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  1. As a child he was never liked by his teaches or his classmates so he took it out on them causing as much chaos and hate in them as he could by picking on the others and causing as many fights as he could. as he grew older he fell into the wrong crowd he started selling drugs and harming people for money. over time he learned to hunt and hurt people in ways the normal person couldn't imagine. he became a wanted man for the murder of 13 people and fled t another country where he would hide the heat out. never being able to return
  2. Whenever i try to sync my ts it tells me that i dont exist. what do i do about it?
  3. Your totally fine i enjoyed it a bit maybe ill see you another time. Totally didnt ignore your warmimgs in hopes for more encounters. didnr work so well anyway
  4. Oswald Grew up in a small town in Michigan where he was orphaned at the age of 3 due to an unfortunate car crash. Growing up alone was rough but gave him a strong since of care for others and creating a family that is both independent and self sufficient. At the age of 16 He decided he would join the army and earn some money for the orphanage in order to help keep it running and safe for the other children who lived there. Hearing that he wanted to do so the headmistress enrolled him into military school to help him get use to the lifestyle, which is where he met Sargent Major Richardson who would soon put him in rigorous training and eventually gain strong parental feelings for the boy. This led Oswald to his eventual adoption. At the age of 18 Oswald joined the united states army and immediately went for the Rangers Program, by the age of 19 he was placed in the 75th Ranger regiment, 5th Squadren. One year later he was deployed to Russia to investigate reports of a strange outbreak in a nearby country Chernarus. After touching the ground from his initial drop in Oswald and his Squad were separated by strange attacks by people who were abnormally violent. There initial plan was to meet up in the small town of Berezino, but There Are always unexpected delays. The town was overrun he was unable to head anywhere near the town without putting his life at risk, Oswald in turn went into the wood-lines. hiding out in the forest of Chernarus waiting for things to calm and an opportunity to arise for him to find his fellow Squad-mates
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