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  1. Aleo lived a fairly nice life in New York with his parents. He was always a pretty good kid never really getting into trouble, unless he was defending a friend, and as he got older he wanted to do some good in the world. He ended up signing up for the United States Army. He traveled around for a bit for his different stations, but eventually he got some time off. During this time off he decided to take a vacation, and he went to Chernaurus hearing it was a fairly beautiful place. However over time things went to shit..and he got trapped there like the other poor souls that are currently residing there.
  2. "Hey Julian if you're out there it's me Bil. You scared the shit outta me when I woke up, and we ended up traveling to the airfield and got seperated. You ever wanna find me again I am based down in Grishino near the airfield. Hope you're alive out there. You seemed pretty alright."
  3. Bilrryso was born in America as a kid on the streets. He had to fight for everything he had. As he grew up he got stronger, and began to help others however he can to make sure they have a better life then he did. At some point he became a mercenary, and he was paid to go to Chernarus to find a persons family that had lived there. He found the family, but..they were already dead. At least he thought they were until they tried to bite him. He put them down His ride out had left him behind. Now he is just trying to survive and help whoever he can. He hopes he can eventually find a way out of this god forsaken place.
  4. Chace121


    Also dont have any friends really i can just wait because the clothes i have right now are literally a red hoodie a beanie and blue jeans and they dont protect for long so. Honestly im sorry if the way i say this sounds like complaining im really just seeing if there are ways besides raincoats and just tediousness to get through rain cause i have no groups nobody is around cause im still on coast and ive only met one person in probably 2-3 weeks now. I think i get it wait it out, keep running, or get a raincoat. Thanks guys. Oh also i cant light my fires in houses do you have to use the actual fireplace if so how cause i place the fireplace and it says i cant ignite it here its unsafe.
  5. Chace121


    I know but where i am the server is always full and i normally am able to get on an hour before i have to get off and it is semi hard to find one when you have to wait 20 mins in the rain then it starts again im talking until i get a raincoat.
  6. Chace121


    Seriously this is annoying i got my fire and everything was fine it was raining, and i waited probably 20 mins and it finally stopped. I was like ok cool time to get moving, and probably 10-15 mins after i leave my little shack i was in it starts raining again does anybody know how to do anything in the rain besides just staying by a fire for like 20 mins. Im not mad its just kind of frustrating. Sorry if i sound like im complaining about stuff i can easily fix but im not like prepared for just sitting around waiting for rain to stop and i tried talking to myself for the first 10 mins then it got boring i mean it was fun but it gets lonely sitting by a fire with just your thoughts.
  7. *Johnny listens in on the conversation and starts to wonder* *Johnny presses the PTT* "This is to the one I believe named Ken I would like to talk on a private channel" *He releases the PTT and waits for a reply*
  8. Lol ikr i thought the same thing to myself
  9. I wanted to get a good idea of some of everybody best, or largest firefights, tell here the length size, hopefully the backstory behind why it happened, anything else you want to share about it. I just want to know some of the firefight, that could happen on this server.
  10. I was pissed last night I literally was about to enter stary and I fell unconscious and died I didn't realize I was dehydrated lol I was too focused on getting there
  11. Im not like just got it new i got it like a month ago now but i till havent figured out the lay of the land. I will figure it out though.
  12. Thanks I still can't figure out where I am and where I have been, sucks that the in game map does not work and the signs are a pain to read sometimes.
  13. I have been playing for almost a week now only found one person. Where is everybody? Also rain is more deadly than anything in this game. Seriously though where is all the action taking place right now I want to encounter some people.
  14. *hears multiple voices on the radio and instantly grabs the microphone* "Thank god, yes i am doing fine for now, but I lost my brother about a month or so back and I have been trying to survive on my own but its getting tough and i had only seen one person and that was a week ago, so i was starting to think nobody else was out there." *Johnny takes a deep breath and starts speaking again* "Look I just need a place to stay I may have been a hunter, and i can survive in the woods for a few days mabe even a week but long term survival on my own? I dont think i will make it a month so if anybody has room for me I can contribute many things to a gorup." *Sounds of zeds in tje background then a loud SMACK and cursing* "Sorry about that a zed wondered his way in and i had to show him my bat, anyways if you have room I would greatly appreciate it even temporary"
  15. "Please work, come on please work." *Johnny starts to turn the dials on the radio he found in a house* *He starts to speak into the microphone* "Hello hello does anybody read me? I repeat does anybody read me?" *Johnny listens for the sound of a person*
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