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  1. Mitch 'The Bulldog' Dean is a 25 year old British soldier specialising in marksmanship and reconnaissance who was among the last of the soldiers sent into Chernarus with his spotter with no real combat experience prior to the mission to replace Mitch's previous partner whom was killed after his NATO strike team became surrounded in takistan. Mitch was deployed in to Chernarus with another 50 NATO soldiers with the mission of providing overwatch while his platoon evacuated civilians from Chernarus after outbreak. Mitch was placed in a Squad of 10 and sent to support a near by town which was meant to have some survivors held up. For this mission Mitch was sent into the town to hold as overwatch, after offering sustained fire on the herds of dead surrounding the town it became clear that there was no way of escape. Having ran out of ammo in his DMR, he was left with only his pistol. This left Mitch's spotter to become scared and run into a 1 way ally with the infected quickly closing in on them. His Spotter then pulled out his Pistol and committed suicide and fell on top of the combat medic causing him to fall to the ground knocking him out (unknowingly to Mitch). With all of his quad presumably dead he jammed the door of the roof shut and waited for the herd to pass. After day turned into night with the majority of the herd moved on he went to escape, only to notice a the combat medic Rick West who was previously presumed dead sneaking around the town. The 2 would later provide help to anyone they could in order to form some sense of order into this post apocalyptic hell-scape. Mitch has a zero tolerance policy to psychopaths and cannibals, and any who attempt to hurt him or those close to become the new mark on his crosshairs.