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  1. I was born in ČSSR (also known as Czechoslovak Socialist Republic) in the 1980'. I lived "normal" life. I'd like to skip first 18 years of my life(education,etc...) After revolution in 1989 D discovered that smuggling weapons from ex-USSR countries was very profitable. Surprisingly the best price for AK-47/74/101 was in Chernarus. In 2009, a civil war gave me another oportunity as resource of cheap weapons. For trading after the civil war I was using fake passports(...lot of hi-rank persons wanted to escape...)So I set up my business... I never ask for names and purpose. Only for type of weapon and number of them. Half a year I was buying my "goods" in Chernarus, second half I was selling this "goods" to customers. Luckily I was never caught by police during my career. I was running more than 20 years. In January 2017 I have started my last trip. My last... I've never thought that I would be stucked somewhere. Of course, I'm free. But where I can go when allmost all population is infected, 99% killed by infection or "only" inficated/contamined? Now I'm looking for some safe place to "live". Idealy "safe camp" with group of survivors for whose I can smuggle from military camps and town supplies and trade it for food. I hope that I could be able to find at least one..