio and then a single rifle shot "Hate to break it to you, But putting that many people in one place is not a good idea. People will fight for resources, People will Fight over petty squabbles. Keeping order will become a constant fight and many people will die due to negligence and pre-existing rivalries and failure to do so will result in detainment? I think not. I'll play along for now, But if things go south. I'm out." Another Gun shot could be heard followed by a man screaming, Then for a moment nothing but static " 地獄で燃える!...That person just proved my point. Tried to take me out with a Kalashnikov over food. i rest my case"
  4. welcome back friendo, always nice to see people return
  5. The Jester

    oh no

    late to the party, but welcome back! ♥
  6. The Jester


    welcome, i hope you enjoy your time here, if you have any questions feel free to reach out!
  7. The Jester

    What hands

    oh good god man
  8. Doors are in a good place right now, would i like base building back? Yes. would i love to have a small fort in the woods instead of a dumb house? Yes. but that doesn't seem to be in the cards right now. it lowers server performance, we should be happy they let us have doors at all.
  9. Hello Ralph welcome to the community.
  10. Hello and welcome new friend to dayzrp. if you need any help getting started feel free to message me here or on discord NiSaki#8341
  11. if at all possible this would make field vests more appealing
  12. this is an interesting idea, but it could potentially cause server instability that would cause it to be removed anyway.
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