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  1. Marcus Eide`s POV: I was scouting the big rusted warehouse before i was shot. I met a few people telling me that they were shooting on sight in the town. It all happend so fast for me so it isnt alot to tell from my side.l
  2. Marcus Clark

    A construction worker who had a wife and son in Berezino. A man who was formaly in the russian millitary. He had lost his wife and daughter to the infected. Scared and lonely man. Finds it hard to trust anyone anymore. He is scared of people and finds it hard to make friends anymore. Knows his guns. He never thinks about the things he did. But the things he didnt do. He thinks about his son every night. How he didnt spend alot of time with him. Being tired after work everyday. He was in Berezino when the virus spread everywhere. He couldnt save his family so he traveled to Elektrozavodsk as a refugee.All these events that happend in such a short period of time left him scared and full of rage for the infected. But he is a survivour and will stop at nothing to secure all those who are defenceless and weak, Now he wanders the country, hoping that all the survivours can unite and prosper. He wants to find a long lasting partner who shares his ideas. to rebuild Chernarus. He is a shepherd who proctects the sheep for the wolves.